1. M

    How to run VBA event only once in a day?

    I recorded a script to a macro file and called that specific macro using a VBA project (personal.xlsb). Every time any Excel is open (Workbook_open). But now I only want to restrict that call to once a day. For example if the individual macro calls that specific macro once a day, then the event...
  2. A

    VBA code takes long to excute

    Hi all, I am very new to VBA. I would like my code add a comment box to the active cell based on the text in the active cell. As the user inputs code it should add a comment. However when users move down the sheet and populate the rows it seems that the code takes longer to execute. Any help...
  3. C

    Merge Data from multiple sheets into one by transposing and counting(VBA)

    Hi Experts, Got a requirement from my manager that have to merge data of multiple sheets into one by transposing the dates and generating columns based on different values and then showing total count in the respective column and all through the click of a button. Kindly help. Attached is the...
  4. H


    I create a userform that have 80 textboxes in it and all the value I put its unique. I want to fill 80 unique data in the textbox, but I the value should not be the same in all the textboxes and avoid duplicate after update from sheet data.
  5. D

    Dynamic AutoSum vba

    I have written VBA that pulls data off Multiple sheets and adds it to an account page, what I need help with please is a VBA that auto sums column G & I up to first empty row above and this to loop, though this until all sections have auto sums in G and I under each different customer. Where it...
  6. bfreescott

    Create Table and populate with Power Query Connection

    Hi guys I cannot figure out how to Load my query data to a table. I've established the connection and pulled the data, but the last step of creating and populating the table is eluding me. The recorder is no help since it simply refers to Selection. Anyone have a code snippet of doing this...
  7. V

    12:00PM to number format, back to h:mm format gives 12:05AM?

    Found this weird interaction, where a cell value is 12:00PM, and when a userform pulls the value into a combobox it is read as 0.5, and when the format is changed to h:mm it gives 12:05AM in the combo box. I have found that 6:00AM also translates to 12:25AM, I have checked every time increment...
  8. J

    Delete a particular string defined in Range of Columns across sheets

    Hi , I have managed to write this VBA code, where in to delete the string named "Do Nothing", across all the sheets in the workbook. code without looping each sheet it's working. However, After Inclusion to loop across the worksheets, it's failing to loop through all the sheets, instead only...
  9. J

    Populate Word Merge Fields from Excel Macro

    I'm writing an Excel macro that would open a Word template and replace the merge fields with data from a specific cell in Excel. I've been searching the internet for weeks and have been mostly unsuccessful. Pulling from what I could find, I came up with the below. However, this didn't populate...
  10. M

    VBA Autofilter to filter using 2 columns

    I have 2 columns that I would like to filter by but need the results to show for both criteria. ActiveSheet.Range("$a$10:$cp$500").AutoFilter Field:=19, Criteria1:="Red" ActiveSheet.Range("$a$10:$cp$500").AutoFilter Field:=89, Criteria1:="Red" So if either column S (filed #19) or column CK...
  11. B

    VBA to copy cell value to another column with dynamic rows

    Hello people, I'm running to an issue here with a table. I need to build another column, lets say "Column 13", and for each row I need to fill a cell with the value from Column 1 as shown below. ABCDEFGHIJKL1Column 1Column 2Column 3Column 4Column 5Column 6Column 7Column 8Column 9Column...
  12. K

    Cell with incorrect value

    I created a procedure that writes a specific text in the cell is empty, but when this occurs the value entered is always "TRUE" can someone help? Public Sub WriteValues() Ws = ActiveWorkbook.Sheets.Count For counter = 1 To Ws Worksheets(counter).Select...
  13. K

    VBS macro doesn´t run

    I'm trying to close the CMD after running my vbs file, can someone help me? Code: Dim objExcel, ObjWB WScript.Sleep (200) Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application") objExcel.Visible = True Set ObjWB =...
  14. G

    VBA Delete Rows based on value in column A

    Hello, I have data that comes with random rows between the data i need. The data rows that i need all have the values of either * or a number. The lines i don't require are either blank or contain text strings. ABCDE1Customer2text3Random4*Usefulinformation5254026Data I need6254026Data I...
  15. S

    How to get the date and insert as text in the cell

    Hi everybody. I have a formula: =SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(B4;"No";"Nein");"Yes";"Ja") in the cell but I can't figure out how to get the date and insert as text in the cell. In cell B4, the date is in the following format: dd.mm.yyyy In cell C4 must be like text because then, we copy this data via...
  16. S

    Excel - Parsing Data

    Hi . I am trying to parse the following. Column H is my source that I am trying to parse. Part Description Column I is the first sub part (always starting on the left hand side and continuing until the first space in the text) various lengths and various starting text (HKL vs E, etc..) Column...
  17. P

    How to keep only the top row of a value and delete the rest of the rows

    Hello, I am new to VBA and would like to get assistance from the experts if possible. I have a number of duplicated booking numbers with different data captured in subsequent columns. In order to identify the duplicated bookings, I have numbered them in column FL (FYI, the number of...
  18. J

    VBA to find cell with a certain value and format it

    I have 2 pages, one in the form of a list (Sheet1) and another one in the form of a calendar format (Sheet2). I want to create a code that can help me to locate the name of the assignment taken from Sheet 1 on Sheet 2. If the assignment exists on Sheet2, check for the status of the assignment...
  19. P

    VBA - Export Specific Column every 30 rows to .txt file

    Hi VBA Wizards, I have been battling to get this working. The purpose of this is that our customers need to enter a particular format to order in our b2b system. We have a problem with our ERP handling the .xml so limit the customer's orders in the b2b system to 30 lines per order. We would...
  20. G

    VBA extracting data

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking to to use a VBA Macro to extract data in a particular fashion. The data sheet looks like below: ABCDEFG1CodeDescriptionQTYPriceGSTTotal2*Section1316875Paper 3242341234416876Paper 3242341234516877Paper 3242341234616878Paper 3242341234716879Paper 3242341234816880Paper...

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