vba form

  1. A

    Pre-populate a User Form based on current row

    I'm trying to prepopulate a userform I created with the data from the Active Cell Row. After performing the userform.show, I am having difficulty populating the various text boxes with the values in the given row. It may have to do with the way I'm activating the form or something. Any...
  2. K

    VBA Form : Add Combobox to Form when number of rows will vary

    Hi I have created a user form with a number of textboxes . The Textboxes are pre populated based on an excel data base I would like to add a Combobox with properties of "Yes" or "No" in the drop down list. The number of rows is dependent on an end user selecting their email address and...
  3. U

    Spin Button on a VBA Form Controlled through/by a range.

    I have a spreadsheet that contains a list of Descriptions of User Names - obviously password protected itself. I have a range of names of "Descriptions" in the column A1 to A20. This range I have called "MyUserNames" and might contain "Amazon - Paul" or "Amazon - Liza". In the corresponding...
  4. Rhodie72

    Robust Small Business Account VBA system

    Thank you for taking the time to read this thread. Please help me keep this thread neat and useful to others by not posting anything that detractgs from the objectives It is about Accounting programs and systems being created in Excel VBA. It covers file management fundamentals; Double entry...
  5. T

    Automatically Update Rows with VBA

    Hello everyone, I am making a list with a VBA Form to input information into different categories (columns). In addition, I want the list to update automatically in alphabetic order firstly based on the entry in column A, and thereafter on the entry in Column B. I am currently trying to modify...
  6. E

    Secure a sheet

    Hello people, I have made a excel form in vba. I need a code snippet that makes the user is not allowed to change anything in the excel sheet or workbook, the only thing that can change the data in the excel its my form. Could someone help me ? here is a sample of the code :) Private...
  7. C

    VBA Form Command Button Picture Question

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me? I have an excel form with a command button on. I would like to set the picture of the button based on an image in my worksheet. I have tried the following but doenst work. cmdShowFiles.Picture = Worksheets("Images").Shapes("CopyFiles") Can anyone tell me...
  8. R

    Can't format a form field as date

    I created a form in VBE to input data in a spreadsheet Public Sub EnterDataInWorksheet() 'Copy the data of the form to the sheet Dim r As Range Dim r1 As Range Set r = Worksheets("Invoices Data").Range("a1").CurrentRegion Set r1 = r.Offset(r.Rows.Count, 0)...
  9. H

    Help with form variable user option

    Hello I am creating a time sheet workbook. I've figured out how to have the punches go to a table and a general journal, based on Start, go to break, back from break, go to lunch and back from lunch and go home. What I am wanting to do ... is have a seperate work sheet for each employee...
  10. H

    Help with VBA form

    Hello I have a 4 page form. After the user hits submit, the user would then hit next for the next form and so on. I am trying to write code to where, when the user clicks on next the next form appears and the previous form closes. This is what I have so far ... but doesn't seem to be...
  11. H

    Help with check box

    Hello Need help with check boxes. I have the following statement, the check box return's "TRUE" when selected but does not return "FALSE" when NOT selected and I need it turn return "FALSE" when not selected. Below is the code I am using. What am I missing? <Start Code> 'START box...
  12. H

    HELP with vba FORM user input dictate ouput to row in table

    Hello ... needing some help with a variable, I want to be able to have data copied to a TABLE to a specific row based on user input "Textbox1". So if the user enters "2" then the below data is copied to row 2 and if they enter "110" then the data is copied to row 110. <START CODE:>...
  13. H

    Combo Box selection to validate FORM population

    Trying to create a form where the Combo Box "cboCourse" is loaded from a sheet "CourseInfo". There are 2 ranges "CLkup" containing 2 columns txtCourse and txtTbox and "Database" containing all the columns in the "CourseInfo". Currently my combo box is working thru the properties option...
  14. d0o0n7

    VBA Help

    Hi, Please help me on this I am beginner to VBA . Learning Forms so In an Excel VBA form there are few fields like Date, Prefix, Full name.... For Date I Want That Date When We Will Open The Form For Segment I Have 3 Option 1 - Government School, Private / Public School, Special Category...

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