1. AccessShell

    Code behind excel form help

    NOTE: Originally posed elsewhere. I do not believe I will get an answer. I hope I can post it here. I have written some code in Sub Workbook_Open. It works fine. However, I am trying to do two more things. 1. I don't know if I should use Workbook_BeforeClose, Workbook_Deactivate, or...
  2. P

    How do I emulate a VB6 command line program in excel?

    I need some help with a project at work. I need to translate A BUNCH (about 10,000 lines) of old VB6 code into something that will run on modern computers, and I think excel's VBA is the best choice (for IT/security reasons, they won't let me go around installing any sort of VB6 runtimes on our...
  3. N

    Creating report in VB6

    I develop an application in VB6 and my data source is Excel 2007. Now, I try to create DataReport. I could connect the excel file to VB. When I click the “Test connection” button in the Data Link Properties I receive the message “Test Connection Succeeded”. To fetch and put the data in the...
  4. N

    Security Addin

    <article>Hi Everyone, It's been a long time since I visited this forum. anyway greetings to all. I come across the idea of adding security to excel vba code particularly the addins in which we all know that it can still be easily cracked. Anyhow I don't know the codes and how to make it...
  5. ClimoC

    Working Passthrough in Access, doesn't work in VB6?

    Hey hey Pretty sure I've got all the right references etc, but the following works in Access VBA: Sub TestDump() Dim db as Database Dim LPT as QueryDef, tblDef as TableDef Dim DStmp as string, connstr as String DStmp = Cstr(Format(Now(), "yyyymmdd")) Set db =...
  6. G

    VB6 - runtime error when displaying form

    I have a worksheet with a button that links to a form. When i click this i get the 'runtime error 9 - subscript out of range' When i debug it highlights: frmdaily.show in the connected module. This has all worked fine for a number of weeks so I am stumped as to why it would stop now. Even...
  7. R

    invalid qualifier error in VBA

    Hello, I am currently writing a section of a code that will display the results of a search function from an array. However, I keep encountering an 'invalid qualifier' error. Can someone please let me know why it keeps doing this? Dim Results1() as Variant Dim i1 as Integer Dim NextRow as...
  8. C

    Workbook Question

    Ok i have a program that goes to a different workbook and copies information. When i try to go back to the original workbook to paste the information, it says that it is out of range... can someone help me fix this? Code: Application.Goto Workbooks(Page).Sheets(Page).Range(CurrentCell) Goes...
  9. D

    VBE Autooutlining feature?

    After working with VS 2008 and other text/code editors I've found I really enjoy the auto-outline feature (i.e. expand/collapse code). Does such an add-on exist for VB6 IDE?
  10. T

    Import/Export in vb with excel 2002 with a listbox

    i have a listbox in my vb6 program with file paths of all employees i made all enployee files with my xl template that's why cell names are same like empname, ampdesg(employee designation), tcustomer, tvisit, and tarea etc. Then i make a master xl sheet in which i named some cells like emp1name...

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