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  1. L

    VBA excel; Calculate the % utilisation

    Hi i am stuck on this question for my application programming class in excel, Calculate the % utilisation for the whole timetable. Utilisation is the percentage of empties. You can use Find with blanks (nothing) but make sure to select the timetable range first so that you do not find blanks...
  2. M

    Creating 3 lists from data across the workbook

    Good Day, I have a challenge for which I have came to a dead end. I would like to achieve to generate 3 lists pulled into an "overview" sheet from data across 52 sheets representing weeks. List 1 would be names of clients called - which would be any non blank cells in the cell references...
  3. H

    Opening new workbooks - vba catastrophe

    Dear all, First off, thank you in advance to anyone who posts an answer to this question - I really appreciate your help! I am using Excel 2010 to try and make a macro that will try and automate a rather tiresome process of creating many excel workbooks with certain information extracted from...
  4. S

    How to open Publisher document using excel vba

    Hi! Anyone know what's the code for opening existing publisher document using excel vba :) Thank and I will be appreciate with the help from anyone.
  5. E

    VBA question: Prompting to open a file and then continue the remainder of script

    Hello! I have two different spreadsheets. On Spreadsheet 1, I have subset of data in column A and I need descriptions to populate in column B that match that subset. On Spreadsheet 2, I have a set of data in column C and matching descriptions in column D. What I want to do is, open only...
  6. B

    Intermittent Excel VBA Project crashing

    A large (100+ files) xlsm of mine started to hang intermittently several weeks ago. Sometimes it will happen on a compile, more often it will be on save. The environment is Win 10 pro and Excel 2013. When it crashes on a save it often leaves a temp file (ie, "FF4DE000") in the workbook...
  7. S

    Open File Dialog - Specified path

    I have a MAIN workbook and i also recieve daily data (in Excel format) that needs to be added to this Main workbook. This daily file is saved in a specific network folder. I'm looking for VBA to open the "Workbook Open" dialog box on a specified network path by default and to allow the user to...
  8. T

    Opening Files Saved as Dates in VBA

    I am working on a VBA code to open a password protected excel file. The file name is includes the days date in it, however the naming convention is not always consistent - Sometimes days or months may have a leading 0 while other times they will not. For example the file's name for today could...
  9. S

    VBA error copying userform textbox data to a worksheet

    Am desperately trying to get the below code working (I'm very new to VBA). I basically have a userform with textboxes and a cmd button. The userform opens in one worksheet and I want to paste the data to the last row of a customer list in a different worksheet. The bug starts at the line...
  10. T

    Print selected area of excel table to a pdf document

    I am using Mac, Excel 2011. I have recorded a macro to select a certain area, create the page setups but I am unable to figure out how to set it up to print to pdf directly (instead of printing through the printer). Anybody, any idea how to handle this? Sub printpdf() ' ' printpdf Macro ' '...
  11. C

    VBA Send Email to Customers when payment is DUE including Receipt ID

    My Excel Worksheet contains the following: Column A-------------- Column B -------------- Column C --------------------- Column D ------------------------------ Column E Customer Name ------ Due Date Payment ---- Send Email (# Days) ---------Customer Email Address --------------...
  12. B

    How to set the Y axis using VBA?? Help

    Hi, I am not very good with VBA but, I'm trying to change the Y Axis to a value in a cell (basically i'm trying to tighten up the auto setting). I would also like it to only happen to a specific chart (Chart 45) every time the cell changes. I have managed to find some code that I think may work...
  13. L

    VBA - Delete entire row if criteria is not met

    Can someone please help me with VBA code. Here is my real world scenario. I have a report that contains several different statuses. I only need 4 of the many statuses. Ideally, the VBA code would delete rows that does not contain the 4 statuses. In addition, I would also like the code to not...
  14. G

    VBA Macro code help

    Dear All, I am new to the Excel macros and VBA tools and however i have some design idea how My Tool needs to implemented, We need your support and assistance to get this created, please help here. Need a help to create macro code by using VBA command Tool. I have 3 sheets here. A. Summary...
  15. G

    sumif on multiple sheet via vba

    Hi, I have a whole bunch of sheets and they all structured the same way. The all contain: the name of my client in column a, the real amount of expenses in column B, the budget amount in column C and a line for the total. I also have a summary sheets containing the name of all my clients and I...
  16. S

    Superb Excellent Macro needs minor tweaking: HELP PLEASE!

    Hi everyone, Good day to you all. A couple days ago, a kind sir by the name Mike Rickson gave me a macro to extrapolate a set of random numbers from a given range of numbers from column A:1 all the way to A:49 sitting on 49 rows. At the moment i am concerned for his wellbeing because he...
  17. R

    VBA code not working as expected, hide columns

    The problem I am having with the following code is that I am not able to select the values one after the other. I always have to go back to empty cell value before I can select the other value. For example; if I select "1st' it displays the required info and hides the columns that are supposed...
  18. N

    Variable Replace

    I have a simple macro I'm having difficulty with. I'm trying to complete a copy and replace using text from a row. For example, in the code below, the replacement is "BC", which is fine if that's the heading, but if the heading changes to "BD" I need the replacement to be "BD", but I can only...
  19. B

    VBA: to bold text if the text starts with" ["

    I'm trying to create a macro that will bold all text on a row if the text in column A starts with " [" then move down to the next row and repeat. Any suggestions? Example: Column A Column B Column C [501650 Dues] 123 456 Billboard...
  20. T

    VBA deleting a worksheet based on a cell

    Hello, I am trying to create a VBA to delete a worksheet based on a cell. I know the VBA to delete an active worksheet, but in this case I am working with a template that contains 34 worksheets and based on contracts I may not need them all "every time". So I would like to create a VBA that...

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