vba training

  1. bepedicino

    Looking for Live VBA Training in South Florida

    Could anyone recommend a place to take good live, instructor led, hands-on VBA training in South Florida? I've see that Mr. Excel will be in Miami soon, it's just that I am looking for something that focuses strictly on VBA.
  2. K

    VBA training for beginners

    Hi All, I am scheduled to take an excel training for beginners in my organization next week. I am looking for some help in designing the training and would like to hear some ideas from you guys. I am inclined towards something of a show and tell type of a session which begins with recording a...
  3. S

    VBA online training

    Hi I am looking for some good online VBA training. There is a bunch out there when you Google it but I don't have the knowledge to discern which ones are the best. Thanks Steve

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