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  1. G

    Create a custom Userform Interface with Visual Studio

    Hi, I'm creating a project in Excel, programmed in VBA, but I've reached a limit of my understanding, so I thought I'd post for help. Essentially I'm trying to create one of these. In case the link breaks/ to make it relevant to other users: what I'm trying to create is a GUI with some slightly...
  2. L

    Looking for a book to transition from VBA to

    Hi All, Can any one suggest any good books to help me move from VBA to Want to try and learn another language and think this could be a good start.
  3. U

    How to get X Y screen coordinates of Excel VISIBLE area

    I modified the code from this post: I need to get X Y screen coordinates of Excel VISIBLE area. my code: Option Explicit Private Type RECT Left As Long Top...
  4. bs0d

    Visual Studio - Toolbox Items, Actions Pane

    I have VS '13 and I'm playing around with creating an actions pane for a specific document. I would like to follow the same style that Excel uses for grouping data, and expanding and collapsing sub-group items. For example, see format chart: I apologize id advance for novice question here...
  5. K

    VBA vs Visual Studio

    Hi Folks; Bit of an abstract question about using Excel VBA or Visual Studio as a platform - what I'm really trying to ask is 'where is the tipping point' between Excel with forms and going to a software and database? How big can you take an Excel VBA application before it's too much to handle...
  6. K

    Help creating an application level add-in xml/vba

    I have created a workbook with all my macros and saved as an add-in (.xlam) but I am now struggling with deployment and ui customization. I know how to modify the ribbon for my own excel but I want to create a full add-in that I can distribute to my colleagues that has a new custom ribbon tab...
  7. ClimoC

    Working Passthrough in Access, doesn't work in VB6?

    Hey hey Pretty sure I've got all the right references etc, but the following works in Access VBA: Sub TestDump() Dim db as Database Dim LPT as QueryDef, tblDef as TableDef Dim DStmp as string, connstr as String DStmp = Cstr(Format(Now(), "yyyymmdd")) Set db =...
  8. L

    Measurement in the Table

    Goal: Have a measurement for each PK_test row based on sum of all its quantity from productNumber. PK_test qty productNumber ----------------------------------------------- 1 5 asdf 2 4 asdf 3...
  9. L

    Customized Table inside of VS project

    If you have a fact table that you have uloaded från SQL server to VS2010 SSAS tabular with this table and its data: Table A PK_test qty productNumber ----------------------------------------------- 1 5 asdf 2 4 asdf 3...
  10. P

    Measures & columns invisible in Visual Studio

    About a week ago, the preview of measure values in Visual Studio shopped showing, it just shows the measure name. They are there in the data and when I preview in "Analyze in Excel" everything is fine. Then later in the week, some but not all of my "related(...)" columns started being blank in...
  11. S

    Writing macros for an xlsm file using Visual Studio

    Is it possible to use Visual Studio to write excel macros, and then import them into an .xlsm workbook? Or perhaps even have them imported automatically? I don't think I want to use the excel interop functions, as these seem to manipulate the spreadsheet from outside excel. My workbooks are...
  12. K

    What was the previous selected cell.

    Here is my problem. I'm in Sheet1 and I have a cell selected. I click on Sheet2 and I want to use the value of the last selected cell in Sheet1. How can I go about doing this. ActiveCell brings up the current active cell in Sheet2. I'm using Office 2007 with Visual Studio 2008. Thanks for...

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