variable rows

  1. E

    VBA Code - Obtain variable row numbers; use in formula

    I have a variable row, multiple column worksheet divided into sections with totals. I have written a macro that adds a blank row under a section total row that I'm finding by using a find on specific text in Column A. I need to have a formula added to this blank row in column B that I will then...
  2. I

    VBA hide rows with variable range

    Hello! I am very new with VBA, I will really appreciate some help :) I have a list of 100 rows and I want to be able to show/hide only the rows that contains values (from row 5 to row "X"). I have an auxiliary cell "AV1" that counts the number of rows that contain values ("X"=N_Rows) (they will...
  3. I

    VBA code to sort a variably selected area in current workbook with variable sheet names

    I keep hoping one day I will be able to write code and not ask for help - but alas I need HELP still. Background: we work in 140 different workbooks and we change their worksheet name every week. each workbook has a variable number of rows that we will select and then sort the rows we are...
  4. B

    Create variable length table determined by input value

    Using Excel 2010 I need to create a table (report) that will vary in length depending on the number of months determined by the user. In separate cells I have a "Start Month" (e.g. January 2016) and an "End Month" (e.g. March 2016); these are both selectable from a drop down list sourced from...
  5. E

    Unable to combine multiple (autofltered) sheets into a single worksheet

    Hi, I am not a vba expert and have been looking for vba codes online to help with merging multiple sheets into a single sheet. Basically, I have multiple sheets that I have already filtered out for blanks in Column B. I would like to transfer that data of each spreadsheet (Column A-G, from...
  6. C

    For Next with variable

    A member of MrExcel was kind enough to help me with the code below. One thing it is lacking is the ability to manage a variable # of columns and rows. I would need to account for that possibility. My thanks for your help! Sub Foo() Dim MyDay As String Dim MyCol As Long, i As Long MyDay =...
  7. eq52515

    Creating a text file from data - need for the row of data to be variable/selectable

    I can create, copy / paste and save a text file to a specific directory (e.g. All of my data is on the 2nd all of the data will be taken from H2, M2, R2, etc...) How can I make the row that contains my data variable or be able to select a different row of data? It could be one row at...
  8. B

    VBA Find Rows with Non-Unique Information

    Hi, I am trying to identify rows in a table (Range A7:AD7445) that contain information that is not unique. Specifically, I want to test each row to see if the contents of its 1st Cell (Column A) are equal to the contents of any other row's 1st Cell. If someone knows a way to do this, please let...
  9. Z

    VBA: Copy variable rows from multiple workbooks to single worksheet

    Hi everyone, I have completely no prior experience in VBA and am a beginner at excel, but I have just discovered the wonders of macros. I am trying to copy and paste values from variable rows (from Row 5 to Unknown) and fixed columns (A to AF) of a specified sheet (named "Movement") from...
  10. N

    Macro run-time error:5 - Creating a new pivot from a pivot

    Caveat - I am brand new to posting on this board and quite new to macros. That being said, I have created a macro with part recording and part hand-editing that makes a new pivot table from a pivot table made by another macro. I ran the macro quite a few times successfully, then I started...
  11. J

    Vlookup and variable rows of data Macro

    Sorry if this has been covered but I have been searching post now for weeks on all sites. I work in healthcare and need to compile a list of patients who do not meet certain requirements. Due to charting software I can only compile a list of patients who meet said requirements and compare to...
  12. G

    need formula for Matching Multiple Variables

    <TABLE style="WIDTH: 378pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=504 border=0><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 54pt" width=72><COL style="WIDTH: 54pt" span=6 width=72><TBODY><TR style="HEIGHT: 14.25pt" height=19><TD class=xl66 style="BORDER-RIGHT: #ece9d8; BORDER-TOP...
  13. P

    bank statement variable number of rows

    Hi, I have a bank statement in the format marked input below . I want to concatenate all the text together , but the number of rows vary. ======> input date--------- text---------debit ---------credit 28/9---------big -------------store -------------in big...

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