vba macro

  1. B

    Using VBA to update a file daily with data from another daily workbook

    I have 21 "individual" spreadsheets that are updated each day with data that has been collected into another spreadsheet template. A template is used to collect the data so it is always in the same format and the files are named based upon the date. Example: Worksheet mm.dd.yyyy (with multiple...
  2. A

    Copy Paste on TextBox based on TODAY Date

    Hi Everyone, I just want to ask for a help regarding my problem on VBA Macro. So I have 3 sheets which contains Date and Name. Now, I need to display the Name of the person on a TextBox vertically based on what date today automatically once I run the macro. Ex. The Date today is March 11...
  3. A

    Can I change the background color depending on the cell content?

    I am making an index of a large number of files and folders. My objective is to be able to modify the background color of all those cells that correspond to a folder, that is, that the path does not end in the file name and its extension. I have tried to use the conditional rules that Excel...
  4. G

    Power shell and [Expression.Error] 2 arguments were passed to a function which expects 1

    Trying to create a automation flow for a scheduled refresh where data is getting fetched from Sharepoint Lists and later unpivoted in Power Query (which is working fine). In order to refresh the excel file, shell script opens the excel file which stays open for some time during which data gets...
  5. F

    Copy entire row from "Sheet1" to "Sheet2" which is common between two columns

    Hi everyone, Hope you are doing well. I need your help - I need a VBA script that will copy the entire row from "Sheet1" to "Sheet2" which is common between "ColumnA" and "ColumnB" In the attached pic, I mark in "Yellow" marks that needs to be copy from "Sheet1" to "Sheet2". NB. My actual...
  6. F

    Move the data from one sheet to another

    Hi everyone, I hope you are doing well and have a wonderful weekend. I need a VBA Macro Script that automatically moves the data from "sheet 1" into the new tab based on the "Profession Column". For example, in "Pic 1" there are total 4 professions - "Doctor", "Engineer", "Teacher" &...
  7. M

    How to automatically delete cell contents in excel after a week and after a day

    Good day! I would like to have a code that deletes the contents in B7 every 12AM sunday and deletes the range M3 to M23 every day at midnight. I dont have any knowledge on macros. Thank you
  8. F

    VBA Macro - Convert the "Excel Sheet Column" name into the "new tab"

    Hi everyone, Hope you guys are well. I need a VBA Macro Script which will automatic convert the "Excel Sheet Column" name into the "new tab". For example, I have 5 columns - column1, column2, column3, column4, column5. I need a VBA script which will convert these columns into the 5 new tab...
  9. F

    VBA Script - Split the string into separate columns

    Hi everyone, I hope everyone is doing well. As you can see in the attached pics - in "sheet1" I have a special character ( | ) between strings. I need the VBA script that can split the string into different columns "Sheet2" is the Final answer that I expect. It will be really appreciated...
  10. F

    Excel VBA MACRO - Transfer the data from one sheet to another sheet

    Hi everyone, As you can see in the attached screenshots - I have two sheets ("Sheet1" & "Sheet2") in same excel file. Some items are common in both "Sheet1" and "Sheet2". For example - Pen Paper, Mango, Book & Suger. Now I need a VBA script which will automatic transfer the "Price of the...
  11. F

    How to call/run "Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)"

    Hi everyone, I am new in VBA Macro Scripting. I am trying to sync data between two sheets ("Sheet1" and "Sheet2") in the same excel file. I found the solution from this website (How to synchronize data between two sheets or ranges in Excel - VBA and VB.Net Tutorials, Education and...
  12. S

    Excel VBA infinitely looping in 64bit

    I have a Excel macro file that is working in 32 bit environment. But it is not working in 64 bit. My question is pretty similar to this one Excel File not working on one computer but will on another. Here is the code and the x64Solution() function. Private Sub AmnestyFind() Dim nowUTC As U...
  13. D

    Macro Help in Copy data to Another Workbook

  14. A

    Convert xlsx/csv to .dat file to be saved in a local folder

    Hello, Hope you are doing well. Needed a help. Looking for a possibility if there is a vba code that will auto-convert an xlsx or csv file into a ".dat" file. The spreadsheet itself is a list of names and addresses (just standard information) with no formulas or formatting. How would I go...
  15. L

    Transpose the row data of a single cell into different cells in column

    I have existing data is like this in column A & B with commas AB1168,69,70,71,722279,80,81,82,83,3390,91,92,93,9444102,103,104,105,106,55125, 236, 237, 238, 23966170, 171, 172,173,17477182,230, 231,232,24788100,101,246 ,254991,11,12,13,14, 1510102,3,4,5,6,7, 8111127,29,30,32, 33 1212100,101,246...
  16. H

    Date Format VBA code

    I have searched the internet tirelessly for an answer to this question that I desperately need more understanding on. What I am trying to do is create a macro that will take raw data on one sheet and put it into a pivot table on a new sheet - pretty standard procedure right? The issue is that...
  17. Z

    VBA Macro to copy non-adjacent cells to a different workbook

    I am currently working on an integrated set of workbooks, where I need to transfer data values between workbooks. In order to do so I need a VBA Macro that can copy non-adjacent cells (ex. the locations of the cells are J4, J8, J12, J16....etc) and insert it in the other workbook with a...
  18. J

    Auto save as pdf by having file name as sheet name in Excel VBA Macro

    I have 27 sheets in an Excel file and file name is blank.xlsm. Except the sheet name COUNT and RAW DATA, I want that all other sheets to be save as PDF in the address C:\Users\jyotirmaya\Desktop\Macro by using file name as Sheet name, all other 25 sheets have unique names. I have data from...
  19. J

    What should be the VBA code for Auto fit Excel Columns and Print tiles and making Border ?

    I have 27 sheets in my Excel file, One sheet is RAW DATA and other sheet is COUNT, I want a macro code for other 25 sheets. 1. I want the column width size - column A =17 Column B = 30 Column C = 15 Column D = 12 Column E Auto Fit Column F = 25 Column G = 7 Column H = 10 2. If the page is more...
  20. J

    Copy and paste from a sheet to different sheet with matching sheet name

    I have a Excel file with Header from A1 to H1 in sheet "RAW DATA" In the Column E of RAW DATA sheet I need to filter the data and paste into different sheet. There are 25 type of data in column E and I have 25 sheets with that matching Text as sheet name Presently I am copying data from Raw Data...

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