variable names

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    set function and variable file names

    Hi All Thanks for any help on this, I am fairly new and still learning. I am trying to develop a macro that will open, copy, (and if possible close) from about 50 closed workbooks. I am currently using this code: Dim wb As Workbook Set wb = Workbooks.Open("C:\Users\Me\Path\AA.csv", True...
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    Combining Selected Worksheets into One

    I am spending way too much time combining worksheets onto a summary sheet. Is there vba code that could do this for me? I must combine worksheets together that have "REQ" somewhere in the tab name within the active workbook which could be one tab or several. My only worry here is the author of...
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    Save a Worksheet with a String Name

    Hi, I am trying to save a new worksheet using a value in my sourcesheet and the tab name of the sourcesheet. My code works well if I just use the value, but as soon as I add the sourcesheet name code, I get an error. If I just do the A1 value it worksCan you help? [Code] Sub NameNewWorksheet...
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    Looping or Autofill to Final Row in VBA

    I have worked several days to get my macro to work but itwill not fill down the data to the FinalRow of a referenced worksheet. Background: a person opens a workbook (wbPPM) and goes to a variable worksheet(shtReq) where the person kicks off a macro. The macro open another workbook(wbQC) with...
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    Find Open File with Variable Name

    Find and Open File with Variable Name I'm trying to use VB to open and modify a set of 200 files. My team gets about 1,000 new items a month and we need to add these to their respective templates (the 200 files) based on their product classes. The templates are named by their major and minor...
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    Find worksheet with variable name

    Hello. I have a series of templates that I'm working with. Each template will contain at least 1 worksheet for the current month of data. I need to copy the previous month's worksheet and the name will be in format "MMM YY". I can't always retrieve the last sheet as there may be a supporting...
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    Variable ranges in dropdown list

    I need to define a dropdown list (either using a combo box or an in-cell dropdown) but the input range (which contains 10 cells) will not always be fully populated. I tried to define a variable range name using offset to only include populated cells, but I can't get it to work. Details are...
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    Data transfer from variable source

    I need to transfer data from another spreadsheet. The title of the current spreadsheet is 01-10-09.xls and I need to get data from spreadsheet 01-09-09.xls (the day before) I already have the formula that gives me the day before in cell C40, so I need a formula that uses the date in cell C40 as...
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    Variabel Name loop and if statement

    OS: Windows XP Excel: 2003 Hi Guy's I have the loo code which loops through 6 texts boxes to check that there is a value in each one, if a textbox has no value a message box is displayed advising which textbox has no value. When I originally wrote this I wanted the code to exit the loop and...

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