visual basic editor

  1. C

    workday help

    I've been trying to update some old spreadsheets that add 30 days to a date to instead use workday to add 30 working days. I've managed to convert my old dates into the correct dates using workday however, when I do it in that order it completly messes up my pivot tables later. Is there a way of...
  2. C

    Adding new date column but excluding weekends

    Hi everyone, I've been using the code stated below for some time to create a new column for a "due date" which would be 30 days from the chosen input. The problem is that within those 30 days weekends are not being excluded meaning many of the dates are incorrect. Is there a way to integrate...
  3. B

    Msgbox prompted by change in value of certain cells

    Hi guys I'm having a little trouble getting a macro to work in the way i intend. I want a msgbox to pop up when the value of certain cells in a column are greater than one. I've found a number of codes that *Almost* work but they seem to be based on a range e.g A1:A5... what I'd be after is for...
  4. M

    Copy Rows to New Sheet Based on Criteria

    Good Morning! I'm very new here. I'm working on a project for work and I'm totally stuck. Here are the details: I have a very large workbook containing quoting information. There are 28 different sheets representing different vendors. Each sheet contains quote numbers and quote...
  5. kpasa

    Use external editor for writing VBA modules, userforms, classes

    I use Atom as my primary code editor/viewer for all of my scripting and html coding needs. I really enjoy the interface and several of the features in offers. Is it possible to use it as a VB editor for excel?
  6. J

    VB dependent list

    I have a form one of my departments uses. I want the list to populate according to the previous entry. For example, if FRMCOMBO3= MyArray(25) = "ND-NEGLIGENCE DEFENSE", then in FRMCOMBO9 only list Insurance or slip and fall. Right now FRMCOMBO9 just lists all the case types. I would like...
  7. R

    Save Multiple Files from Data in ONE sheet

    Hello, and thank you in advance for any help. I have a sheet with a LOT of data in it. I am looking to export/save a .csv or .xls file based on a change in column values. For Example: I would want 1 csv for J Todd Foster, 1 for Loran J Marmes, 1 for Matthew Atkinson, etc.... The seperate...
  8. D

    Default Code Windows to Display in Visual Basic Editor

    This should be a pretty simple question, but it is something I've been unable to find an answer for online. I have several VBA add-ins that I have created for Excel. When I open the Visual Basic Editor, I am always bombarded by a ton of Windows (code windows and form windows) that I have to...
  9. N

    changing the date format

    I am working on a macro that at one point copies a date from sheet a to a sheet b. However, I need to change the date format from A to B. Currently sheet A has the format as yy-month, (in written form it looks like 16-May). I need it to be in mm/dd/yyyy when it copies to sheet B. I want the day...
  10. C

    No experience!! Help!

    I need a Visual Basic written for a workbook I have created for my employees. What I want to happen is for a row from one worksheet to be automatically transferred to a different sheet after the date in a column passes. Worksheet with the information: "Current Students" Column with Date: "O"...
  11. B

    Macro Question - How to incrementally add a count?

    Current Output: <tbody> Monday, January 18, 2016 Wednesday, January 20, 2016 Friday, January 22, 2016 Monday, January 25, 2016 Wednesday, January 27, 2016 Friday, January 29, 2016 Monday, February 01, 2016 Wednesday, February 03, 2016 Friday, February 05, 2016 Monday, February...
  12. K

    Count VBA

    I am creating a Program within Visual Basic Editor, and It requires 3 chances to login. Any Ideas on how this would work. Thanks
  13. K

    Password VBA

    I am writing a Program with Visual Basic Editor which needs to have a Form (which has been created) with a password textbox and a Confirm Password Textbox. What I need is the program to check to see if the passwords are the same, any ideas on how to do it?
  14. K

    Sorting of data using macros in Excel

    Hello Any and all help in regards to this is greatly appreciated, I have very little VB knowledge and wish to use a macro in excel to organised a lot of data quickly, that said I'm happy to learn how to code it or if someone can provide a macro which will sort information which will be...
  15. J

    Macro to consolidate various sheets in one book

    Hello, I am initiating me into this but can not find syntax and i hope you could help me, i have a workbook with multiple spreadsheets A1, A2, A3, A4, ...... and I have information in each table, i need a macro to select the range of information and consolidate them into another file, ie the...
  16. B

    Remove Non-numeric or Non-alpha characters...

    I really need a macro to delete all non-numeric character or all non-alpha character within each cell in a selection I was trying to do it with a For each loop or with "=ISNUMBER()" formula but I couldn't, I really have no idea how to refer to the content of each cell, or non-numeric...
  17. Z

    Help with Visual Basic Editor

    I am trying to declare the new_data variable by storing the actual quality control values. I have to set the data type of the variable to Single and set the value of the new_data variable equal to the numeric value returned from an input box. The input box prompt should read Enter tensile...
  18. E

    Excel VBA import .bas file starting in particular director help...

    Alright the code I have is: Private Sub Auto_Open() Application.DisplayAlerts = False FileToOpen = Application.GetOpenFilename _ (Title:="Please choose prior provider's text file to import", _ FileFilter:="Text Files *.txt (*.txt),") '' If FileToOpen = False Then MsgBox "No file specified."...
  19. J

    Excel 2010 multiple find and replace macro challenge

    Hi All, I am looking to create a macro that will automatically find and replace a number of different values in a worksheet. e.g. there may be 50 instances of '59df7-0bd0' that need replacing with 'James Norris', and there may be 50-odd variations to include. Any other solutions that I've seen...
  20. A

    Visual Basic Editor Autocomplete Crash

    Within the Excel 2007 Visual Basic Editor, when I declare a variable as a Worksheet object and then, within a subroutine, set that variable to point to a worksheet object, if I start typing the code 'ws.', Excel crashes. Normally upon typing the . after ws, I would expect the Visual Basic...

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