vba dynamic array

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    Looping through an array

    Hi Guys, and Happy New Year to everybody! I am trying to build something like a widget. I created shapes that are named in this fashion: A01_TrafficLight, A02_TrafficLight, B03_TrafficLight etc... I have the corresponding list of names in a named range on a sheet ie: A01, A02, B03... How can I...
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    Tricky VBA Question??

    Hi, Have two Workbooks (1 Sheet in each) and was wondering whether the following is possible? Each 'workbook' has; Column 'A' - Unique employee pay number; (there may be more than one entry for the employee but column's 'x' and 'Y' are different in these cases Column 'X' has date; Column 'Y' has...
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    Dynamic Array Problem

    Hi, I'm very much a newbie to dynamic arrays so apologies if this seems like a trivial question. I have the following vba code, which reads down a column adding the activecell value to the array...it seems to work okay. The reason why I'm wanting to use dynamic arrays is because the number of...

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