vb macro

  1. S

    VB Macro Solution for searching specifics worksheets and entering data

    I am new to MACROs and VB. However, I am building a master personnel data base with automations. In the core worksheet we will input data metrics regarding performance etc. In four other worksheets that break the students down by their class and each year the data migrates (freshmen to...
  2. N

    Data to be processed using VB Macro

    Hello All, There is a set of data in sheet 1. <tbody> Category Unit Period Data Lifecycle </tbody> There are 5 different units, and the categories can be similar or different across data. The data needs to categorized across units, per category, per period based on the lifecycle (only...
  3. J

    Insert a variable number of rows based on the numerical value of a cell.

    Below is an example of a text based spreadsheet we use for cross referencing valid cost codes. I am trying to eliminate the Write-in range of numbers and assign actual rows for each of those numbers so they can be used in a look up table. I added column F as LEFT formula and Column H as a...
  4. S

    need formula to extract 4 digit for c1 to c3 in vb macro

    hi' i am trying to write a code in vb macro ,i am using below formula as Range("C3").Select ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=MID(R[-2]C,3,4)" Range("C3").Select Selection.Copy Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks _ :=False...
  5. R

    Excel VB Macro - Shift left where blank cells

    Is there any way in a Excel VB macro where in column A there is data in most cells and, in the cells that are blank the data is in column B to delete the blank column A Cells, which in turn will shift left the data from column B cells – Ending up with all the data in column A and no blank cells...
  6. M

    Extract Email Address from Unique Website Address for Each Record

    I'm mining email addresses from Public School online data source. I have imported list into excel that contains a school record that includes a unique web page link, that on linked page, contains information for single contact, including that contact's email address . Other posts that I've...
  7. M

    VB Macro - Put data in first empty cell in column not row

    Hey Guys! I have the following code to add data to a particular column but it looks for an empty row rather than looking for an empty column cell which is resulting in data being overwritten. Been searching for ages and get the same code for just empty row, Any fixes guys? Private Sub...
  8. S

    add hot keys to keyboard vb or macro

    hi, i need to add macro or vb to assign text to keyboard ,when i click once ALTand then 1 to 10 need to paste in word or excel this text below . ATL then 1 =$#AI1. TO 200 need to paste below text in word or excel . <tbody> $#AI1. $#AI2. $#AI3. $#AI4. $#AI5. $#AI6. $#AI7...
  9. S

    NEED TO HIGH LIGHT IN COLOR marked from # to $ in word

    hi, in need a vb or macro to high light text marked in # to $ between in word EG,#AI1.a,Teka-Ann S. Haynes, <tbody> AI2.a*,Valery Filippov, $#AI3.a.b,Maria Filippova, $#AI4.b,Jun Yang, $#AI5.a,Kangling Zhang, $#AI6.a,Penelope J. Duerksen-Hughes,$ #a1,Loma Linda University, Department of...
  10. G

    VB Macro for Pivot Filter Function

    Dear All I have a recorded a macro to create a Pivot table from my data. In this Pivot I have to make the report filter field to filter the dates from the current month only. Is there a way that I can instruct my macro that in that filter it automatically filter the data from the current month...
  11. H

    Copy column C to column D every X seconds

    Dear everyone, I have a macro which can copy the data from column D to column L and shift the existing data to the next column by the following script, Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim LC As Long If Not Intersect(Target, Range("D322")) Is Nothing Then...
  12. L

    VB Script for excel 2010

    Hi ! I have a 93,000 row spreadsheet, where by I want to check the cell in Column "C" for a 0. If the contents of that cell is 0 than I want to hide (or delete will work too) that entire row. So looking for some VB code that will go through a range, check the cell contacts of "C" and if 0 do...
  13. V

    Multiple condition check and performing calculation based on each row

    my excel sheet looks like this row no ColumnA ColumnB ColumnC 1 Term log 101 2 Lots 20 102 3 mode Normal 103 4 Test cats 101 5 bus 10 102 6 goo max 104 If the column C value is 101 then I need to perform Column A+B in Column D. If the column C value is 102 then I need to perform column B>20...
  14. F

    Excel Macro

    I need to take columns and create a list with some extra words in them, basically I want to do this: John Doe 65454 46465 Jane Doe 65465 12358 Tom.... to become: John Doe word word word 65454 word word 46465 Jane Doe word word word 65465 word word 12358 Tom... I have used copy and paste...

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