1. N

    In user subscribed threads there is no display of no(s) of views and replies

    Hello When i am logged in and viewing my own Subscribed Threads. there is'nt display of No. of Views and replies This is observed only in on Forums Page with no(s). of replies and views. which becomes quite tedious job for checking nos. of views and replies If i want to check the same when...
  2. M

    Custom views

    Workbook has no tables and no protected sheets. Have created several custom views but excel does not successfully switch between them e.g. view “males only” works. Switch view to show people from e.g. certain town - also works but switch back to “males” only view and it fails - includes “females...
  3. Ironman

    Custom Views greyed out in every sheet in workbook

    Hello I'm running Excel 2019 and I very recently added a pivot table/chart to my workbook, which has 15 other sheets. I've been making good use of Custom Views and although I read that Custom Views won't work if there's a table in the sheet, every sheet in my workbook already contains tables...
  4. M

    Find automatically text in url and add information to excel

    Hello, If i have in A1 url of youtube I want add automaticly from url to excel B1 views 91 800 997 and to C1 automaticly posting date 2013-07-15.
  5. P

    Stop opening multiple views

    Using Excel 2016, my file is set to open with 2 views. How do I change it to open in only 1 view (the normal way)?
  6. P

    VBA to Scrap Webite

    Hi: Just trying to go though some VBA to scrap a website and having issues with it picking up values during the looping shown in red below. It seems to skip this and go to the end of the code. Any help would be gratefully received! Sub ImportStackOverflowData() Dim QuestionList As...
  7. M

    Custom Views

    So I have a workbook with multiple sheets in it. For some reason, I am not able to set custom views on any sheets. What am I missing?
  8. E

    Combining Data from two reports

    Every week I pull a report from a CRM (Report 1) and then a separate report from a program that records our internet activity (report 2). Report 1: Shows a customers name, stock number, deal stage, date created and date of last engagement. <tbody> Customer Stock # Stage Created Engaged...
  9. J

    Prevent saving of custom view and sort information?

    Hope this makes sense. I have a co-authored spreadsheet that we're having save issues with. When one user is working all is fine, but when we get multiple users there are "Unable to Save" errors. The spreadsheet has custom views set up for each user (that hide columns), as well as custom...
  10. KC Cat

    Determining what current custom view is

    Hello to all, I have the following code that is working very nicely. Sub View_Show_Budgeting() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Dim rowVar As Integer rowVar = ActiveCell.Row If Range("ChangeOrderStatus") = 0 Then ActiveWorkbook.CustomViews("Budgeting").Show...
  11. B

    Not seeing all details under view

    Hello When I try to open files using the Open Dialog Box, I cannot see all file details. When I select 'details' under 'Views' i only see the file name and the file size. I would really like to see the modified date, but it's not there. There is no scroll bar at the bottom to slide over and...
  12. O

    Stop my macro going to Print Preview PLEASE!

    Hi Guys, My macro, it works SO WELL. Except that I cannibalised parts from all over, and I can't stop it going to Print Preview. I just want it to remain on the view it was on. Because right now, its running sheet 1, going to print preview, I have to close that, then sheet 2, print preview...
  13. V

    Can't dynamically deselect all filters in pivot table

    Hi all, haven't posted in here for a while but I have a seemingly simple issue that is driving me batty. I have a pivot table, and I'd like to be able to "save" different views of my data. From what I gather, this isn't possible... so I figured I'd just create a few macros that...
  14. W

    custom views disappear

    We have a 3 page workbook that we store on our server. The server is using Windows Server 2000 NT technology. The workbook is shared. We use it to track our jobs. One sheet has info from cell A1 through AG3226. Not every line and cell is used, but there is a lot of data. This is the sheet...
  15. M

    Custom Views & Security

    Let's say I have a worksheet with lots of data. I create a custom view called "Viewed by All" Let's say I hide some data and create a custom view so those rows are hidden and call it "Blackout List". Is there a way to set up security features (protection or something) that will allow only...
  16. J

    Excel Viewing Issue

    An excel file saved by one user is displayed larger on another computer viewing the same file. When we change the zoom, it changes the size on all users, thus making it too small to view on others' computers. Any clue on how to change the view for all excel file on one specific computer...

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