vba vlookup

  1. K

    VBA Multiple match without duplicates

    Hi, I am fairly new to Excel VBA. I have a set of matching values as shown in the picture attached. I would like to extract all the matching dates from the 7th column and extract all the 'unique dates' and list it in the columns against each matching values. I use excel 2016 . The Inputs are...
  2. F

    VBA Vlookup data from multiple workbooks

    Hi Everyone! I have 3 separate folders named A,B & C, each contains 2 files with a filename starting with folder name it is saved into and the date ( for ex.: A 14110221 & A 07112021). Each workbook has only one worksheet with two columns in it with lots of rows (up to 500k). What I am trying...
  3. A

    VBA VLookup Returning Serial Number into form text box and not the Date

    Hello, I have a simple user form where end users choose the unique identifier and the form returns a list of other related fields using VBA Vlookup coding. The code works fine the all other fields apart from wherethere is a date; for the date it returns the equivalent serial number for thedate...
  4. E

    VBA Vlookup Troubles

    Hi, I have spent two days googling and searching old threads to no avail so I'm posting here in hopes that someone can help. I'm trying to automate 2 vlookups using VBA. I will receive reports daily where will we have to do vlookups to pull the advisor name and program name. So I have 2...
  5. L

    VBA *Wildcard* VLookup - is it possible?

    Hi All I am trying to write a code to analyse a column and lookup each value in turn on a seperate table. I would like it to look at the value (text comment) and if it contains a key word in a lookup table return the corresponding value and input it into the adjacent column. So far my code...
  6. B

    Excel VBA to paste value and not formula

    I am adding the columns helper to my report. Currently the VBA paste the excel formula and I want to change it to paste value instead. How do I change the excel formula to VBA language (bolded lines below)? Appreciate any tips or help or reference. Sub Test_ACode() Dim DateName$, ReportDate$...
  7. P

    VLookup for Dynamic ListBox (Form)

    Hello Everyone, I have used this forum and has proved very useful with all your input so now I am in need of this knowledge. I have been struggling to get a list box (In a user form) to update its values using VLookup dynamically after the first condition is met in a previous list box. The main...
  8. N

    Vlookup code not working

    Hi, I have the following code which is working, however I need to keep running the Macro for each line for it to work properly. When I put it into a Do Until Loop I get an error on every line (I've added my code that I am typing for the loop as a comment on the code below). How can I knock this...
  9. N

    Why is this excel vlookup macro giving me an "object required" error?

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out how to add a vlookup to a longer macro I'm working on but I keep running into a variety of errors. I ended up creating a new Sub () to test out a very simple vlookup macro in the hopes of figuring out what's going on. I went to this website VLOOKUP In VBA and...
  10. F

    Loop + Vlookup

    Hi, in one sheet I have data like: A1: Audi B1:A3 A2: BMW B2:Z300 A3: Ford B3:Fiesta A4: Audi B4: A4 A5: Ford B5: Mondeo in second sheet I have unique value: A1: Audi A2: BMW A3: Ford Now I want to insert into second sheet in B1, B2... all value from sheet1 for Audi, Ford etc...: B1: A3, A4...
  11. R

    vlookup in vba

    i have a data in a sheet1 in A1 row till a30 and i want to get the output data in b1 to b30 cells. the range data is F1:g30. the vlookup has to run automatically from a1 to a30 and executes output from b1 to b30 by using do while loop. kindly help me
  12. D

    VBA Vlookup Code Error for Looping

    Hello all, I've been working on a code for a project I'm working on that will perform a vlookup from one workbook to the next and loop it multiple times until the end of the worksheet I'm working on. I keep getting a a few errors. It almost never works properly so I can't implement the code...
  13. D

    VBA Code needed for semi-complex VLookup

    Hello all,First of all this is my first post. I'm new to VBA, but I'm intermediate with excel and recently found the wonderful world of VisualBasic. Here's what I'm trying to doThere is a spreadsheet that I work on everyday where I pull data from another spreadsheet (this is a different...
  14. 2

    VBA alternate to VLOOKUP

    Hello Friends Is there a VBA alternate way of doing what VLOOKUP does in worksheet? For my project I have to search and grab information from other spreadsheet(s). With size of the data it is taking unacceptably long time to get the information. If there is a way to perform this action using...
  15. B

    Vlookup in vba to find a reference which will be copy and pasted from one workbook to another

    Hi, I am stuck with this as I know a little vba but this is currently beyond my abilities. I basically am trying to have vba loop through a list of worksheets in the current workbook (WB1). The worksheet also exist on a different workbook (WB2-which is open). I need to use vlookup behind the...
  16. J

    Better Code for Cell Comparison (Dates)

    I am pretty new to VBA for Excel and have written some code that works but runs slow. I am looking for suggestions as to how to make it more efficient. For Each Cell In Worksheets("Sales Forecast").Range("B1,J1,R1,Z1,AH1,AP1,AX1,BF1,BN1,BV1,CD1,CL1,CT1") On Error Resume Next Err.Clear Result =...
  17. D

    VBA Vlookup not working

    Hi Friends, Please help find me what is going wrong here. I'm bugging too long now, inside a sub() I wrote this: Dim BSG As Variant Dim BGL As String BGS = Right(Selection, 1) ' Group Number 1-9 'MsgBox BGS BGL = Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup(BGS, Range("BGroup"), 2, False)...
  18. A

    WorksheetFunction.Vlookup - Type Mismatch error

    I am getting a type mismatch error trying to run a vlookup in VBA. The lookup range is in a different workbook. Relevant piece of code is below (wbkHarvester is declared and Set in another global module). Any suggestions? Thanks - Alicia Dim intExchange As Integer Dim strCampNum as...
  19. S

    Vlookup in VBA

    In the following VBA vlookup code - (I am want use vlookup formula in file A and get the value from File B) VLOOKUP(RC[-2],R[11]C[-4]:R[13]C[-2],RC[-1],FALSE) I want to change the red color code to refer to an array in another file. I am using vlookup formula in file A and looking the value in...
  20. W

    VBA: VLookup Multi Range

    I have searched extensively and have not been able to find an answer yet that depicts what I am trying to do. I have two sheets. Sheet("Stats") holds all the information that is exported from my userform. I would like Sheet("Athens") to hold certain information from "Stats". I am trying to...

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