vba userform

  1. L

    Excel crashing launching macro after closing userform

    Good Morning, After closing a userform excel crash when I start a macro. Macros, before open userform, works very well. I try to set focus back to excel with ThisWorkbook.Application.Caption and also Private Sub UserForm_Terminate() Unload Me Sheets(“MySheet”).Activate End Sub Thanks
  2. R

    UserForm TextBox to Specific Cell

    Hey everyone, I know there are a million threads on this topic and I have tried everything and I keep getting a runtime 9 error and I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. My userform has 4 txt boxes and I want to be able to save the values so I created a sheet [Sheet25] "UserForm" to store...
  3. halshion

    Transferring textbox values to specific cells based on multiple combo box values (VBA)

    Greetings everyone. I would like to request some assistance on how to transfer Samples 1-5 userform values to their respective cells. I can only do a simple "If-Then" although I have a month's worth of data it would make the code somewhat long. Maybe there's a code that can transfer based on...
  4. I

    Tracking inventory

    hello everyone i hope you are well, i made this file for my self with little knowledge of VBA and excel to be good at producing reports, that was until i discovered this place where people have done something amazing, ive been driving myself crazy for the past one week trying to find a way to...
  5. E

    Userform Combobox - Put data in cells according to selection

    I have an userform with two Comboboxes and a textbox. Combobox1 has a string of time slots. The selection of combobox1 should define in which row the data from textbox1 is put. Combobox2 is populated by the same text as columns B to I, the selection should define in which column the data from...
  6. B

    Select Sheet from External Workbook

    Hello. I have a userform where a user will select an external workbook that will then import the sheet to the current workbook. The issue that arises is when the external workbook has more than one sheet. So, my plan was to have another userform pop up when the external workbook's sheet count is...
  7. S

    UserForm Malfunctioning after 70 plus calls

    Good Afternoon all! I am a noob to vba and have been working on a project for work. It's basically an inspection form for our machined parts. We measure the part with the caliper, the measurement goes into the userfrom and then gets transferred to the next empty cell in the corresponding...
  8. P

    User Form Data Transfer Taking Several Minutes To Update Vs Seconds

    All, I am having trouble with taking information from a user form and populating that information into a database. Looking for as much feedback as I can get to speed up this process to several minutes 5+ - 10+ minutes depending on the day down to seconds if possible. The bottleneck, from...
  9. K

    Validate the value entered to a text box of a User Form using the data in another Work sheet

    I am very new to Excel VBA and any help from you is highly appreciated. I have two work sheets as Inhouse Material Inventory and Service Details. Inventory work sheet contains Materials available in our inhouse inventory and their available quantity. I am using a user form to feed data into the...
  10. A

    Userform throwing a 438 error on hiding workbook

    Hi all, Hope you can Help i'm fairly new to VBA and Userforms. We have a userform which we want filling in but don't want to show the excel in the background as we want to try limit anyone from going in and updating it, this works fine if there are no other workbooks open but if there is the...
  11. Q

    VBA Syntax Help

    Right now, I have a working VBA that allows me to input something into my first Text Box TB1 and it will change what is in cell A2 on the current worksheet. Then, based on what is inputted, the rest of my text boxes will then change what is in cells B2-Y2. The other text boxes in my VBA form...
  12. J

    Need help with Update, Next & Previous button for multi-page Userform

    Hello, First time poster and Self taught VBA Novice here in need of some assistance. I'm off to what I feel is a solid start with Excel 2013and my multi-page UserForm, however now I've lost all functionality with exception of initialization of the userform populating data from worksheet cells...
  13. A

    VBA Userform TextBox value dependant on ComboBox selection

    Dear All, I am trying to run a userform where a TextBox value is based on the selection of a ComboBox, i.e. the user would select a service and theform would bring up a predefined price from a table with vlookup. The codes currently look like this: Private Sub CboService_Change() With Me...
  14. E

    VBA for Previous and Forward button

    I am getting compile errors on the click command on the 'forward' and 'back buttons' on a form – can someone take a look? My work book is on my one drive https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ag-WnkpUjiS9hy6MzsFk56w7ZJ8o This is my form: Previous button code: <code style="box-sizing: border-box...
  15. G

    Loop and Check box

    Hello, I have designed a form with about 160 controls among about a third of checkboxes. The purpose for the users is to be able to check several checkboxes and when they validate the form vba will create a new entry in an excel sheet. I've written the following code but can't make it work...
  16. C

    My UserForm is really slow to post

    I'm making multiple userforms on one Workbook. each userform is used to enter data on a different sheet (different inputs and different columns for different sheets) It used to enter data almost instantaneously however now it's taking about 10 seconds after i press the enter button. I've...
  17. S

    userform calendar in excel 2013

    hello again, I have below questions with which I need help/suggestions please. 1. A userform created in excel 2007 which has calendar control option in additional controls - will this work as it is if system having 2013 on it? 2. How do I get Calendar control in 2013? If not, the code? 3. I...
  18. P

    showing windows username in a text box - access form

    Hi, I'm completely new to Microsoft Access. I've built a userform and I would like to display the windows ID/logon ID in a text box. Please could you guide me through the steps? very much appreciated Cheers, Anthony
  19. A

    Excel VBA UserForm, Checkbox's to print sheets & Save as new workbook

    I am in need of a bit of assistance, i am trying to create a UserFrom that creates checkbox's based on sheet names. It will then have 4 button, 1:Print, 2:Save New Workbook, 4:Clear Selection, 5:Cancel. This is the code i have that creates the checboes, and changes the captions to the sheet...
  20. J

    Validation Loop Controls - VBA Userform

    I'm writing a portion of data validation for my current userform and I'm struggling to get a loop function to work properly. Currently when running the userform if you miss out a data entry it pops up with a window telling you data is missing and then unloads the userform. I get that I need a...

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