vba macro

  1. S

    Excel VBA infinitely looping in 64bit

    I have a Excel macro file that is working in 32 bit environment. But it is not working in 64 bit. My question is pretty similar to this one Excel File not working on one computer but will on another. Here is the code and the x64Solution() function. Private Sub AmnestyFind() Dim nowUTC As U...
  2. D

    Macro Help in Copy data to Another Workbook

  3. A

    Convert xlsx/csv to .dat file to be saved in a local folder

    Hello, Hope you are doing well. Needed a help. Looking for a possibility if there is a vba code that will auto-convert an xlsx or csv file into a ".dat" file. The spreadsheet itself is a list of names and addresses (just standard information) with no formulas or formatting. How would I go...
  4. L

    Transpose the row data of a single cell into different cells in column

    I have existing data is like this in column A & B with commas AB1168,69,70,71,722279,80,81,82,83,3390,91,92,93,9444102,103,104,105,106,55125, 236, 237, 238, 23966170, 171, 172,173,17477182,230, 231,232,24788100,101,246 ,254991,11,12,13,14, 1510102,3,4,5,6,7, 8111127,29,30,32, 33 1212100,101,246...
  5. H

    Date Format VBA code

    I have searched the internet tirelessly for an answer to this question that I desperately need more understanding on. What I am trying to do is create a macro that will take raw data on one sheet and put it into a pivot table on a new sheet - pretty standard procedure right? The issue is that...
  6. Z

    VBA Macro to copy non-adjacent cells to a different workbook

    I am currently working on an integrated set of workbooks, where I need to transfer data values between workbooks. In order to do so I need a VBA Macro that can copy non-adjacent cells (ex. the locations of the cells are J4, J8, J12, J16....etc) and insert it in the other workbook with a...
  7. J

    Auto save as pdf by having file name as sheet name in Excel VBA Macro

    I have 27 sheets in an Excel file and file name is blank.xlsm. Except the sheet name COUNT and RAW DATA, I want that all other sheets to be save as PDF in the address C:\Users\jyotirmaya\Desktop\Macro by using file name as Sheet name, all other 25 sheets have unique names. I have data from...
  8. J

    What should be the VBA code for Auto fit Excel Columns and Print tiles and making Border ?

    I have 27 sheets in my Excel file, One sheet is RAW DATA and other sheet is COUNT, I want a macro code for other 25 sheets. 1. I want the column width size - column A =17 Column B = 30 Column C = 15 Column D = 12 Column E Auto Fit Column F = 25 Column G = 7 Column H = 10 2. If the page is more...
  9. J

    Copy and paste from a sheet to different sheet with matching sheet name

    I have a Excel file with Header from A1 to H1 in sheet "RAW DATA" In the Column E of RAW DATA sheet I need to filter the data and paste into different sheet. There are 25 type of data in column E and I have 25 sheets with that matching Text as sheet name Presently I am copying data from Raw Data...
  10. D

    Possible offset when using vba to keep excel formula

    Using VBA or excel but mainly vba I have code that depending on number a entered in will make copies of a chart created in excel. I have a formula in a cell in sheet 1 that equals a value in sheet 2. Same workbook. sheet 1 is show below sheet 2 looks like I am trying to use VBA to keep that...
  11. X

    Is it possible to run a vba code for a set amount of time?

    For example i have a code that will select a cell on the startup of the workbook. i want the user to see which cell is currently activated by highlighting it for 5 seconds in a different color. Is that possible? And if yes, how?
  12. Z

    Locate matched criterea & delete Rows!

    Hi, I have master sheet called "ENTITY" In column "A" if there's a text "NEXT" but in the same Row column "B" is empty. now there may be 3 or 300 or 3000 Rows with same criteria, I want last entry to be found with same criteria & right below that row column "D" ,"G" & "K" must be cleared...
  13. D

    Date is being changed when workbook is being exported

    Hi, I am currently working on a VBA code that has a specific button to export a copy of the worksheet in question. The table has a column for date and time together in this format: dd-mm-yyyy hh:mm AM/PM;@ The import of the data into this worksheet works fine, however when exporting the...
  14. A

    URL looping is not going well and scraping data is piling up

    Good evening friends, everyone I have a worksheet where the URL List is filled in range A and the URL worksheet has been prepared, I want to retrieve the data for Price and Stock. I want all the data in the Worksheet List I can take for Price and stock only. Errors occur when running the...
  15. M

    How to create generic Macro (all variables)

    I need a generic macro that can take in three inputs: Yr grey (from droplist choice of 3 or more), Line items rows purple box (droplist- eg. Sales, Costs, Units) and Percentage - yellow box which contains the percentage to increase or decrease the line items the results replace the row. I am...
  16. K

    From excel timesheet create a import file csv

    Hi, really hoping for some help please. I have a excel timesheet which details hours worked against different pay elements. For example , columns would be ... Ee no., name, no.of hrs, hourly rate, total pay. Header above theses columns would be PE Basic pay( 88). Following to the right , the...
  17. J

    Excel macro to change the values of a sheet based on 2 different sheets

    I have 3 sheets in excel, Sheet1, Shee2 and Base price In sheet1 I have values in Column A and Column B, Column A is the Product Code and Column B is the values, In column A there are multiple product codes and multiple values are assigned to it. In Sheet 2 also I have values in Column A...
  18. B

    VBA Macro will copy/paste names to sheets

    Hello everyone! I have a VBA question on how to create a macro that will copy/paste names to specific worksheets if conditions are met. I get new data each month so this will be very helpful for me if it's automated. The data is 91 rows (90 reports) so this is just an example. The idea is that...
  19. M


    Hello everyone ,I am new to this forum , And I am trying to automate a task which I perform daily by inputting data from excel to main frame t3270 ,it consumes me 2 hours every day schedule ,any macro code to help me out ,it pick up only mobile numbers from excel each rows and inputs in the...
  20. J

    IsDate macro missing some blank cells

    For some reason, IsDate is missing some blank cells and I can't seem to resolve the problem. The blank cells have been thoroughly checked with IsBlank and IsEmpty and show as blank cells. What happens is, the blank cells are then subtracted from a date and consistently return a -43524...
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