1. sycodiz

    VBA MsgBox based on rows - continue if true cancel if false

    I have searched everywhere for this answer. I am sure it is out there but I feel like I am going in circles. So I came here to you awesome people for help and direction! I do apologize that I am not very savvy in VBA but occasionally I do have to create some crude macros and then come to you...
  2. N

    MsgBox if TextBox is not empty

    Hello, I have a userform with some textboxes and command buttons (one of them, "cmdClose") I need to code the following scenario If I click "cmdClose" and the textamount is greater than Zero, pop up msgbox with vbYesNo, if I click Yes, close the userform, else, do nothing And if txtamount is...
  3. S

    Userform UPDATE record and date issue

    Hi guys need help with vba code for userform Cells formated to date dd/mm/yyyy and use the isdate etc on userform....and if not a valid date wont accept....but noticed entering 07/12/18 will go into cell as 12/07/18...frustrating Also managed to get update button to update data with addition of...
  4. H

    MsgBox vbYesNo

    Hi, I am trying to write some vba code which will allow me to look to see the value of a cell, if that cell = X then display a msgbox "cell = X, are you Sure?" with options yes or no. If they click no then it exits the sub routine. If they click yes then the code continues onto the next line...
  5. A

    layered vbyesno

    I've been struggling with trying to have a msgbox that is prompting other msgbox's. and a yes equaling two separate msgbox's. if it were to look like a tree I would draw it to look like this: New Yes/No; ____no=endsub ____1yes= New XXX Yes/no; ________________no=XXX (sheet not visible)...
  6. phillipclark

    stop Pop Up do you want to Save?

    Good afternoon All, I am using the below code when the close button is used to ask the user a series of questions based on yes or no answers. This works fine and I have no issues. The problem i have is that excel will have the pop up asking the user to save the file. I am already using a macro...
  7. H

    MsgBox buttons argument settings - reverse engineering.

    Hi I would like to be able to use the standard MsgBox button argument settings to pass a value to a custom message box form that I have developed. For example : vbYesNo : 4 vbRetryCancel : 5 vbCritical : 16 and to be able to combine them as required. For example : vbYesNo + vbCritical...
  8. J

    Stop Looping If Cell Equals "X"

    Hello, I've been searching the forum to help me with my problem. I've managed to put a code together using the tips I have found on the forum. However, if I continue working the message keeps popping up. How do I make it stop? Thanks in advance. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As...
  9. L

    VBA Select Case for a vbyesno msgbox

    Hi, Trying to use the following code that if my inputbox is empty then display a msgbox vbyesno asking if i'm sure I want to continue.. however I can't get control over the 2nd argument, excel just passes through the second argument no matter what is in there. (see line in bold, if I click no...
  10. K

    How to stop a MsgBox from opening once a result has been chosen.

    Right, Hello Guru's, I have this code, and it alerts me when my Colleagues are 14 days or less away from their course. The MsgBox asked them if they have booked transport. If the msgbox result clicks yes then i would like the code to no longer show that certain colleagues name again. If they...
  11. T

    Listbox / Combobox No Selection

    If you have a list box on a user form and the user doesn't make a selection it will display message with VbYesNO. if the user then click VbYes then the macro stop and allows the users to make a section/s without closing the user form or if VbNo then Exit the sub This is run with a command button...
  12. D

    help with runtime error 13 mismatch

    Hey guys I have the following code, the highlighted line seems to give me a runtime error 13 mismatch. i had a few others that i could figure out but this one has me stumped. the part that is giving me the trouble right now is . Workbooks.Open Left(Path, Len(Path) - 5) & FileName...
  13. Y

    Loop a Macro-Insert New Data Below Previously Entered Data

    Basically Once This code ends i make a msgbox asking if you want to run it again. If yes then it runs, but i want to do it infinitely till you tell it no. I think i could do it with do until so I pretty much got that. This issue is how do I tell it to put the new set of data under the...
  14. D

    vbYesNo msgbox, Yes to run macro, No to Unload UserForm and End Sub

    Good morning Users, I'm trying to add in a "Are you sure you want to overwrite the data?" msgbox in my code. Users have the option to create a form or update a preexisting form. If they choose to update a preexisting form (Product ID cell on form tab = a match in Product ID column in "Database"...
  15. K

    Msgbox with vbYesNo and vbCritical

    Hi everyone! Is it possible to have a vbYesNo and a vbCritical in a msgbox? I would like to emphasize a message to the user and the option should be YES or NO but I would like to use an icon like vbCritical and I don't want to create a custom userform as a pop-up. Thanks!
  16. P

    vbYesNo to populate cell

    HI! I have a weird thing happening and i'm hoping someone can help fix it. When I select a specific worksheet, I want the macro to look at B8 and if it's empty, ask me the msg box. The code I have does this, but when I select yes, it populates the cell with a 6, not Yes and when I select No...
  17. E

    Yes button in vbyesno not working...

    hi!! can someone tell me how to make this code work.. (button YES, in vbYesNo is not working) Private Sub cmdDelete_Click() Dim RecipeDel Dim r As Range Dim SourceDel As String Dim CategoryDel As String Dim faddress As String Dim PageDel As String With Me CategoryDel =...
  18. I

    Button to MsgBox help plz!

    Hey, I have designed a button to run a macro which deletes old information when pressed. I wanted to have a vbYesNo MsgBox popup to ask the user if the are sure they wish to delete data. This macro seems to work fine and completes its task but once it is finished I am getting "Object...
  19. A

    MsgBox vbYesNo

    I know this sound easy but im really new. How do I write script to prompt the user for a yes no question: if No exit Sub If yes continue by running another if then statement that checks the value of a cell on a different sheet Thanks!!!
  20. pedie

    VbyesNO....need more help. Add few more line..Thanks

    My current code looks like this... I just want someone to please add one more condition to it... If sheet1.Range("d5").Value = "Stop" then same as below.. or If sheet1.Range("d5").Value = "" then msgbox "it is empty...." exit sub ' Stop the code from running any more Otherwise my code...

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