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    VBA: Vlookups to auto-populate data into a list - can it be more efficient?

    Hi, I have created some code for doing some vlookups to auto-populate data into a spreadsheet list. Against each record, the user selects the correct value from a drop down list, then, based on the value chosen, the vlookups find the matching value from a different sheet (the ‘Hosts List’) and...
  2. K

    Combining VLOOKUP and IF statements

    I'm trying to combine two sheets using VLOOKUP but struggled as the columns weren't contiguous. I think the best way to do it is using IF to search each value individually. It all gets quite complicated because I am trying to use data from two sheets. One sheet already has calculations on it...
  3. H

    Vba code for qty data update

    Hi Team, I am looking vba code in order to get desire output. I have several columns which contains product details, there is column called "Qty" we get request from customer and will order the goods based on available qty in our store. If available in store then will get it otherwise will get...
  4. J

    Converting a 6 letter column to a 2 letter column using Vlookup. How do I do this?

    I have two columns that read: XXHSXX HR XXTRXX MG XXXFXX XG XXHSXX HS XXTRXX MG XXMEXX R$ XXHSXX HR XXHSXX XXTRXX XXTRXX .... The above list represents 2 columns. The left column is 400 lines long. The right column is partially complete with 2 letter codes that represent...
  5. H

    vlookup & if Lookup_value is matched, return 1 else 2

    I am doinf vlookup in 2 wokbook. If the Lookup_value in both the workbook is EXACT, then answer=FOUND else NOT FOUND. How to accomplish. Workbook1 A1=PPP999 Workbook2 A1=PPP999 So, in D1 of workbook2, Answer=FOUND
  6. S

    Dynamic Vlookup by VBA

    Hi all Need to accumualte values from a repeating Vlookup using VBA but cannot get the Vlookup to take dynamic ranges Sub test() Dim myrange As Range Set mytable = Worksheets("sheet2").Range("A1:I10") Dim accum, mycol, myrow, currentval, Collimit As Integer 'Inial position to look mycol = 4...

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