1. VisioExcel

    How to read an Excel cell value as string from a Visio add-in (VB.NET)

    I am trying to read a single cell value from a Vision add-in from an Excel file the user selects with a File Dialog, then selects an Excel cell in Excel. The user can select a range of more than one cell. however I will read only the first cell. The below is VBA code from Visio Guy adapted for...
  2. C

    Excel to Visio - Shape text color

    I am creating a Visio diagram from the data in excel with VBA. My data has a column of names and a second column of addresses. I am able to drop the shapes into Visio and specify the shape (circle, square, etc) based on the name. I am able to put the name on the shape text. I need to change the...
  3. S

    Excel for Mac - Visio ad-in does not work

    I just upgraded my software to 16.29.1 for Mac. The release notes tout a new Visio ad-in for excel. I loaded it from the store and it just show me a blank rectangle when it is supposed to have functionality. Anyone else having this issue? FYI, I am logged in to my O365 license (although...
  4. M

    How to connect visio shapes on page by passing the name of the shape to connect to from a variable?

    I am trying to connect the visio shapes in my drawing. I am using autoconnect. I have a loop that goes thru all the visio shapes in my drawing. It goes thru the values in my range and compares them to the shape name, if the shape name matches then it should connect to the shape who has the name...
  5. M

    How to change a visio shape text to the content of a range stored in a variant?

    Hello I'm trying to store the contents of a excel range into a variable and then add the content of the range to the text of a shape in visio. If I use a position like cel (1, 1) it adds the content of the position to the name but I need to add the entire content of the range for the active...
  6. M

    loop to get list of values that have a partial match

    I'm trying to get a list of the content of all the cells that are partial match to to a specific range find but is not working. Here is my code snippet Option Explicit Sub OpenXcl() Dim AppExcel As Object Dim NetWorkbook As Excel.Workbook Dim NetWrksht As Excel.Worksheet...
  7. J

    Create a Visio drawing from Excel

    I am looking for some sample code that will create a visio document from info in an excel sheet. I had done a couple of versions myself about 8-10 years ago but have been out of the game and lost my toolbox of code modules. There used to be a lot of examples out on the web but I don't see very...
  8. S

    VBA Visio / Excel

    I have the following requirement From within an active workbook within Visio 2010 I require a macro to link to an active excel worksheet (if possible the macro should prompt the user to select the worksheet / range) and for each entry within a list create a page in Visio for each From...
  9. S

    VBA to add new worksheets in active visio document from a list in excel

    Hi, I have a visio document and a list of worksheets in excel that I want to add in to the active visio document and would like to automate this process. Can anyone assist? Kind Regards Sharon
  10. K

    Excel VBA Visio

    Hello, I am trying to build a chart in VISIO from Excel VBA. For starter I have the following code whcih does not work. I think I used the proper references. Please advise Thank you Sub DrawThreeRectangles() Dim rect1 As Visio.Shape Dim rect2 As Visio.Shape Dim rect3 As Visio.Shape...
  11. B

    Copy Excel Range of cells to Visio (2013) using VBA code

    I appreciate help with the following question. I have an Excel range of cells (let's call it "Table A") and I would like to copy that Range/Table into Visio using VBA. Without VBA - I can copy the range in Excel, go to Visio - Insert - Chart - go to Sheet1 tab - Paste Using VBA - I am a...
  12. seba64

    How to know the interior.color of a shape

    Hi. I have an userform with a 2 buttons. The first, open a visio document with one sheet. The visio image have a serie of circles with diferents colors and diferents numbers. The second button get the properties, for each shape, and write the id and the text in a worksheet. I wan get the...
  13. seba64

    Open, change, save and close a visio document

    Hi. I hope you can helpme. I have a visio document (vsd) with several numbered balloons that change color according to their state. States should read them from an excel table. Think of doing a procedure that allows me to change the color of each balloon by the number that has the text...
  14. S

    Excel to Visio VBA

    Hi Guys, Trying to create an org chart for my company. Based off an excel spreadsheet of named resources. After creating an array of resources with Name / Role / Employer / Location - I'm trying to setup a loop/select case that will create a Visio Document (landscape orientation) and will...
  15. T

    Excel VBA, Tracing logic/PERT using Visio?

    Hi! This is my first post though I think I've come to MrExcel forums thousands of times. I have a very large data set I'm analysing. What I'm doing is taking a fixed activity in time in a plan and working backwards to find all the activities that lead up to it. I've included a sort of...
  16. D

    Visio Page Generation Macro

  17. G

    VBA for Visio OrgChart

    Hello, I managed to generate basic Visio Documents & Diagrams from within Excel using VBA. Where I'm struggling is generating a Visio Organisation Chart and wondered if anyone has done this??? I'm using Office 2007, Visio is just 2007 not Professional. Is it possible to automate the Visio Org...
  18. C

    Use VB in Excel to create a Material list from Shapes in Visio Drawings

    I am struggling with the “'Read specified shape data fields from all shapes on all pages of all drawings in directory” portion of the code. I am not familiar with the syntax needed here, and also I’m not sure if I have to create objects and set objects to accomplish this. One other part of the...
  19. A

    Exc el macro to Create Visio Shapes

    I found this code elsewhere on this Forum and it works fine. It creates a visio shape for each cell in the selected range. The problem is that it creates each new shape on its own NEW Visio drawing page. How would I modify this macro to create each shape on the SAME Visio drawing. I don't care...
  20. D

    Visio to excel

    Is there a way to capture the contents of Visio charts and paste these alpha-numeric values into the cells of a spreadsheet. Here's further details: our drawing tree (BOM product structure) is created in "org chart" style structure. In each Viso box is a part number and a part name. I want...

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