vba 2003 versus 2007

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    Assign values to list box array

    Trying to create a list box with values in a column = value . Using VBA I was able to cycle true the records = value...in trying to populate a list box with those field values...error...it seems an array was needed to be defined....found code and adapted to my logic and it populated list box...
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    Macro to make pivot tables works in 2003 but not 2007

    Hi, I have a macro that makes pivot tables based on changing data. I wrote it in Excel 2003, and it works fine still in 2003. However, my computer was recently upgraded to Excel 2007. The code errors out whenever it hits the pivot table macro now. I tried re-recording the pivot table build in...
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    Excel VBA 7x slower on one computer vs another, new Office 2007 installation

    All, Our company recently updated all computers to Office 2007. I had written an Excel/VBA application in 2003 which ran very fast. After updating to 2007 the application runs about 7x slower than before. I think it may be an Office 2007 setting (outside of Excel) since the application still...
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    2003 to 2007 VBA ActiveX

    I developed VBA macros in Excel 2007 that do not work in Excel 2003 - the Office CompatibilityPack is installed and the workbook is saved as .xls - I am using ActiveX CommandButtons - the "active.workbook." line of code is highlighted as in error, and will not compile - any thoughts would be...

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