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    VBA Problem - Copying Rows Based on Specific Text and Pasting to New Worksheet

    Hi All, This problem seems really simple in theory, but I'm very new to VBA so I've been trying to use past suggestions to similar problems and work from there but haven't been able to get very far. Basically, I need a way to identify rows off of a main worksheet called Lockbox 223064 based...
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    Creating an interactive list in VBA for scheduled appointments

    The Big Picture: I am a casting director making appointments for actors in Excel. The times for their appointments are specific. Three sheets labeled as follows: 1) "Master sheet" for calling out appointments and times for all actors being considered 2) "Not interested in the appointment" 3)...
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    Macro Ask User Input, Proceed if Ignored

    Hello everyone, I have a workbook with a macro that runs automatically when the file is opened. It works great, except that the process takes quite some time due to the size of the file and the scripts it triggers. I have Windows Scheduler setup to open (thus run) the worksheet at a certain...
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    VBA: looping through range k with 3 different actions depending on row

    Hello, I'm looping with VBA through a range (2 columns) and need to perform 4 different actions. In column O, row 2 (the 1st cell) I have action A, in the last cell, action C, and in the cells in between action B. In the second column, I perform Action D for the whole range. The # of rows is...
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    VBA: sort formulas instead of values

    Hello, I'm trying to sort a column from high to low and I have the VBA code for this. However, because the column to be sorted has formulas, that does not really work. Can you change the VBA so that the sorting would happen on the values of these formulas instead? For the moment I do not wish...
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    Vba listbox column width

    Hi, I want to fill a listbox with n columns so there is no space other than the text in it. I have tried this: listbox1.columncount = 2 listbox1.columnwidth(len(activecell.text);len(activecell.offset(0,1).text)) Or: mystring = len(activrcell.value) or refer to the excel column width...
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    Check clicked cell is in right column

    Hey guys... I want to check if the cell clicked is in the right column... and if not, then exit sub... This is the code: Dim lNum As Long On Error Resume Next Application.DisplayAlerts = False lNum = Application.InputBox _ (Prompt:="Ingrese la...
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    Move data from columns to row cells

    I need help please. I would like to create a macro that marks and "X" if the number (99,98, and 2) under lot cell f Charlee match to the number on the column 4,5, 7 in this case and after that delete the blank cell rows. and continue with next name. Please see sample below: Name Location...
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    use a macro to insert formulas in a cell

    Hello I'm about to make a macro where the user enters a lot of data for some rooms in an input box. These data are passed in one line in a spreadsheet. Next room input inserted in the next line, etc. The problem is that in some columns/cells , I want to put a formula which is based on some of...

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