vba calculations

  1. Spotycus

    Slow calculation speeds: Am i impatient or is there a more efficient method?

    Hi Guys, I have a pretty large excel worksheet that is used to help clean up financial transactions when rebuilding a companies historical accounting. The sheet uses a mixture of VBA as well as hard-coded formula's living in the cells. ( For this current project that I am working on, I have a...
  2. P

    Convert Excel SUM IF formula array to VBA code

    I need to pare down the number of calculations on the worksheet because it is slow. I'm trying to convert the following formula to a VBA code. {=SUM(IF(I:I>=AI3,IF(I:I<AI4,1,0),0))} where, col1 = "I" col8 = "AI" col11 = "AL" i = 3 the current cell = AL3 Does anyone know how this could be...
  3. P

    Converting SumIf to VBA - Type Mismatch error

    I'm trying to convert this formula to VBA code: =SUMIF(I:I,N3,G:G) Cells(i, col6).Value = Application.SumIf(Range(col1 & _ Chr(58) & col1), Cells(i, col2), (Range("G:G"))) Where col1 = "I" col2 = "N" i = 3 I get a type mismatch error in VBA; however, the formula runs fine in Excel. How do I...
  4. J

    Summing column H in 100 unopened workbooks

    I have two similar challenges I need help with: 1. I have about a hundred workbooks saved in a folder. I need to get the sum of all H columns in those workbooks. How can I do this without opening them all and using something like this:=SUM('[Workbook1.xls]Sheet1'!H:H...
  5. L

    Cannot run VBA code?!?!

    Hi I have a problem running VBA code. My colleague has programmed functions (modules and classes), but it simply does not work for me. I know that the code is ok, but maybe I got some Excel properties wrong...? The cell calling the function simply returns '#VALUE!'. Do I have to allow for the...
  6. J

    Macro to change entries in last column to a sum formula.

    Hi, I am trying to create a macro to change cells in the final colum in all worksheets whith a sum formula if they already contain a numerical entry. The formula will sum from column c to the second last column (left adjacent) in the same row. Here is where I'm at so far which I'm thinking...
  7. M

    VBA Calculations between ranges

    What's the best way to do calculations between same sized ranges in VBA? I've got several ranges that have to use the same kind of calculations between them : Take the first cell value from one range and add/minus/multiply it with the first cell value in another range and put the value in the...

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