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Mar 23, 2015
Hi Everyone,

It's been a long time since I visited this forum. anyway greetings to all.

I come across the idea of adding security to excel vba code particularly the addins in which we all know that it can still be easily cracked. Anyhow I don't know the codes and how to make it happen. So here's the challenge.

1. To create a Security Addin with a timer that monitors all your computer addins code/workbook protection and structure(it will delete addin codes/workbook if 5 failed attempts to unlock VBE or workbook).

2. It will also delete protected addins and workbooks ones illegal intrusion or changes in codes/workbooks structure and security settings was done.

3. This Security Addin also includes settings that pops up using command key(ctrl+ ) and requires password to access. Once you have access in Settings it will show all the list of addins in your pc. Therefore all changes of addins/vba codes in your pc can be done only by simply disabling/enabling protected mode in Settings. Prior to changes or editing, by choosing particular addin in the list in which you want to make any changes, it will ask for particular addin password. Once done editing re-enabling protective mode in Settings makes your addin secured again.

4. It is better if this Security Addin is created in or vb6 or anything that is independent to macro to which we all know can be disabled to run.

Anyway I'm still a newbie ^_^v and wonder why we don't have Security Addin just like AntiVirus or any other Anti(whatever). And if such idea is possible it would be much better to have it soon built-in or included in new MS Office software.

If anyone who has better idea or features of a Security Addin please share :D.​


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