1. R

    Environ use (blackslash vs. forward slash)

    So I have a question on the use of Environ function in VBA. If I want to open a file from my desktop, it appears I need to use forward slashes instead of backslashes? Is this correct? Is there a forward slash version on Environ? Private Sub PortConvey_Click() Dim sPath As String 'MTS...
  2. I

    VLOOKUP and IFNA give me a 0 when data exists

    I have 2 workbooks i want to pull data from and merge into one main page, I have followed the instructions per this Youtube video, but I am getting a 0 in over 50% of the fields that have a valid value. Video source: Here is my formula...
  3. W

    Bingo Draw No duplicates

    Hi All, I found a video on youtube that draws bingo numbers with no repeats so I simply copied the Macro code by hand, the first part works and creates a random set of numbers the second part however is coming back with an error. This part works fine: Sub StartOver() Cells.Clear...
  4. albertc30

    Update data userform does not know where...

    Hi all. I have the update form with a combobox that lists all names on spread sheet. Once one is selected it then populates the entire form with remain data in accordance with the name that was selected. Now, when I click on the update command button, I'm getting an error. I am watching this...
  5. Z

    Can someone please help me understand a formula from an ExcelisFun video?

    He goes over a little too fast for my newbie ears: I managed to adapt the formula to extract data from non adjacent COLUMN(S), but I don't understand the following: What part the AGGREGATE and SMALL functions play? Why he has to subtract the second ROW reference and divide? What the <>...
  6. S

    Copying row if it includes a certain word?

    Hello all! Trying to use this macro (listed below) to copy rows (that include a certain word) to another sheet. As it is, it will only copy over the specified range of rows if the cell has "video" but id like it to copy it if it has "video" + any other comments that may be in the cell. Is that...
  7. Nayasoch

    How to extract video id from url

    Hello EVeryone, I was wondering if there is anyway or Formula to extract Video id from youtube url . For example below is url and video id is Hc7BjYmn9z0 Is there any formula that I can use? Thanks in advance.
  8. N

    Sorting Data on to sub worksheet by date

    So I am looking to sort data on one specific sheet to other sheets by the date. I watch a video on it on youtube but it seemed to be a lot. This was the title of the video "Spreadsheets: How to Sort Data Onto Sub Sheets". I was hoping there might be a better way to do this or achieve this goal...
  9. T

    Paste Excel data into Powepoint

    I am trying to control Powerpoint from Excel by following this video: This is the code: Option Explicit Sub Start() Dim ppApp As PowerPoint.Application Dim ppPres As...
  10. John Caines

    How to change excel comment - tooltip formatting in windows 10

    Hello All. I really would love to be able to change the default formatting for excel 2016 comments. IE the background colour and font (from bold to regular) etc. I found a video on youtube that shows how this is done on windows 7, but I can't seem to work this out for windows 10 (64bit) Thie...
  11. B

    Dropdown navigation menu

    I am looking to create a drop down navigation menu in Excel, and found this Youtube video that is very close to doing what I want it to do. The only thing that I want to change from the solution in this video is that it doesn't require a Go button. I want the user to simply be able to choose...
  12. S

    CF Formula video

    Im posting this video to better explain what Im looking for, for a CF formula, I hope someone can help me with it ? Thank you. Serge.
  13. M

    Pulling Data from Two Other Sheets to Calculate Cost of Goods Sold

    My question is rather complicated to explain via typing it out. If I could do a bit of show-and-tell then the answer I receive will likely I be more accurate and result in less back-and-forth trying to clarify things. So it is in that spirit that I took the time to create a short video that does...
  14. G

    How to get the opening odds (bet365, 1.72) of a game that has not yet been opened? DoEvents bookmakerFound = False Set tRows = HTMLdoc.getElementsByTagName("TR") For Each tRow In tRows If tRow.getElementsByTagName("TABLE").Length = 0 Then...
  15. L

    copy/paste cell in vba

    Hi I want to learn how to copy and paste a cell in vba. First, I thought it is as easy as Cells(1,1).copy cells(2,2).paste That would copy cells(1,1) and paste it into cells(2,2) but that did not work. It leads me to a question on why I have cell.paste function? So I went to watch a video and...
  16. L

    loading a pic into UserForm - vba

    Hi I followed a video on how to put a pic in a UserForm. A combobox has (dog,cat, car) as a list and if user select cat, a pic of cat will appear in the from. I did exactly and it is working. But the code I did not understand is this Private Sub ComboBox1_Change() Image1.Picture =...
  17. N

    Display only rows with matching search results from another column

    I tried to write an explanation of what I'm trying to accomplish in Excel, but can't find a way to explain it clearly, so I recorded a short screen video of my example sheet with explanation. I'd appreciate any help. Here's the explanation/question video link. Thank you!
  18. P

    Run-time error '9' Help

    Private Sub cmdbtnSearch_click() Dim totRows As Long, i As Long totRows = Worksheets("Sheet5(Slat)").Range("C3").CurrentRegion.Rows.Count For i = 3 To totRows If Trim(Sheet5.Cells(i, 3)) = Trim(TextBox1.Text) Then TextBox1.Text =...
  19. T

    Adding text and a formula into a shape

    Hello people Just been having a Google re adding text and a formula to a shape and found nothing that suggests that this is possible. But I'm sure I saw a video on just this thing a few months back. Annoyingly I cant find that video now - so maybe it was a dream. If someone could confirm if...
  20. P

    Automatic sort of table into rank order when a new record is added

    <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Hi Everyone, Although I have used Excel to produce simple spread sheets, I am new to using VBA and macros. I am struggling with creating a macro that will do a fairly simple task and I have found a YouTube video that seems to do what I want but having...

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