vba script

  1. E

    Auto load order from text file to sap

    Hi, my company has customer portal that allows customer to place order that comes in as text file. I'll download the text file saved in my c drives. Then I will go to Sap customized tcode to enter the sold to, ship to, sales org and upload the text file to create sales order. Each text file has...
  2. R

    Unable to paste cell value in input box while triggering VBA script

    Hi All,:) I'm having a vba script wherein a pdf is being generated by providing account number through input box. I'm coping a cell value (account number), triggering the vba script through keyboard shortcut, a input box appear and now I'm supposed to paste that copied cell value into input...
  3. B

    Trouble with VBA email

    Hello. I'm working on a project that requires a button click to launch an Outlook message box with a pre-filled template. I have had success with using the =hyperlink("mailto") function, but the contents of the message exceed 255 characters. I'm very novice at VBA script, and although I have...
  4. M

    Formula for picking certain numbers

    Hey there, I'm looking for a formula or vba script where i can pick numbers ending with 12,45 and 55 only on a column. Currently i use the filter to find numbers that end with these,colour them. Sort my data and delete the remaining cells on the column. Anyone got a solution? Thank you in...
  5. D

    VBA Macro script help

    Hi All, Anyone Please give the VBA excel script for below excel formula IF(E2=F2,"",IF(F2="",E2,IF(E2<>"",LEFT(E2&" ",30)&F2,IF(F2="","",LEFT(E2&" ",30)&F2)))) and IFERROR(VLOOKUP(E2,Sheet3!$A$2:$B$678,2,0),"") will be Much...
  6. S

    Vlookup Automation in VBA

    I'm urgently trying to automate a vlookup scenario. I have Dates in cloumns in short date format in Tab Subs Week and in Tab named Cinema-Data have Dates and 6 rows of Data in cross tab format. All I want to do is if Dates in Subsweek match Dates in Cinema-Data then I want to copy the...
  7. L

    Condensing Macros

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9DAeFilFvhdTmJ6YXd0ODRMeXc/view?usp=sharing ^ this is the link to the macro I am working with. Press cntl+shift+Q Press cntl+shift+W Go to tab RPA and click another cell... Then Press cntl+shift+E Press cntl+shift+R For some reason there is a glitch between...
  8. C

    VBA Question

    Hello, I am looking for help with a scrip. A play off of the following script if possible that would copy the cell, instead of delete the row: Set SrchRng = ActiveSheet.Range("A1", ActiveSheet.Range("A5000").End(xlUp)) Do Set myCell = SrchRng.Find("Agent", LookIn:=xlValues) If Not myCell...
  9. K

    How to find a text string in a PDF file and automatically print it. Please help

    I would love a VB code or something or some sort to help me with this problem, its a very important task for me. How can I find a certain text string in a PDF file (located in a certain drive) and either pull the text from the .pdf and put it in a cell, or automatically print 3 levels of...
  10. F

    Loop + Vlookup

    Hi, in one sheet I have data like: A1: Audi B1:A3 A2: BMW B2:Z300 A3: Ford B3:Fiesta A4: Audi B4: A4 A5: Ford B5: Mondeo in second sheet I have unique value: A1: Audi A2: BMW A3: Ford Now I want to insert into second sheet in B1, B2... all value from sheet1 for Audi, Ford etc...: B1: A3, A4...
  11. M

    Attach active workbook to an email with VBA

    <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p>Hello Excel chaps,</o:p> <o:p> </o:p> I have a form that will be opened through a portal as a read only.<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> As soon as all the fields are filled I want the user to press Send and then...
  12. D

    Automated Goal Seek VBA Help

    Hello, I have limited/no VBA experience but significant excel experience (using 2007 now). I'm trying to create an automated Goal Seek function that will automatically (upon changing of "to value", which I also need the function to seek a particular cell and not a set value) run a Goal Seek and...
  13. A

    VBA Script to generate Hyperlinks in Excel

    I am working on a project that would generate hyperlinks to reports located in my company's local network. All reports are in the following format: <table style="border-collapse: collapse; width: 48pt;" width="64" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><col style="width: 48pt;"...

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