vba and macros

  1. M

    excel charts resizing bounds and display mouse position details

    Hello, I'm having a bit of trouble achieving two things with my excel chart. This is the chart: I want to set some cells in the worksheet so that I can enter the minimum and maximum bounds of the X and Y axis for the chart, without having to go to the format plot area options. I have found...
  2. R

    incorporating a macro import within another sub

    The following code (blue font) finds specific worksheets in an active workbook, and copies them into a new workbook then names the new workbook the same name of the worksheet. It all works perfectly. The second code below (red font) imports some vb into the new workbook. It works fine if I...
  3. N

    macro to transfer visible range from autofilter to array

    I have the code below to transfer the visible cells from a range in excel into an array. In this case, the non-filtered range is a11:a19. Applying the auto-filter, the visible rows become rows 11,12 and 14. However, running the macro below the textbox results include only the text in cells a11...
  4. Chris Macro

    How to change a simple graph using VBA coding

    I have never coded for graphs using VBA where when I run the macro it changes to the 20 most recent data values collected. If column "A" is going to house my y-values and column "N" is going to house my x-values, what would be the coding to change the graphs data range? My Idea: I am thinking...
  5. R

    Can anyone help me with a school assignment?

    I have an assignment for school I need to get done and I cannot figure out the right codes for this for the life of me. This is my first course in VBA and I really need some help badly! Heres the project: <!--[if !mso]> <style> v\:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} o\:*...
  6. cvincent

    VBA Error, Excel 07, Named Range, Goto, Application Fail

    I have a very large file, with data in cells A12:AB12000, identified as a named range. The file contains many macros, and is used by multiple employees. Employees update the file daily, and utilize macros to sort by various columns using a macro button at the top of each column. All sorts are...
  7. M

    Excel VBA controlling Internet Explorer Form fields

    I'm trying to use a macro to go to a webpage and pull some information out and then change a field for a large number of users. I'm able to get most of the fields to change with the exception of one field. Any advice would be helpful. The desire would be to change S1 to S3. It does it when I...
  8. S

    Consolitate the data from multible sheet to consolitate sheet ,re arrage it as per the heading

    Sheeet 1 a1 b1 Description Region New Instal WEST Awaiting IMAC WEST Sheet 2 a1 b1 c1 d1 Description Location Asset Category Region Awaiting IMAC HUL-RO-Kolkata Laptop...
  9. T

    XL 2003 VBA: Merge a Macro Code with a Worksheet Code

    Hi All, I'm hoping someone can help with the following scenario: I have a worksheet code that "auto-height's" a row with merged cells. The work sheet is protected with the cells required unlocked. However, when it executes it seems to lock the cell that contains the data and prevents users...
  10. thedr9wningman

    Corrupt styles in 2010: How to remove?

    Hi, I found this post in the <a href="http://www.excelforum.com/excel-general/494340-removing-corrupt-styles-in-an-excel-workbook.html">Excel Forums</a> and I had the same problem. It was never answered. <code> Hello, How can I remove corrupt styles from an Excel 2000 workbook ? I've tried...
  11. D

    How do I Unhide columns that are equal to a Drop Down/Cell Value?

    Hello everyone, I am pretty new to this whole Excel VBA, Macro business. I have a relatively large spreadsheet (couple hundred columns) and I am trying to make it easier to navigate / select what I am viewing. I am using Excel 2007 if that is important. This spreadsheet keeps track of contract...
  12. J

    Show/Hide Specific (Changeable) Sheets based on Cell Value

    Hi guys, I've been searching forums to no end to try to find a solution to this, but I've hit a road block. :( I have a sheet called "Title" and cell E4 in this sheet is a drop down list which allows you to select certain codes, for example 210, 220 or 230. Based on values in this cell, I...
  13. B

    This workbook has lost its VBA project, ActiveX controls and any other programmability-related features

    Hi. This is my first post. Excel 2010. Spreadsheet with VBA was written in an older version of Excel (2003, I think). On my machine, the spreadsheet works fine. I'm on Windows 7. On a Vista machine, when we open the spreadsheet we get the subject error. I have Googled, and checked that VBA is...
  14. J

    If combobox answer is no, show a new text field

    Hey guys and girls, I've learned lots from Mr Excel thus far, so thank you! I'm doing great building a VBA form to record in a worksheet, but I just hit a wall, so could really use some help! OK..here goes. I have a combobox and answers can only be Yes or No. If the answer is No, I need a new...
  15. I

    Data Compilation macro help

    Hi All, I have many workbooks available in a folder which will a worksheet name "BalSheet". Structure of this sheet is such in Column A Discription is Available - Product A, Product B, Product C etc. In Column B Status is available - Relevant, Non Relevant In Column C Submission Dates are...
  16. P

    Deleting text from Column VBA

    sorry for posting so quickly again. Just can't get my head around VB! Ok so what I am trying to do is delete any rows that has text stored in column A. I do not what to look for a particular text, I want to delete anything that is a text in column A. I have had a searched around Google but...
  17. P

    VBA Code Paste in Next empty Cell

    Hello, I am trying to create a macro to cut and paste data from several columns and paste it into the next empty cell in Column A. There are 10 columns on the worksheet. I would like to cut all the data from the 10 columns and paste it all into Column A. The headers for these columns are...
  18. M

    Problem with code

    Hi Everybody! I'm new here and I really hope, that there is sb here who can help me with problem I'm stuck with. First things first: there is the part of code I have problems with: Dim Laenge As Integer row = 6 Do While row <> RowEnde + 1 On Error GoTo ende1 Sheets("PCExupload...
  19. S

    Vba Code To Extract Files

    Hi I need help. I have a data base "Inventory" where all records are recorded I have Data Date/Item/Type of sale/INVAmt/Rct/amt/Customet Name Under type of sale i have transactions "Cash" CC"Credit" I would like to know if there is a Formula or a VBA code to extract all data Pertaining to...
  20. M

    Analog input help

    Hey everyone, just looking for a little bit of help from someone with the knowhow. I've just recently started using VBA, so if this seems pretty straight forward, sorry in advance, but I can't find code that works for me. I'm using a variable word to tell me the height of water in a tank. I've...

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