vb code

  1. hendrikbez

    Cannot get to edit on my user form with 1 to 5 members on it

    I have a user form that I can choose a surname, then it displays up to 5 members of family if there are 5, but I cannot get it to save when I press the Edit and save button. Getting error (when I open or choose a surname) Subscript out of range memberRowIndices(memberIndex + 2) = f.Row '...
  2. L

    VBA code checks a condition, stops macro if FALSE, etc.

    Hi All, This is my current code to activate sheet based on the value in B6 than perform filtering and sorting. Private Sub Workbook_Open() Dim mainwb As Workbook Set mainwb = ActiveWorkbook mainwb.Sheets("AMSI-R-102 Job Request Register").Activate mainwb.Sheets(Range("B6").Value).Activate...
  3. R

    Code to hide cell range is not working

    I am try to get a code to hide cell range or Columns but I can not get it to work in Office 365. and trying to tide it to a button Sub DoIfNotEmpty() Dim ra As Range, re As Range With ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Sheet1") Set ra = .Range("D4:F40") For Each re In ra...
  4. Chris_010101

    Get Macro to Work on Multiple Sheets

    Hello, The below macro is assigned to a button on the ribbon and works on the "current 6 months" sheet. It looks down column B for "terminated" and deletes the row. It's currently restricted to only work on "current 6 months" sheet. Is there any way to add another sheet "Previous 6 months" to...
  5. Chris_010101

    Excel (Formula/VBA) Help: Two sheets into one

    Hello, I have an absence tracker which records absence in a current 6-month rolling period and a previous 6-month rolling period. Each occasion of absence is recorded as a separate row and absence is manually added to the "current 6 month" sheet daily (as it occurs). A piece of VBA code then...
  6. Chris_010101

    VBA Code Help

    Hello, I use the below code for my absence tracker which was kindly provided on here. I now need to change it, so instead of looking at current 12 month rolling period and previous 12 month rolling period, it looks at: Current 6 months Tab - All absence in the last 6 month rolling period from...
  7. Chris_010101

    VBA Help

    Hello, Really silly question but I have no idea how to do this: I need to add these two: Me.Protect Password:="zzz" Me.Unprotect Password:="zzz" Into the below, so I can get the below to work on a protected workbook. The ZZZ I will amend to the protection password later but it basically...
  8. Chris_010101

    VB Code Help!!

    Hello, The code below is not working properly: I can't understand how this is happening, as I have another workbook laid out the same with exactly the same code in it and it works perfectly. I'm not an advanced user at all, someone on here kindly put it together for me, so I have no idea how...
  9. Chris_010101

    VBA Code Help

    Hello, I'll try and keep this as simple as possible. I'm working on an absence tracker, tracking employee's absence in the current 12-month rolling period and the previous 12-month rolling period. So, 24 months in total. The tracker is updated daily throughout the week and is EXTREMELY...
  10. Chris_010101

    VB Code for Moving Row

    I am working with an absence tracker and am currently using the below VB Code so when a drop-down list item returns "Closed", it copies the row across to the "Archived Absence" sheet. In the drop down, there is also a selection "LTS" for Long Term Sick people. When "LTS" is selected, I need it...
  11. Chris_010101

    Filter messes with VBA

    Hello, I am using the below code, which moves a row to another sheet based upon the value of a drop-down list item. However, if the data on the sheet the row is moving to is filtered, instead of adding the copied row to the first blank row at the bottom of the data, it overwrites a row of...
  12. Chris_010101

    Moving a Row based on Formula Value

    Hello I have created an absence spreadsheet by which when an employee reaches 4 weeks absence (column J), they are classed as Long Term Sick. What I would like, is a piece of VB code which automatically moves the entire row to another sheet labelled LTS (> 4 Weeks), once the formula in...
  13. S

    Excel - VB code to default to print 1 page

    Hello. Hopefully this is simple. I have a file. text.xls... tab name is sheet1, I want to print just one page. I want it to default to do this everytime. Can I add VB code to do this? Seems like anything I do on the print screen, is not saved the next time I open it up. Thank you.
  14. V

    Formula or VB Code in a data sheet

    Hi and Thanks in advance i have post earlier some problem and get the solution but that was in complete and also i have lost that post url. Problem is, i have following sheet <tbody> Col A Col B S.No. Student Work 1 2 2 3 3 6 4 8 5 4 6 2 7 3 8 6 </tbody> In the above...
  15. V

    Permutation or Combination

    Thanks in advance I want to know that from the given (Query-1) numbers 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7 (Query-2) numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 how many combination we can generate without repetition and if possible pls provide the generated combination.
  16. V

    changes in vb code

    Hi all, i am using this code but want to few changes, please help Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() a = Worksheets(“Sheet1”) .Cells(Rows.Count, 1) .End(x1Up) .Row For I = 2 To a If Worksheets (“Sheet1”) .Cells(I, 3) .Value = “North” Then Worksheets (“Sheet1”) .Rows(i) .Copy...
  17. V

    VB Code or Formula

    pls provide code or formula for a sheet link is https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PS_zvcTpLhqOpa6uclRsh0O-IS0Hvveg/view?usp=sharing you can check the file so that all the points will be clear we need two results 1. After how many rows the digit comes 2. Highlight the cell when the value comes...
  18. T

    VB debug help!

    Hi all, I've got the below code running in my dashboard tab: Sub chart_visibility() ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Dashboard").Activate If Range("A1").Value = "1" Then ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("Chart 3").Visible = False ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("Chart 1").Visible = False...
  19. J

    VBA to change background color of cell. color based on day of the month

    I have current code to change the background of the cell I updated "Today" to the color of the day. Today is the 15th of the month, so todays color is 15. What I am looking for is the "15" to change based on the day, so tomorrow the code would change to 16 without me going into the code daily...
  20. Johnny Thunder

    VB Code gets different results with different users? - Anyone seen this before?

    Hi guys, saw something weird today. I wrote code that goes into my network at work and grabs a file from a specified folder for our current month "03 - Mar" and does a copy paste to another report. The issue that I saw today is that if another user runs the file the macro is grabbing the file...

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