Excel VBA 7x slower on one computer vs another, new Office 2007 installation


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Jan 5, 2011
Our company recently updated all computers to Office 2007. I had written an Excel/VBA application in 2003 which ran very fast. After updating to 2007 the application runs about 7x slower than before. I think it may be an Office 2007 setting (outside of Excel) since the application still runs just as fast as before on another person's (comparable) computer. I verified that all of the settings in the "Excel Options" tab are the same between the two computers.
Are there other settings/parameters in Office 2007 installation/setup which may be slowing down my Excel/VBA application?
We're running WindowsXP,sp3
Thanks for your help/suggestions

Derek Brown

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Dec 26, 2005
Hello and welcome to The Board.
I don't have a specific answer for you - perhaps my reply will bring the post to the attention of other who may have some ideas.
I know that there were many comments on the slower speed of 2007 when it was released but I don't know whether that is still an issue.
I would check that all PCs have the latest Office 2007 service pack installed.
In order to compare the performance on two machines you need to make sure that there are running in the same "state". For example, only the one workbook open (Excel will usually calculate all open workbooks at the same time). Do both have the same number of processers and same amount of memory? Where there is more than one processor there is a multi-threading option in Excel (don't think it makes a difference for VBA).
Is disk fragmentation an issue?
If opening and running on a network drive, are both PCs testing the workbook at the same time (that is, is the network load about the same)?
Here are two links that may be useful:

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