vba code

  1. Agnarr

    Checkbox Timestamp with VBA

    Hello everyone! I have a huge problem. we utilize a "to-do" list with checkboxes that are inserted into each new sheet with the following code: Sub InsertCheckBox() Dim rng As Range Dim chkBox As CheckBox Dim cell As Range Dim i As Integer ' Set the range where you want...
  2. Agnarr

    VBA problem with creating new sheets

    Hello everyone! I have made a sort of registry crm where one enters product code and quantity, excel returns name of product and price*quantity, plus it calculates start and end registry, loses, gains and other stuff. Some macros that clear specific cells and 2 more macros that: 1. user enters a...
  3. S

    Add Deselect VBA Coding for Multiselect Dropdown

    Hello. I am using the following VBA code which created multi select, comma separated in specific columns, however I also want the option to be able to deselect values you have already selected rather than having to delete all the values in the cell and having to start again, can some please...
  4. D

    VBA Code in Separate File

    I am running this code which opens files on a network drive and pastes them into an Excel file on the tabs specified in the code. Is there a way to tweak the code so that the macro could be in a separate file with the code referencing the destination spreadsheet file and file tabs? I would be...
  5. M

    Find the data and get the cell address

    I am looking for data in a table if it exists, and I use Ctrl + F to manually find the data within the table. However, I am wondering if there is a way to use the combined Excel functions such as Index, Match, & Address (or any other function). The data to look at is in Sheet 1, and the lookup...
  6. J

    Take Excel Worksheet, Divide into Worksheets/Workbooks by Employee/Card #, Email via Gmail to Employee for Input

    Apologies if this is completely basic, but I can't find anything in the forums that directly relates to what I'm trying to accomplish. I am not at all schooled in anything VBA, technical Excel, etc. I just Google to figure things out, and here I am! Here's my starting point: I have a workbook...
  7. K

    Copying data from one table into another worksheet

    Hi all, I am trying to copy data from one worksheet into another worksheet displaying the status along with the month and score for each status. the code below works just for the for status (High 1) I was wondering how I could continue displaying the results for all the status without having to...
  8. P

    Creating a Train Time Table

    Hi there, I am trying to create an excel spreadsheet that will check a train timetable for a given number of values and tell me where certain trains are located. I have created an excel document which has the following sheets in it (CodeTest, TrainResults, Westbound). I have written a macro...
  9. F

    Copying and pasting onto mastersheet but files have different formats (need if statement help)

    Hi all, I am needing assistance with my code. I need the macro to go through files in a folder that contain vendor contact forms. I need to copy certain cells from each file (there are hundreds of files) and paste them into a master sheet. The fomats of the vendor contact files are different...
  10. W

    Functions having Errors

    I'm creating a sub to call a function, but i kept having error from the below code. Sub ttimeTEST() Dim timeA As Date Dim locnA, locnB As String locnA = "Singapore" locnB = "Malaysia" timeA = TravelTime(locnA, locnB) Debug.Print (timeA) End Sub Private Function TravelTime(ByRef locnA As...
  11. M

    VBA for copying files from folders to another folder but exclude folders with specific name

    Hi! I have been using a VBA code for copying .pdf files from a folders (please see code below). I want it to skip folders with "working" or "~superseded" on the folder names. I've read about the InStr function but I can't figure out where to place it in this code. Thank you so much for your...
  12. Guna13

    Sum Total and Validation Formula - VBA Code

    Hi Team, I am Newibe for VBA Macro, How to Update Sum Total from "F3" to Dynamic Last column and Dynamic Till Last Row, also I need to update Validation Formula based "B" Column Values and above Sum Total VAlues same aspect, My Recording Macro didnt Support. Sum Total Formual Screen Shot...
  13. Guna13

    Compare Two Worksheets with VBA if No Value Hightlight Missing value

    Hi, Please support me, How to Find Missing Emp ID in Master Data Sheet, to compare Source Date Sheet. Requirement all the ID should be in Master Data Sheet. If any ID is missing in Master data sheet, Hightlight in Msgbox.
  14. M

    VBA Code or Formula to get all combinations of 2 cells on each row

    Hi all. I'm looking for some code or a formula that will solve the following issue that I have. This is to work out all the combinations regarding the order of goals scored within a football match. Basically the H means Home Team and the A means Away team. The requirement is to get all the...
  15. Guna13

    Body of email with Pivot table Range as Picture format.

    Hello, Would it be possible to send an email with an attachment that also contains a Pivot table for the second sheet (range A1 to M20) as a picture in the body of the email? Below is an Excel file for each range in the email body
  16. Guna13

    Trigger email to Indidudula User for leave request

    Hello, After Multiple tried, i did few code work, based on data. But I am not able to create emails for List of Users one by one Instead Single shot email for all Users? If No User data, then No need to Send email. Kindly suggest me. I need to send email to Individual Users with Body of...
  17. Guna13

    Send Simple Leave Notification email to User

    Hi all, Need support to send an email "On Current Date" to the respective user reminding him\her to take a break for work/life balance. There is a Report Download From HR Portal. All users have applied for their leave for the next three months well in advance. The object of this scenario - In...
  18. Chris_010101

    Get Macro to Work on Multiple Sheets

    Hello, The below macro is assigned to a button on the ribbon and works on the "current 6 months" sheet. It looks down column B for "terminated" and deletes the row. It's currently restricted to only work on "current 6 months" sheet. Is there any way to add another sheet "Previous 6 months" to...
  19. V

    Request for help - VBA Script to automate data transfer from Survey Raw File to another Excel File in a specific format.

    Hi friends, First of all, I am not an Excel expert at all. I have around 25 survey data files (Excel) - each with 6-8 survey respondents. I would like to get all these data transferred to another Excel file (pre-formatted) so that I can get a agenda file for the meeting. I would like make a...
  20. mmn1000

    Changing the keyboard language with VBA

    Hi, Changing the keyboard language from one language to another by option button and in the user form. I am planning to create two option buttons in the user form for each of the Farsi and English languages. That is, if Farsi is selected, the keyboard language will be Farsi and vice versa...

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