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    VBA SaveAs with vbOKCancel

    Hello I am looking for a way I can open a SaveAs dialog using VBA, then if the user hits cancel it will show a msgbox with "You need to save the document before you can continue." on a vbOKCancel + vbCritical popup. If the user then selects cancel it will close the workbook but if they select...
  2. J

    Input box VBOKCancel problem

    I'm having an issue with an application.inputbox in a macro. It keeps popping up with a "1" in the user input section when the message box initially appears. Why is this happening? Dim BeginDate As Variant ShowInputBox: BeginDate = Application.InputBox("What is the first day of the next month's...
  3. C

    an old problem

    excel 2007; W7 I'm using an input box to ask for a $value. my code is: <code> tryagain: ans = InputBox("How much is owed right now?", vbOKCancel) If vbCancel = True Then Exit Sub End If If ans <> "" Then End If If ans = "" Then...
  4. W

    vbOKCancel use question

    Hi All, I am using the following code to alert a user that data entry which is required to generate the filename hasn't been made, and when OK is clicked a dialog box appears showing the filename which defaults to '.xls. Private Sub Workbook_BeforeSave(ByVal SaveAsUI As Boolean, Cancel As...

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