1. D

    How to Search for a value then populate a column if it matches?

    Hi, im hoping someone can help. i have a data set that is continuously changing from the source and i need to keep a running total month by month. i am wondering if a VBA code could help. my source is coming from "Tab1" A22 downwards and it can depend on how many rows down this always changes...
  2. M

    VLOOK TABLE Index doesn't work

    Iam trying to Vlook from one work book to another work. Cursor is locating correctly but not picking up the lookup value. Dim LValue as String lookFor = Internal_Sheet.range("A2").value Set IFRange = Snow_Sheet.Range("A1:I200") LValue = Application.worksheetfunctions.Vlookup(lookFor...
  3. S

    VBA to remove entire row when duplicate is found

    I have two workbook with D column having unique number. How can we remove the duplicate in 2nd file based on 1st file data? Vlookup cannot work, as when i do Vlook up it picks up the data of 1st record as well on the 2nd record which should be the 2nd vlook up data.
  4. A

    Two Criteria to Get one Answer

    Hi There, I could really use some help. I am trying to figure out a way of looking up sale data though it must be for a certain week and certain SKU. The sheet i currently have has the weeks in the columns and SKU in the rows, whilst i have the sales data on a seperate sheet containing the...
  5. E

    Vlook up + format

    Hi, When I do a vlook up, is it possible to get the the "content"+format (color font) of retrieved data? Thanks, Edu
  6. A

    VLOOKUP greatest value of multiple text inputs

    Dear Community, I am currently trying to do a VLookup and I was hoping you guys could help me save some time. I want to lookup multiple text inputs and return the greatest value among those inputs. I am sure this is a simple task and I am afraid I have over complicated it. This is for a...
  7. D

    Formula Help: If and Vlookup

    <tbody> A B C ID1 ID2 Name 001 A010 John Smith </tbody> Hi All, I need some help here. basically, some of my employees have 2 IDs, If I vlook A, return is N/A, then I should be able to vlook B to get the name "john Smith". how can i put that logic into one formula? Thanks,
  8. Shahria

    Summing up TIME - 2 Tables

    Hi All. I'm attempting to sum up a list of times, from two tables IF their names match. Daily i go through a long list and + them manually. Tried to mix IF statements and VLOOK UPS and didn't get anywhere with it. Can anyone help me? <tbody> Sam 00:39:36 Kate 00:38:05 Dan 01:20:53 Pete...
  9. P

    Subtracting to vlook up values

    Hi everyone, How can I subtract two vlook up values and return the valu in a cell: VLOOKUP($C194,History.BalanceSheet.Current.Year,MATCH($D$137,History.BS.Current.Year.Date.Vlookup,0) - VLOOKUP($C198,History.BalanceSheet.Current.Year,MATCH($D$137,History.BS.Current.Year.Date.Vlookup,0) many...
  10. P

    vlookup with multiple criteria

    Hi, Got a question i'm trying to write a vlookup with multiple criteria. I've writen. =Vlookup(G1&D4,'daily breakdown'!a2:av154,30,false) But i keep getting an error message. what am i doing wrong?
  11. K

    If statement or Vlookup formula help

    I have 500 rows of 6 digit numbers where I need to assigned a unique value based on first three digit of the number: For example: 100000-199999 Assign value U023 200000-299999 Assign Value U220 300000-366999 Assign Value U222...
  12. J

    Vlook up with match formula

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I am trying to create Part and Price data base, where entering in a particular part number and quantity pulls up the serial number and price depending on quantity ordered. I was able to do a VLOOK UP [formula used is "=VLOOKUP(D2,$A$7:$B$61,2,FALSE)"] to find the...
  13. M

    Vlook/Index/Match up with three criteria

    I am trying to generate a formula that will automatically populate the following data. I have tired various VLOOKUP, INDEX/MATCH Formula with no luck. Here's the Data <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> FRI NG CHEM RACK 06 C:13 2300120694 FRI NG CHEM RACK 08 D:10 2300120728 FRI NG CHEM...
  14. M

    Vlookup a different file work book that updates daily

    Hello, I am having some troubbles. I understand the v look up function. I am having trouble making a v lookup to a complacently separate file then the file I am working on. the trouble is that the file I want to v look up is updated 2 two times a day from our online portal. How do I make it so...
  15. M

    Vlookup help with a specific goal

    Hello, I have a question about vlookup. I have a work book open with over 10000 lines. In (A) have a resource name like "Final", "3-Axis" In column (O) I have number of "days late", In column (P) I have number of "days aged". If i wanted to find out how many jobs I have under each...
  16. C

    Vlook with Multiple criteria

    Hello All, I am looking forward for some help regarding Vlook with multiple criteria. Basically i am looking forward to get data from one sheet after it meet both criteria. If Instance, If Employee Id match than please look for date and return Column C value. <tbody> Employee ID Name...
  17. K

    Prepopulate cell values based on selection from list

    I have a list where I have banks name. Every time I select a bank from the drop down list, I would like a prepoulate cell values automatically like for example below: Any help is really appreciat <colgroup><col style="width: 31pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 1499;" width="41">...
  18. D

    Macro countif in 1st sheet and Vlookup in 2nd sheet result should be last row of each part number

    Hi friends, I am trying to create set of macro functions for my work. part of macro i need countif function in sheet 1 sheet 1 A column L Column Part Number Countif N8081159 5 N8081159 5 N8081159 5 N8081159 5 N8081159 5 N2080649 4 N2080649 4 N2080649 4 N2080649 4 G3070199 3...
  19. K

    Issue with Vlookup

    Hi, I have 2 Excel files Summary and Updated Summary. In Summary file there are A & B columns and in the Updated summary file also there are 2 columns A & B. In Column A of Summary file there is a Unique ID and the status for that ID is there for few ids and the status of few Ids is blank. In...
  20. J

    Vlookup Challenging VLookup

    Looking at the headers below I want to build a look up formula that will result in the latest (most recent date in list) transaction date (A) for a specific transaction type (B) for the MedID (D) for Station (E) and return the associated information in the desired results format listed below the...

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