1. R

    Using the rank function PLEASE HELP!

    Hello All, I have multiple vehicles at work and we make multiple drops during a day. I am currently downloading a days’ worth of information for the entire fleet and would like to rank the individual vehicles by the first job completed and then ascending all by the time it was completed (I...
  2. H

    Percentage Question

    Hello, I am trying to calculate the percentage of non-contiguous cells that contain the letter "a" out of all the selected non-contiguous cell. I am new to this site and am unsure how to upload reference images. I shall try to explain this as best i can. The target cell is Q2. i want to be able...
  3. A

    fleet spread sheet

    Hi guys Would like some help with this one please I have a spread sheet/ workbook assisting me with my fleet of vehicles and their varying locations daily that my staff (working different duties) require However, some days my fleet requirements are greater in some locations than others...
  4. A

    VBA to make a list depending on the event

    Hello All, I have recorded (that's all I can do :)) a macro that filters a set of data. At the moment it filters a set of vehicles and a set of locations. But my problem is that on daily basis, different vehicles may go to the location that is required. Thus I end up manually changing the...
  5. J

    IF statement

    hi, was wondering if someone could help. this is probably simple but has my head a bit messed. basically i want to do a formula where if the values of two cells dont match something then sum 3 cells to give a total. in one column i have account. and in the other i have department. i want the...
  6. N

    [SUMIFS] Counting number of occurrence within a time period

    Data <colgroup><col span="3"><col></colgroup><tbody> START END VEHICLES REQUIRED JOB 1 1:00 2:10 2 JOB 2 1:00 2:10 3 JOB 3 0:55 2:05 2 JOB 4 0:35 1:45 2 JOB 5 0:25 1:35 2 JOB 6 0:20 1:30 2 JOB 7 0:00 1:10 1 </tbody> Required end product (Sheet2) How many vehicles...
  7. A

    Conditional Formatting

    Hi have a workbook with 2 spread sheets sheet 1 fleet vehicles column A "fleet Numbers" column B "locations" column C "test date" column D "expire date" sheet 2 summarises location of vehicles trying to workout a formula whereby on summary sheet highlights the "fleet Number" cell when...
  8. R

    Excel Fleet inventory idea

    Hello everyone, I'm not good at excel but i've been given the task of making a spreadsheet for fleet inventory(trucks/trailers,etc) I have a main sheet (Main Board) which lists all vehicles by Type and Number. I have 3 sections (Notices) to the right , which shows vehicles out of service...
  9. mzza

    "Looking up" based on concatenation of values, some of which fall within a range of x to y

    Hi, I'm not convinced there's a way of doing this without using VBA which I would really like to avoid, but here goes... I have been tasked with matching 2 spreadsheets from entirely different sources. Each is a list of distinct vehicles with a unique identifier (which is proprietary to...
  10. M

    Automatic annual update

    I have 60 vehicles all due for inspection every 6 weeks (10 per week). What i want to do is to be able to print a page every week that will show me what vehicles were inspected last week (so i can double check they were done), whats due to be inspected this week (so i can inform the engineers...
  11. ExcelNovice

    Option button macro code for two worksheets

    I'm using the following code to change the column width on two worksheets (Vehicles and CarsOnly), but while it's working on the Vehicles sheet, I'm getting an error on the CarsOnly sheet and I'm not sure what changes to make to the code. Everything in blue works as it should, but I'm getting...
  12. neilp

    Dynamic Range

    Hi All I have a sheet with named ranges. These are used on other sheets in data validation dropdowns. I also have a small user form for people to add to one of the named ranges. How would I go about making sure that the extra line gets captured in the named range. For example, a list of cars...

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