1. A

    When will LAMBDA function be available for the Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel?

    Hi all, I would like to know if anyone has any knowledge about the release date of LAMBDA functions for the Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel? It has already been release for the Current and Monthly Enterprise Channels but not mention to my particular channel. Please take into account that I am...
  2. D

    Diffuculties with compatibility

    Hi, i am having some problems with a project im working on. For me the project is working fine. But when I send it to a colleauge it wont work for him, he is using an older version of excel. Im pretty sure the problem is that im using microsoft 16.0 Object library and he is using the old 15.0...
  3. C

    End of Month / Max if is showing the incorrect date

    Good morning, I'm using the below formula to display the oldest date in a range (to the end of the month) if there is a % value in a designated cell range. =EOMONTH(MAXIFS('FA Afford'!I22:I33,'FA Afford'!E22:E33,">0"),0) In an older version of the document I'm using (where the cell ranges...
  4. T

    Image in Footer via VBA

    Hey guys, I hope you can assist me... I am trying to protect a document by having a particular footer appear every time a person saves. I have to make multiple versions of the document for different people and am battling to the get the image to change per saved version. I, by the stroke of...
  5. J

    How many versions would you say is enough

    Hi, I was wondering if you would have any advice when it comes to save a new version of your workings. Lately, i have found myself saving a version after another making my folder looks very untidy. What would you advice to keep your versions nice and tidy? When do you decide a new version is...
  6. L

    how to become excel 365 insider

    Hi I have office 365 student version. I went to to file-->acct as per the link below but I do not see Insider option.
  7. J

    Excel 365 Version Saving

    Hi I would like to disable version saving in the current Excel product. This feature has caused me issues. For instance: If I want to open an Excel spreadsheet and work within it without altering the file, I do not want to have to search through versions/dates to find where I started to revert...
  8. L

    ifs() not in office 365

    Hi I am reading that ifs() is in excel 2016. I have office 356 and I thought it is updated version of 2016. Thank you.
  9. P

    How to update Excel (or MS Office)

    I have been experiencing a problem with Excel, although before posting here about it, I thought I'd update my version of MS Office. I configured Windows (Windows 10, Office 2016) to update all MS products, not just windows. But still, my version of Excel is v.1812, which is dated to November...
  10. H

    Excel file opening in sheets mobile not updating

    Ok I found the solution I'm just posting hoping that if someone else has the same problem they find this. I have an excel file that I use on my mobile (which opens it in sheets) that was refusing to update to the new version. I had verified that the updated version synced to from my...
  11. K

    DAX Measure to compare against prior update

    I need a DAX measure that compares latest version of financial data against prior version My data table has an'asof' column to tag which version the data originates from (100K+ rows) For example, I would like to compare the full yr 2019 cash number asof Sept 2019 vs. the full year 2019 cash...
  12. L

    Relationships/Slicers help

    Hi, Fairly new to PowerPivot and I've managed to create a few working models, however I'm stuck - below is a simplified version of my data and the problem Table 1 - Is a list of All hotels, along with their country, region, etc Table 2 - is a list of all bookings made over the past 2 years...
  13. S

    Retrieve last row Value from Access Table

    Hi All I have a table called Log which gets updated when something gets updated What i want to be able from the Column called Version - i want to retrieve the last row value in that column say it says V8 i want to on workbook open check to see if the value matches the cell value on sheet2!A1...
  14. E

    ISNUMBER(SEARCH) alternative

    Hi There! I am using Excel 2016 version and wanted to add another ISNUMBER(SEARCH) function but my Excel version will not accept more than 6 nested ISNUMBER(SEARCH) functions. Is there another way of doing that? Thank you Here is what I have. I just need to ad another search for R20...
  15. T

    Macro to apply formula to a range of cell

    Hi, I have written a macro to apply a formula to a range of cell the following is working just fine 'Worksheets("TRANSPORT").Range("N15:N34").Formula = "=MIN(K15,MAX(D15*I15,J15))*INDEX(ROE,MATCH(G15,DEVISE,0),3) but this formula is not the complete version that does not work Here the...
  16. A

    Macro 32bit vs 64 bit

    Hello. I'm unable to use a macro in a 64 bit version of excel that works in the 32 bit version of Excel. MS's documentation says the following. Can someone provide the known declarations that need to be changed or point me to documentation that say which declaration statements need to be...
  17. M

    How to post spreadsheet in forum

    I have tried installing the various .xla file in order to copy/paste my Excel worksheets; however, I keep getting errors, mainly saying that they are incompatible with my version of Excel (version 365). Does Excel have its own feature to do this, or is there a nice, modern program that can...
  18. A

    Problem with .References.AddFromFile

    Hi members I have a trouble when I add references from file path using vbProj.References.AddFromFile "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ieframe.dll" and vbProj.References.AddFromFile "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\mshtml.tlb" I receive a message "No se puede entrar en tiempo de interrupción en este momento" Also...
  19. V

    Publishing in the internet via 'On line' excel version

    HI There I have uploaded 'Published' my Excel workbook in the internet , but the ActiveX controls DO NOT show up in the 'on line' version of Excel and hence my users cannot use the internet interface. Is there a solution to this problem. Thanking you in advance Martin Argimon ( South Africa)
  20. M

    How to generate a unique ID on a Excel for identification purpose

    Some dept will send me several version of Excel repeatedly whenever they have update. I need to identify which one is which version. So, is it possible once I receive it, Excel has some kind of ID of this file I can copy out to ensure this one is this version other than using file name which...

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