vba & excel 2013

  1. H

    Combobox2 Does not populate data

    Hello everyone Happy B Holiday. I have an data sheet whereby it has a lot information and i have created an userform1 whereby below code i have placed from another sheet that i had however when I tried to play around combobox2 wont shows any data into any the boxes or even nothing on Combobox2...
  2. N

    Finding matching values

    Hi friends… I am looking at your expertise in the below. I have 2 excel worksheets (dnd and cc5). I have a set of values (text) in column A. I need to highlight the matching values between sheet dnd (column A) and cc5 (column P) in green text in column P. I used the below command but it only...
  3. S

    Excel PDF with multiple ranges

    Hi, I'm looking to create VBA in Excel to export multiple ranges to one PDF. The ranges can change with different criteria. So far I have been able to write the following. But I will need to pull data from MULTIPLE TABS. The code below only works on one tab. How to I grab data for a few tabs...
  4. S

    Move only the columns where user has selected "Yes"

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out a code where when clicked on button macro should import the column header and based on drop down list if user selects yes infront of the column header it should import only those columns. Attaching below the snippet as well on what I'm trying to achieve
  5. S

    How to do Vlookup when range is dynamic

    I have 2 tabs in an excel sheet and I have stored the last row of the column in LR1 variable I now want vlookup to perform the action everytime and take the range from "A1" TO "ALR1" ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=VLOOKUP(RC[-1],ProblemID_afterDupl!R2C1:R46C2,2,0)"
  6. S

    User to choose column name before importing data in to excel

    Hi, Suppose file 1 has a raw dump and file2 has a macro where I want that raw dump to be imported but before that I want the user to either choose All columns or specify the column names in file2(macro file) before importing.
  7. S

    Macro to convert multiple columns in one column without taking input from user and the rows and column value may vary

    1 9 20 27 40 2 10 22 28 41 3 13 23 30 44 6 14 24 33 7 16 25 36 8 19 26 37
  8. L

    Formula to vba conversion

    Hi I have the below 2 formulas formula in cell D3 =VLOOKUP(B3,$R$1:$T$37,2,0) - This is pasted in cell D3 right down to D1000001 formula in cell E3 =IF(B3=0,"LOSS",IF(OR(VALUE(D3)=(VALUE(LEFT(C2,1))),VALUE(D3)=VALUE(RIGHT(C2,1))),"HIT","LOSS"))- This is pasted in cell E3 right down to...
  9. S

    Copy selected columns and paste in a different worksheet

    Hello all, Can anyone help me with this? I would like to copy selected columns from a worksheet and paste it in cell A1 of another sheet. the columns to be selected are columns B to D and column H and paste the copied contents in cell A1 of another sheet called TEST1. Here is the code I have so...
  10. M

    VBA Knowledge Required - Automated Sheets Populated Into Templates

    Hi All, I am learning how excel more and more as my job requires me to and try to use it in my personal life where possible. I have created a budgeting workbook and would like to be able to click a button that will extract all the data in the "master calculator (null)" sheet and place it into...
  11. M

    Bypassing Outlook Security Module when sending mail from VBA

    Hi All, I'm trying to send email from excel sheet, but before sending im getting a Outlook warning "A program is trying to access outlook email information..." with Allow, Deny and cancel button. im thinking of fully automating it but then this warning keeps on poping up whenever i sent an...
  12. T

    VBA code to loop and extract data

    I have another sheet were a user selects a name. Is it possible to have a macro loop through the data and return the event type listed below the employee along with the date. This is just a snippet of the data. An employee will have multiple event types. I'm not sure if this is even possible...
  13. A

    New VBA codes prevent old ones from working?

    Hi everyone, I have an Excel file that tracks engine status from Sales and Production departments. Here is a summary of my columns: Columns A - M in the workbook contain data necessary to deem the engine status Columns N - AS are used to track engine status with the following column order...
  14. mehidy1437

    Export each row as separate image of a selected range in VBA

    Hi Guys, I want to export each row of my selection range as separate image in VBA. Image name will be from the first column data. Like as, S1001.jpg, S1002.jpg & go on. Is it possible? If yes, give me some idea with the code.
  15. A

    How to auto delete cells every day

    So I'm trying to create a leave/vacation tracker for my employees/coworkers, and I want to automate the worksheet so it automatically deletes(and shifts) certain cells every day. This is so the tracker remains up to date without anyone having to physical delete the cells themselves. There is a...
  16. S

    Excel VBA Find based upon multiple criteria

    I have some code, that when run from the current workbook (a template), it opens a different predetermined workbook (Sales Log), performs a find in column "A" in the Sale Log to determine the corresponding row of the item # from the template, and places certain results in the Sales Log in that...
  17. G

    Count number of rows and columns in range

    I want to get the number of rows and columns in my "selection" range, but for some reason Columns.Count returns 1 when I have multiple columns selected. Anyone knows why? I am using excel 2013 32 bit. Sub test() Dim sourceSht As Worksheet Dim targetSht As Worksheet Dim Table As ListObject...
  18. S

    Mkdir on network location causes a debug error

    I have two snippets of code that work just fine locally but seem to have issues when run over the network. When I run the code from within my LAN, it captures a directory location (Path), checks to see if that location exists, and if it doesn't, then make the correct directory tree. The...
  19. A

    VBA runtime error : Why am i getting an error while sending mail through outlook using mailenvelope

    I have a code for sending multiple emails on one click to several email id's. The code works absolutely fine if the data is limited, however if the my data sheet contains large amount of data then it throws a run time error as below: "Run-time error '-2147417856 (80010100)': The operation...
  20. D

    VBA AutoFilter: multiple criteria; array; does not contain

    Hi Folks, Firstly: all this is for a dynamic table called StockListTable. I have a Column (Header = Owner) containing numbers representing customer numbers (1 to 150 plus 998 and 999). I wish to filter out the following customer numbers---0, 27, 72, 84, 100, 998 and 999---thus leaving all...

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