1. M

    VBA DATE on open with variable based on time

    Good evening everyone I hope you can help me with this. I've searched high and low and have found my googling skills to be lacking for this. I'm looking at having VBA give a date based on time from sheet1 to Blank Officer on workbook open. this is some of the coding I have put together but its...
  2. E

    VBA Perform Autofill formula in specified column name/location

    Hello, I have a VBA macro that will insert a new column (titled updated col..) to the right of the specified column name. Then I use a VLOOKUP and autofill in the new column to provide the updated values. The column location of the updated column is variable/dynamic. How can I make the autofill...
  3. I

    variable using formula

    Hello Excel users The following two rows works fine. They check if value in cell C4 is correct (202102) and return the value in a modified shape to the cell A1 (2021-02). Range("A1").Select ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 =...
  4. M

    Using a Variable array in place of a Vlookup to return values to VBA code

    I have a set of sheets which contain data which I pull into my VBA code with vlookups. The input data is collected into a table of data 10 columns wide, the key field is always an integer between 1 and 3000 but depending on the data entered by the users I might have 5 entries or 3000. The...
  5. A

    Put a variable in bold character in VBA

    Hello, I have a VBA sub sending an email with outlook. I am looking to have some parts in Bold characters. I thought of using .HTLMBody in the code based on some posts I saw. Where’s the catch? Well the parts I’m looking to put in bold characters are variables from a worksheet... I did...
  6. M

    VBA Macro: How to reference LastColumn variable in a simple formula

    GOAL: I have a report that will grow by one column of data each day. Each day, I need to add a formula into the first empty column that will find the difference between the value in the last column and another fixed column that will never change. PROBLEM: I have successfully set my variable...
  7. C

    Variable value not passing from function

    Hi, I am a complete VBA beginner so I expect this a very easy question. In the below am trying to check if a file exists. In the below when I check the value of bExists using a Msgbox at the end of the function, the value is true and this is correct. However, if I at the end of the...
  8. B

    VBA - Create Power Query with source and name as variable from Excel sheet

    Hello, I am currently trying to create a Power Query with Excel VBA. I have stored the name and the data source of the Power Query table in an Excel sheet. I now want to start the makro for creating an Power Query table but the makro should read the name and the source of the data from the Excel...
  9. B

    VBA Using range variables for sumifs formula

    HI Guys need some help with this one - Done some searching but couldn't find anything that helps with my particular challenge here The excel function I would to return via vba in Cell L3 is =SUMIFS(G3:G12,H3:H12,"Sales",I3:I12,"<>Excluded")/38 I want to achieve this using VBA and use...
  10. C

    Function with variable reference

    Hi everybody, I am very glad to join you. I have recently started to use vba and so far i am very thrilled about it. I am trying to a enter a function and i am facing the following problem: Dim u As Integer For u = 2 To t - 1 'I calculated the value of variable t earlier in my...
  11. S

    Define a list of files as a variable target (VBA)

    Hello, I use a code to copy files to a template file, and delete old one, then save as old file's name. But choosing every single file for like 500 files, is very boring. Since, I do this operation once a week, now I need more clever way to do it. I use "GetOpenFilename" in order to choose...
  12. K

    Set a variable for workbook name

    So I need to set a workbook name as a variable as it changes every time an updated version is downloaded. So far here is the macro I have set. The problem occurs because the workbook name, which today is "MasterMDs-2020-01-27" will change constantly for the current date. Initially thought of...
  13. K

    Format Month Number Variable as mm ?

    I am writing a script that will save files to a new monthly directory for 3 months in advance. Directory naming convention is this: 04-April 2020 I can get the year and I can get the month name. I can get the month number to return 4, but I need 04. FY = Year(Date) FM =...
  14. E

    Title a Sub Routine with a variable.

    I have over a dozen checkboxes. They are titled checkbox1, checkbox2, checkbox3... etc. They each have a sub routine that tells them what to do when click. These subroutines are identical except for the number that indexes each checkbox. While this was easy to create using copy/paste. It is...
  15. H

    Variable workbook declaration

    Hello I have a workbook that contains data and a VBA to do some tidying up and formatting. I need to be able to open up 2 other workbooks to do a vlookup on, the problem I have is the 2 workbooks change name everyday. How do I declare these other 2 in my main workbook. Any suggestions would be...
  16. T

    For Each Loop

    Following from this thread: I was told this piece of information: Syntax ... For Each element In group ... element ... For collections, element can only be a Variant variable, a generic object variable, or any...
  17. V

    Declare a variable to a cell

    Hi everyone! I've been stuck with declaring a variable to a cell value and need some help. Situation: I have a code that filters a table and transfers the filtered data to another sheet. The filter could be the date value but I can't set it properly. The result is always Error 1004. I've tried...
  18. I

    Missing values per case

    Hello! I am new to excel and have learned a lot from these messages boards and hope to keep the learning momentum going. I have a large dataset with over 25k rows and hundreds of columns. I would like to delete rows (participants) who have over 50% missing values per variables. Each column...
  19. gravanoc

    How can I set a range variable that only includes cells in that range with data?

    I have a very slow subroutine that uses a For Each statement to iterate through about 30 cells in a pre-defined range, checking if they have text in them, and then performing a bunch of formatting based on the text in that cell. I'm wondering if there is a faster way to do this that would...
  20. B

    Looking up data in other worbooks

    I have a table where I have to draw data from a number of workbooks While the table is across multiple columns, it is between rows 2 and 201 So in cell AB2 I have this formula =VLOOKUP($A3,[Trap12.xlsm]Squadding!$K$3:$P$202,2,FALSE) This is the formula I tried to pick up the variable which is...

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