vba code

  1. X

    Macro only runs for 5 steps and then stops. No error or anything. It behaves like there is "exit sub" after the 5th step

    Like the title says. i written a code which lets me add sheets and rename them accordingly. But since i changed something yesterday (i dont know what exactly) it just doesnt run properly anymore. that is the code: Sub DeleteSheetsBetweenFirstAndLastMarkerSheets() 'Updateby Extendoffice On...
  2. Jyggalag

    Alphabetically sort list in Excel

    Hi all, I have the following list: Does anybody know how I can sort this alphabetically? :) Kind regards, Jyggalag
  3. Jyggalag

    Excel not showing blank in formula when I want it to

    Hi all, I currently have this formula: Right now the cell is showing a blank cell. I then have another cell that links to this cell through this formula: This cell also shows blank, because the first cell is blank. I then have a third and final cell with this formula: However, this...
  4. S

    VBA code for complicated excel file expiring dates.

    Hi guys, i am new on this forum and really would like to tell you are genius!!!! i tried to do it for my excel file with all the inputs inside this forum but unfortunately i am not good enough. So, my file is an excel file with 11 worksheets. I would like a pop up message telling me when i open...
  5. R


    Dear All Master, I want to extract table data in html file in excel with vba code. I give the html file and excel output the link. Link file : VBA EXTRACT TABLE HTML TO EXCEL - Google Drive file Please give me a solution. Thanks Roykana
  6. B

    Comparing 2 datasets for reconciliation using VBA

    Hello all, I am looking for a VBA code to reconcile two data sets in Sheet1 and Sheet2 (See attached report). Looking for qty differences between both sheets and identifying if a column A, B or C and have any discrepancies. Can anyone help? Thank you in advance!
  7. C

    How can add custom text to a cell based on a specific entry in a different cell?

    My laboratory is capable of running 20+ different analyses, and we get contracts from about the same 15 companies to do a combination of these analyses. I created an Excel spread sheet to keep track of the work as it comes in, where columns are the 20 different analyses we can run, and rows are...
  8. R

    VBA Copy in folder and sub folder faster

    Dear All master, I want the vba code to copy over entire folders and sub folders very fast. The vba code below can only be in one folder so if there is, I can modify the vba code to my liking and also I want the process to be very fast. Thanks roykana Sub copyfiles() 'Updateby royKana...
  9. R

    VBA get file name and File extension

    Dear All master, I just want the file name in column c and the extension in column d. The result I want is marked in yellow. this is my link : result.xlsm file Thanks roykana Sub ListAllFilesInAllFolders() Dim MyPath As String, MyFolderName As String, MyFileName As String Dim i...
  10. R

    VBA Transpose Cells Based On Unique Values

    Dear All master, Please help with vba code, I want input range with inputbox and output range with inputbox. The data is on the db sheet in column E & F which I marked in yellow and the results I want are in the results sheet in columns A, B, C. I want a very fast vba code because the data...
  11. C

    VBA Pull Data From Multiple Sheets in Workbooks (if sheet names exist)

    Hi all, I am very new to VBA and am stuck trying to edit code I already have written. Essentially, the code I have (below) was intended to loop through multiple files in a folder and pull certain data columns in from a specific worksheet. This worked fine for its original purpose, but was only...
  12. D

    VBA code not working anymore?

    Hello everybody, I am currently managing a stock tracking file, which is edited manually to a large extent. Currently, the four significant columns look like this: Here, column I is the actual quantity in stock. If my code was functioning, which it was as of yesterday (and I have made no...
  13. D

    Run-time error "53": File not found

    Hello everybody, I am currently having a problem with one of my files. I have made an order form where people can order goods from. They download my excel sheet and click on a submit macro which sends out the excel sheet in a PDF file through email. This works perfectly fine when I do it...
  14. M

    MultiSelect Dropdown check box on Internet Web Page just like as Listbox in UserForm

    Please help me with VBA code. as I am stucked in a situation where i need to select the multiple items from drop down list available on web page, we have to select the items from list only as we are doing on Userform Listbox Control. Below is sample website where you can see the checkboxes...
  15. U

    HELP VBA code for auto hiding a certain Column in every tab

    Hi masters, I would like to ask a help regarding vba code that can auto hide a certain column in each tab..for example Column C1 = I want to hide all that is under C1.. so basically i have a certain name in row1 that i want to auto hide in each tab
  16. J

    VBA scraping of the date (of e.g. post issue issue)

    Hi guys, Just wanted to ask for a help related to scraping of data from the URL. I have previously used the following script (function) to extract Article/website title from the URL. Now, however, I need to extract the date of issue; e.g. when the article was published. Could you please help...
  17. U

    Help VBA code for adding new name + existing name in Tabs/Sheets

    Hi Guys, Need help here on adding new name + existing name in tabs/sheets. I am looking for a piece of code that can help me with my work. I want to add new set of numbers on the existing tabs. for example project ID is 2214 : (this are may tab names) 143 188 122 11 901 After the code runs i...
  18. tlc53

    Improve VBA Code - Automatically Hide Rows

    Hi there, I have a set of data which can change via formulas. To reduce the amount information the user is looking at, I wanted to hide the rows with a zero balance. I went to test the below VBA code but it was taking so long, I had to stop it. As you can see, there's over 4,000 rows. Since...
  19. tlc53

    VBA Code to change cell from True to False and vice versa

    Hi, I'm not sure how to go about writing this VBA code. Can someone help me please? I would like cell M10 to change from True to False and False to True when the VBA Code is run. So if M10 = True return False, if M10 = False return True Thank you!!
  20. A

    Help! Pivot table limiting charater input

    So I am using a pivot table and one of my rows contains quite a lot of wording. After I select from the filter which option I want, I go to the row that contains the long wording and edit the wording at the top. Then, when I'm done typing it out, it shortens it to so many charaters (I'm assuming...

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