1. Kimchi

    VBA Copy workbook as .xlsm but delete macro

    Hello, I need to write a code that's supposed to automatically refresh a Query, then save the current workbook and close it when opening the file. The problem is, the file also needs to be sent out. So I want to make a copy of the file that doesn't run the private sub. However, it does have...
  2. S

    Exporting Values From Tab to CSV - Need to Omit Rows with No Values (but has formula)

    First of all, let me apologize because I have seen similar posts, but couldn't extract from them what I need... Certainly an intelligence issue on my end. I am trying to export a tab to a csv. The entire tab is populated via formulas, that are essentially starting at a column where I am indexing...
  3. gtwo

    VBA round() function and worksheetFunction.Round() returning different results

    Does anyone know why the following happens? In vba... MsgBox Round(0.25, 1) 'shows 0.2 MsgBox worksheetFunction.Round(0.25, 1) 'shows 0.3 wtf is happening here?
  4. N

    Vba activate screenshot drop-down.

    Hello all, Currently I have and excel coversheer made and the ribbon and other parts are completely hidden to make a clean experience. Hidden by Application.ExecuteExcel4Macro "show.tpolbar(""Ribbon"",False). What I am looking for is a way to utilize a function in the ribbon while it's...
  5. T

    VBA code copy specific range of cells even when additional rows are added

    what I'm trying to do is copy a specific range of cells O29:O38 to O18:O27 automatically using VBA. I then Insert another 10 rows before O29 and enter new data in O29:O38 again and repeat the process: The information will also be retained from O29:O38 below the inserted cells. If there is a...
  6. S

    Replace/Delete a specific pattern within a string using VBA

    Hello, I'm looking for help in locating and replacing/deleting the following pattern within a string in a cell: "xxx.xxxxx.xxx.xxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxx" where x represents a numerical character i just learned how to use regExp...but can't figure out for the life of me how to tell it to look for the...
  7. K

    Adding cell contents to an array reference in macro

    After years of using base excel, I am just now learning how to use VBA to make my work process more efficient. I run weekly reports showing last weeks data, the financial weeks run Monday to Sunday. The data I pull contains data from the day I pull it, I don't want to include this data. I want...
  8. M

    VBA - Deleting all rows in data for all past dates

    Hi all, Need help with a macro Essentially we have a sheet of data, changes every day. Many columns but Column C contains the column of end dates. I want to filter the data, and then delete every row in the data where column c contains dates before today (the day we run the macro, so changing...
  9. A

    Excel formatting problem pivot/unpivot

    This is the source format i have which i have tried picoting and unpivoting and even transposing for some reason to make it work in the format i have attached below i have even reached a point where my excel looks almost like the output but then the batch numbers are missing...
  10. L

    VBA to copy rows where Date is greater than mentioned in cell

    I have a excel file with two sheets. Secon tab stored all previosu data and in the first tab I am adding new data every day. I need to comapre dates in column from 1st sheet and 2nd sheet and then copy from 1st tab only those lines where date is greater then in second tab (of course copy and...
  11. B

    Macro to autofill formula down many ranges

    I am trying to create a macro that will autofill three columns worth of formulas until the end of that range and then repeat those formulas for each range below it. For context, the file is a compilation of thousands of different series that could have as little as one line, or as many as...
  12. G

    VBA - How to open folder without knowing the full name

    Hello! I'm trying to open a folder where I don't know the full path. For example, the parent folder dir is "D:\Documents" and the folder I want to open is called "22.111 - PROJECT_NAME", where I know the code, but don't know the name. I've tried with "*", but no luck. Sub OpenFolder() On...
  13. L

    Problem with loop, nest loop

    Hi! I need to loop through a dynamic data set, only the range in which the data are entered is given. I need to loop through every cell and copy the value to the end of another column. I totally managed that for the first column but now I am stuck with telling excel to increment the row and...
  14. P

    Search through column(s) once found a match, extract data from other column(s)

    Hi all, I have been lurking around these forums to see how to properly ask a question... So here goes... For example, I have this data set named below and I want to match some values to columns 'ID1' , 'ID2' and 'ID3'. These values are called 'Alarm' with values '2103, 2107, 2805, 2152...
  15. D

    Locate & copy just two cells!

    Hi I have two files "Data.csv" & "Output.csv". In data file just in column "B" I'd like to locate the word "JACK" (remember it would be just once in column "B" & I want to find that). Now where it's located this cell & in the same row cell of column "A" (just these two cells). I want to copy...
  16. L

    Absurd Bug with Protected Cells

    Hi I have locked/protected a couple of cells, while simultaneously running some VBA code to hide those cells on a conditional basis. The protected cells cannot be hidden. I have to unprotect the sheet in order to hide the cells. Please help with the same. Also I have a cell B2, who's input...
  17. E

    Concatenate If

    I created this formula to filter =CONCAT(IF($A:$A=$C2,$B:$B,"")) and if working perfectly. However i'm having issues with creating a VBA for it. Basically i want to combine the text in column D based on the reference code in Column C. Been working on this for hours! any help would be much...
  18. C


    Hello! I'm stuck with this for several weeks and that's why I'm asking for your help. This code interacts with a third party application, sending values and printing documents from it. It works fantastic, only for the small detail that with the passing of the iterations the cpu fan starts to...
  19. X

    Aging Report

    Hello Good People, Im trying to create a continuos aging report. Basically heres the problem. Daily, Im extracting application numbers from multiple workbooks. Those application are pending and daily extraction, if that application number status is not yet approved then it will continue...
  20. S

    VBA - remove duplicates using range and cells functions together

    Hello, My objective: Delete specific range based on duplicates in a specific column , and shift cells up. I have a large spreadsheet with evenly separated data. I have an example attached of the outcome I want, but I would like to have it in a loop, where the script counts the columns and...
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