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    vlookup formula in vba marco

    I want to make a macro based on vlookup formula from excel sheet. this formula is looking at k columns and go DataD sheet to get a value. =VLOOKUP(K6,'DataD'!D:G,4,0) I have something like this but it does not work... DataD.Range("D:G,4,0") = Vlookup() does anyone have solution for this?
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    vlookup and match with multiple column headers

    Hi Everyone, I am having trouble figuring out a vlookup problem. The sheet I use for work on a daily basis has repeating metrics across the sheet under different headers. For example, let's say there are only two metrics and they are "total $" and "total %". Those will be repeating twice with a...
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    Vlookup question

    In the folowing table my profesor used the following formula to get the cost of any number of ads <table style="border-collapse: collapse; width: 389pt;" width="518" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><col style="width: 48pt;" width="64"> <col style="width: 59pt;" width="79"> <col...
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    How to populate a cell based on 3 inputs (variables)

    Business Situation: 1. for key tasks, I want to assign a role (analyst or a manager), responsibility (oversight or consulting) and indicate the amount of effort needed to complete that task (small, medium or large). Based on these 3 inputs, I want to populate a new cell within that row that...
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    VLOOKUP Getting rid of #NA

    I'm using VLOOKUP to grab data and fill fields in a column. There are two conditions I want to prevent. The first is when the lookup doesn't find a match. It currently returns a #NA. I want it to just leave the field alone. The second is when it finds a match but there is already data in...
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    searching/displaying data with vlookup/index/match

    Forgive me if this has been asked and answered before, but I have searched and not seen this particular problem. I have a table of part and purchase order data - column A is part numbers and columns B-E are purchase order numbers. Elsewhere I want to do a lookup that, for a given part...
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    VLOOKUP for Text in unknown location on table

    I needed to return a specific column from a named table. I didn't know which column contained the information. I did, however, know the text string values of the column headers (ie. name | address | phone#, etc...). To complicate things the named table had 3 different "innertables" containing...
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    vlookup help lookup and match

    I need help with an inventory spreadsheet. We have thousands of products and I am looking for it to look at the inventory number and if it matches it should place a value in the threshold column for each inventory number. Example 1st spreadsheet item inventory number threshold dogs...

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