vba formula

  1. J

    insert a Sum formula then loop down a column

    Looking to loop a sum formula down column "F". Column D will be blank but column E will have values in it. I then want to input values into column d, to reflect the value in D + E.
  2. J

    Trying to Overwrite Cell Data with VBA Macro

    Hello, This is my first post and I am a moderate newb at writing VBA. I am struggling with overwriting existing cells...... Here is my scenario Excel file with different worksheets for each state in the US (50+) I have created 3 worksheets within the file so I can be able to have the specific...
  3. D

    Formula in Excel to display email message with CC & email receiver

    Hello everybody, I am currently following this youtube video: (specifically look at around 07:30-08:30) in order to create an email link in my excel file that people can click on, have a pre-determined email message written and then fill out the blanks and send it out. However, while I tried...
  4. M

    VBA - adding one formula works, but the other doesn't?

    Hi I've got a script that adds a formula to a cell and drags it down. However, I'm stumped by the fact that one formula works, but the other doesn't! So this Sub works (where the last line adds and drags the formula : "=IFERROR((AY16/K16)-AF16,"""")" But the formula at the end of the...
  5. V

    VBA Formula

    Hi All Thanks in advance, I have the following sheet Excel 2010 32 bit ABCDE 1S.No.25689365478256925698 22564214514251478 3 41255820 5230101023 6335201226 7440301429 8545401631 9650501833 107551936 1186039 1296541 13107042 141143 1512 Sheet: Sheet1 and need the...
  6. dannyok90

    Insert Formula using VBA

    Hi All, I'm wondering if its possible to insert a formula into a cell based on other cells. In columns A, B and C i have a formula dragged down to row 10000 that gets information from a data set that starts in D1. It's taking up alot of memory and causing the spreadsheet to calculate slowly...
  7. A

    Transferring data using a macro button but skipping out columns containing formulas in the destination

    Hello, I have created a front-end user form designed to transfer data entered, across to a worksheet using a macro button. This works successfully, however a number of the columns in the destination worksheet include formulas. When the data is transferred, the formulas are wiped and the data is...
  8. B

    Having Macros set a formula based on string formula

    I have a macros I'm writing and I have it a snag. I have the macros create a formula that uses a last name from a designated column. However when it places the formula in the cell, it displays FALSE in the cell, but when I click on the cell it displays the formula I want, it just will not act as...
  9. P

    Code to change generate VBA Cell formula

    I am trying to use VBA to automatically take a cell formula and convert it to a string that can be used in VBA to place the formula in a cell. Sorry for my poor explanation. Basically I want to make a simple tool that someone could type in a formula into a cell, use VBA to convert it to a...
  10. S

    When a drop down list is changed, VBA code to insert a formula into other cells (which are also a drop lists)

    I have been trying to get the VBA to enter a specific formula into another cell (which are also drop down lists) when another drop down list is changed. Please see below for clarity: Cell C2 - When this drop list cell is changed Cell B14 - I would like this drop list to have the following...
  11. S

    need some help in VBA coding

    Hi, I am very novice in excel VBA and trying to put a code where based on values in various cells (say col A, col B, Col E) for each row, I want to use a logic and put a value in another cell say col X. High level Example If Col A val = A, Then "1" Elseif val = B then "h" &"-"& if col B <0...
  12. T

    VBA Formula to have excel send out an email message once a certain cell reaches below a certain quantity

    Hi, Just looking for some help as I have limited knowledge when it comes to VBA. What I'm trying to do is have an email send out to two individuals once a certain cell reaches below a certain number. The excel spread sheet tracks our stock quantities of a particular item and we want to be...
  13. P

    VBA Code Compile Error

    :confused::confused: I am trying to insert IF formula from VBA to excel sheet but i am facing compile error : Expected End of statement " Error. please advise. Thanks in advance. Here is code: Sub frm() Sheet13.Range("T2:T15001").Formula =...
  14. R


    I have unique id numbers starting with area code in the ID E.g. 3321105156755 where 33211 is East-1is area and 05 is the locality i need formula to extract this two elements and get the direct name in other column my data will be Code. Area. locality 3321105252535...
  15. C

    VBA - Copying Formulas down

    I have the code below. I'm trying to copy the formulas down from 'A2' but when I run the sub it will repeat the header line. What am I missing? Sub Non_Grad() Dim last_row_non_grad As Long, non_grad_count As Integer Dim curSheet As Worksheet...
  16. B

    Formula To VBA HELP PLEASE

    <tbody> Hi Guys, I need some help with the below. I need to be able to add if date returned is more than "1/1/1970 12:00:00 AM" to show that date and to also not change the value to "Made To Order" if there is a recent date in table that I am drawing the values from. I also would like some...
  17. J

    Enter formula from one sheet into different sheet

    I am working on an inventory spreadsheet and have multiple things that i have working. but the one thing i seem to be struggling with is that i have a sheet "RECORDS" which keeps track of how many of each item i have for the date the inventory is checked which is every other week). what i am...
  18. M

    VBA - Insert Sumif formula into cell - formula contains references to different worksheets

    I am trying to have vba enter a sumif formula into cell E8 on the sheet named "EOC" Based on the sumif formula (below) here is the information I have: =sumif(range, criteria, sum range) Range: The range for the sumif formula is column AF of a particular sheet. The sheet however will change...
  19. Z

    creating a formula that will calculate the mode of a value in a table.

    So: I have a big table (approximately 53,000 rows of data and over 75 columns). I want to calculate the mode for a specific subset of the data so I was using a vlookup to isolate the subset of data, then I was using the mode to calculate the mode. Here is the formula I have been trying to...
  20. H

    Excel Formulas in VBA Editor

    Hello, I'm trying to automatize a report. I have several huge formulas that I would like to embed into the VBA editor. Can anyone help? This is the formula I want the Macro to enter: <tbody> IFERROR(IF(IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(A:A,'Q1186 Warehouse Order Roundup'!A:S,MATCH("SHIP_STATUS",'Q1186...

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