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  1. U

    Help VBA code for adding new name + existing name in Tabs/Sheets

    Hi Guys, Need help here on adding new name + existing name in tabs/sheets. I am looking for a piece of code that can help me with my work. I want to add new set of numbers on the existing tabs. for example project ID is 2214 : (this are may tab names) 143 188 122 11 901 After the code runs i...
  2. tlc53

    Improve VBA Code - Automatically Hide Rows

    Hi there, I have a set of data which can change via formulas. To reduce the amount information the user is looking at, I wanted to hide the rows with a zero balance. I went to test the below VBA code but it was taking so long, I had to stop it. As you can see, there's over 4,000 rows. Since...
  3. tlc53

    VBA Code to change cell from True to False and vice versa

    Hi, I'm not sure how to go about writing this VBA code. Can someone help me please? I would like cell M10 to change from True to False and False to True when the VBA Code is run. So if M10 = True return False, if M10 = False return True Thank you!!
  4. A

    Help! Pivot table limiting charater input

    So I am using a pivot table and one of my rows contains quite a lot of wording. After I select from the filter which option I want, I go to the row that contains the long wording and edit the wording at the top. Then, when I'm done typing it out, it shortens it to so many charaters (I'm assuming...
  5. J

    VBA Code to print rows containing a specific value in Column A

    I have read through several posts and cannot find a code that will work correctly. I have a spreadsheet that has 700+ rows and 100+ columns. Column A contains a value of Y or N. I need a code , using a Toggle Button, that will print ONLY the rows that have a Y in column A. I know this can be...
  6. tlc53

    VBA Code - Sort by Custom List Reference

    Hi there, I am trying to sort my data which is located under headings A52:K52 by the account number order, as stipulated in cells K21:K35. This is my attempt but it is possible I'm way off the mark. Can anyone see how I can get this working please? I don't want to refer to a particular sheet...
  7. V

    VBA CODE EDITING - Search and Match and show the result

    Hi all, We are using the following VBA code Sub Search_and_Match() Dim sh1 As Worksheet, sh2 As Worksheet Dim lr As Long, lc As Long, col As Long, lr2 As Long Dim c As Range, f As Range, r As Range ' Set sh1 = Sheets("Sheet1") Set sh2 = Sheets("Sheet2") lr = sh1.Range("A" &...
  8. H

    VBA code for undo

    Hi, I am looking for a vba code for my module which will undo my works. thank you
  9. H

    Mandatory cell input

    Hi, I looking for a new vba code for these. In my workbook. I need to make B6 cell as mandatory or need to fill first before you can do other work in workbook. Also a message popup if they not fill the B6 FIRST. Meant after save and open if B6 are filled you can continue your work. Thank you
  10. A

    VBA MACRO TO Keep duplicates BASED ON CONDITION (Remove duplicate if the duplicate count of a particular id is greater 12 times

    In a sheet some 6000 rows are there. Id's are repetitive with different dates. I just want that macro will check the no. of repetition of each id and if the repetition is more than 12 times then it should delete the oldest date. (It means 12 times repetition is fine. If an id is repeated 13...
  11. P

    Need VBA code to copy and paste as values

    Need VBA code to copy and paste as values from a specific range A1:AE36 in a worksheet named "Matrix DSR" and workbook named ""Daily Sales Report Master Update File - CQ_v2" to a specific range A1:AE36 in a worksheet named "Matrix" and workbook named "BMH Daily Sales Report thru 08-21-19 run...
  12. V

    Create a line chart with flexible end columns

    Hi all thanks a lot in advance to the people that will help me with this. I have to create a line chart which should automatically updates according to the variable length of the columns of data that I want to display in my line chart. Any help/code that can help me? my line chart shows the...
  13. P

    Avaya CMS Supervisor R18 VBA code Error

    I current have macro set up to log in CMS and pull the need reports. This works fine for me however my co-worker gets the following error when he attempts. He had upgrade to Excel to 64bit but since has revert back to he 32 bit. Before the upgrade it worked just fine. Error Run-time error...
  14. tlc53

    VBA Code - Amend to include more references

    Hi there, Can anyone help me amend this VBA code to include more than one reference (if possible)? It currently refers only to D12 but I want to add another nine references - D68, D124, D180, D236, D292, D348, D404, D460 and D516. Thank you! Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As...
  15. tlc53

    Amend VBA code to refer to another sheet

    Hi, I have the below code which works fine if the target "No._Partners" is on the same sheet. However, in this case, "No._Partners" is based on another sheet. Can someone please help me change the first part of the code to refer to another sheet? I'm not quite sure how to do that.. Thanks...
  16. J

    Help :)

    Hello, I requested help a few month ago with this code, I was able to find a solution and customized like the following: Sub Externalabelshn() ' Application.ScreenUpdating = False Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual Application.EnableEvents = False...
  17. L

    Linking Multiple Cells to another Sheet with specific criteria

    I am having difficulty finding the best way to link cells from one sheet to another. I want to keep the rows together and only transfer info that has a blank recovery date. I have Columns B-L and 305 rows. In Column B, I have Dates of Service with other identifiable info in the columns to...
  18. R

    VBA code to copy range of cells in row based on criteria

    Good Evening, I have been searching for some time now for examples online and similar post for what I need with no success. I am here now to ask for assistance. I need a VBA code that will be run by a command button to copy a specific range of cells in a specific row and paste the cells to a...
  19. E

    Save and preserve VBA code on the new workbook

    I have the following code that separates and creates a new workbook that does not include the sheets "Main", "template" and promotes the user to save it at a desired location and exits out of the old workbook and keeps the new workbook that was created open. The code works perfectly however, the...
  20. C

    Using VBA code to prevent a button from making duplicate entries

    I am trying to crate an inventory tracking spreadsheet. I have made a button that moves entered information to another sheet. The button takes the information in cells A6:F:6 individually and applies the information entered to a list of parts on another page. The code I am using to do this is...

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