1. J

    Working out Minimum Amazon Selling Price

    Hi Guys I'm hoping someone can help. I have a spread sheet with all my products which include the purchase price, shipping costs and fees etc. I have a column for the minimum sale price, and this needs to be the break even price after VAT @ 20%, amazon fees, packaging costs etc Here is an...
  2. T

    Automating conditional decision making

    Hi all, I have hit a problem with my work project and it's one of those where I can't even begin to design the solution never mind implement it! I hope you guys can help! I have provided a sample workbook here. The process...
  3. A

    Removing vat from a cell automatically

    Hi all, I am looking to be able to input a figure into a cell and when I press enter, have the cell automatically remove the vat @ 20% I know the calculation is to divide by 1.2, but thats as far as my knowledge takes me! Is there any code I could use to do this. I have a spreadsheet from work...
  4. W

    sum last 12 values

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet in which is added data in 2 columns each month at the end of the sheet, called "NET" and "VAT". I am trying to write a formula that sums entries from last 12 columns "NET" (one formula for last 12 "NET" columns, f.e AK, AI, AG, AE etc) and "VAT" (another formula for...
  5. M

    Deleting multiple columns based on cell contents

    Hi All, Was directed here by someone after not being able to find a solution online. I have an Excel report that gets sent through to me every week and I always have to unmerge the top two rows so all headings are unmerged and then delete all columns containing the words "Ex VAT", "Inc VAT"...
  6. D

    VBA to send data from excel spreadsheet to a website form and return result to spreadsheet

    Hi all Can anyone please help with providing code that would allow me to: 1. Send each of the numbers in column A of a spreadsheet (and indeed any amount of numbers included in column A) eg these numbers:- 238554836 166913834 205963701 343475355 220430231 to...
  7. J

    VBA Filter value part of of string

    Hi, want to create a macro to filter all cells in column K, which include the word "VAT Return". The name vat return will be part of a string: For Exampe: Q1 2019 VAT return, or Q2 2019 Vat return. Sub filtering rows("1:1").select selection.autofilter activesheet.range("k4:k100").autofilter...
  8. M

    Search and return a number that is contained within a stiring of text

    Can anyone please help me. I want to search for a number (%) contained within in a string of text in another cell. E.G. The data I currently have is listed below: <tbody> Row Column C Column D Column E Tax % New % Tax Code Description 11 0 Albania Non-Recoverable 10% VAT Medical...
  9. T

    VBA to remove VAT from a Gross Value

    Hi Guys I need to have a textbox that shows the nett value before VAT from a Gross value I have a UserForm with the following textboxes: TextBox1 where the user enters the Gross value TextBox2 where the user enters the applicable VAT Rate [default is set to 20] TextBox3 is to contain the Nett...
  10. D

    Mail Merge

    Hello, I have word invoice template, my problem is in VAT (%) merged cell, whenever I leave VAT (%) cell in excel blank I got this error in VAT merged cell in word !Unexpected End of Formula Thank in advance.
  11. M

    Gross Profit Formula

  12. adrienne0914

    Sumifs with contains

    Looking for help with SUMIFS. I need the sum if Column A contains "53", "Vat" or both. <tbody> Charge Amount C5305-R-D - Duty 83,942 C5315-R-D - Gst Paid 411,816 5315-R-D - Cisf 2,985 5315-E-D - Gst Paid 233,045 153-R-D - Cisf 2,985 153-R-O - Cisf 32,410 VAT-E-D - Customs Vat...
  13. M

    Fill cell based on VAT code

    I am looking for help to autofill cells based on VAT codes In column I are the tax codes which are either T1, T2, T9 or T13 in column J I would like to see against either T2 or T9 - 0 For T13 - no result For T1 - column H has the gross amount - in column J I require the VAT included (so if...
  14. H

    sumifs with Countif to exclude zero

    I have the following below that if the sumifs formula returns zero, then a zero must be returned, otherwise use the countifs formula However, if the sumifs returns for eg 0.00000000183 or -0.0000000164, then the countifs value will result I would like to amend my formula to exclude all...
  15. V

    overwrite a calculated field

    Hello all I am new to Microsoft Access and would like to ask a question I have a calculated field which looks at a field called "Total Cost" and divides this by 6 to get the correct VAT value I sometimes want to edit this field if the product has a reduced or no VAT charge Is there a way to...
  16. N

    Combine 2 excel formulas to make one formula for a cell

    HI there :) I currently have this formula in my cell =IF(SUM(I4:CD4)=0,"",H4*14%) and I've read a tip regarding rounding for vat to put this formula in =ROUND(B2*1.14,2). How do I merge these 2 formulas to work in one cell?
  17. S


    Hi All, can anyone assist with a formula for the following : <tbody> 609 C E F G H i J K L S T U V 610 Description Prop. Vat Dr Amount Vat Cr Amt Vat Total Days 5% Total 611 2,668,666.46 612 2017-01-30 Loan - In Eaton n 200,000.00 200,000.00 115...
  18. S


    Hi, can someone assist with the a formula for the 2nd example : <tbody> B C D E F G H I K 2 Description Property vat Dr vat Credit vat Bank Transfer 3 Transfer Eaton 100.00 -100.00 100.00 </tbody> Formula does work in cell k3...
  19. M

    Error in VBA Code - Web Scrapping - Take Data from Worksheet and Bring Data from Web to Excel

    Hello Guys, I have a list of CR Numbers in Column A (count 4000) and my purpose is to extract "VAT Number" and "Arabic Name" registered against the CR number on the VAT Website. For ease, I am putting a sample CR as "1010069143" Following is the code developed by me and I am facing the...
  20. B

    Find a text string in a sheet and return its location (column, row)

    I am trying to convert an invoice summary spreadsheet into something I can import into another system. The original file has data which is located in different places on different tabs so I want to search each tab for a specific text string and then either return the value in the nth cell to...

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