vlookup #n/a

  1. B

    VLOOKUP returns #N/A when lookup value is an output of a formula

    Hi all, I am attempting to do a simple VLOOKUP but can't seem to get it to work when my lookup value is a result of a formula. I also probably have done a complicated way of searching things up but if you guys can have a look please let me know if there are any ways to do this better...
  2. R

    IF ISBLANK VLOOKUP function is bringing back #NA if the cell it pulls data from is empty.

    I have a spreadsheet that pulls personnel details from my main sheet (Nominal) to my other tab. B1:B50 with contain staff numbers when they are required. so while the tab is empty is shows #NA. When i put the staff number in the formula works fine. I was wondering if anyone could help to see...
  3. T

    VBA to filter and extract data

    Hi guys, I am relatively new to Excel so please excuse any errors or stupidity on my part. I have a dataset from which I need to filter out values. The data range is from Column A to Column AA. In columns V to AA I have some vlookups that are returning the value of #N/A. I need the VBA to work...
  4. J

    Vlookup to show a range

    Having to use Vlookup: I want to to get Tab A in the POST column to show the result in Tab B Size Column so I don't get a #NA Tab A Column A...
  5. M

    VLookup Issue Returning NA or Wrong Value

    When I use VLookup, I get #NA or the wrong value pulling. I am trying to get the "Product Item #" to populate next to the 1st UPC column. My formula is =VLOOKUP(A2,E2:F7790,2,FALSE). ABCDEFG1 UPCItem #Store #Product RetailUPCProduct Item #Item...
  6. R

    Use IFERROR in VLOOKUP with IF statement present

    Good evening. I'm using the formula below which works great, but when I drag it down to cells with no reference I get #N/A error. =IF(VLOOKUP(A1295,'SP 800-53B SecBaseline R5'!$A:$G,{3,4,5,6,7},0)=0,"",VLOOKUP(A1295,'SP 800-53B SecBaseline R5'!$A:$G,{3,4,5,6,7},0)) I've modified the code to...
  7. H

    Multiple VLOOKUPS with specific text outputs in IF statements

    I have been looking everywhere for a solution but have had no luck so far, hopefully one of you can help me with this. I want to compare the text in E2 with a list of text in I, J, and K, and if the VLOOKUP is succesful in I, the formula should input the text "Nybyg", if unsuccesful it should...
  8. P

    Vlookup problem

    Hi gents I am trying to lookup the order number in one spreadsheet (Input Sheet, column B) matching it with the same number on another spreadsheet (CustomerService, column B) and then return the date it was finished on the CustomerService sheet, column J. But it keeps coming up with #N/A and if...
  9. J

    VLOOKUP Problem

    I have a cell using the formula =(DATEa-DATEb)/365 ( actual formula is =(C11-E7*1/365*1 where cells C11 and E7 are dates) to give me the number of years an employee has worked at the company. The cell is formatted to a number with zero decimal places so that it will round up to whole numbers...
  10. C

    Vlookup with indirect returning 0, when value is present

    Hey everyone, Looking for some help again. I have a formula..... =IFERROR(IF($G$8="Primary",VLOOKUP(I$8,INDIRECT("PrimaryDailyRange"),2,0),IF($G$8="Secondary",VLOOKUP(I$8,INDIRECT("SecondaryDailyRange"),2,0))),0), that works exactly how I need it to in one worksheet. The next worksheet is...
  11. R

    VLOOKUP and extract #N/A rows

    Hello experts! I hope my question is as easy for you as it seems to me: I've got two tables I'm comparing. Both tables have the index, StudentID, a 10-digit number. I'm using vlookup to compare the tables to find which students are missing from either table (Table A compared to Table B, and...
  12. M

    Return value if there is an #N/A error

    Okay so I have a list of numbers that will be pasted next to an already placed VLOOKUP function, this VLOOKUP will lookup the numbers pasted in another list. This means the VLOOKUP returns a list of all the numbers that already exist in the 'lookup list' and then #N/A if a new number is there. I...
  13. D

    VLOOKUP doesn't return values when cell is text and has duplicates

    Hi I have two worksheets, Unique Donors & Donations. I've assigned a unique alphanumeric code to each Donor and need to return that value against their Donations. VLOOKUP returns the first 3 values bu when it comes to a repeated value it stops. Amy help here much appreciated Unique Donors...
  14. T

    VLOOKUP all are RETURNING N/A except three cells

    See below, the first two columns - I called it table 3 I created a vlookup where 98% returned with a #N/A except for three cells? Can you please help me understand why this is happening? Copy and paste into your excel - the format is the same acrosss the board? Also why can't I upload an...
  15. G

    VLOOKUP Error #N/A Array Containing Formulas

    From Cell D37 I entered the formula: =IF(OR(B37="",L36=""),"",IF(L36="SD",VLOOKUP(B37,H9:L33,4,0),IF(L36="MM",VLOOKUP(B37,H9:L33,5,0)))) The typed in value of D37 is 13. H9:H33 have formulas that produce numeric values. The formula-generated value in H15 is also 13. This formula returns #N/A...
  16. T

    vlookup not working

    I have a workbook that I am trying to return the total from one worksheet tab to another worksheet tab based on the insured name and plan. I have created a formula that returns the plan name based on the criteria so that the plan name matches on both sheets. I have also combined first and last...
  17. E

    Why won’t my VLookup formula work?

    I have successfully used the VLookup formulas for years. It is one of my go to formulas in Excel. I have a situation now that I can’t figure out. I am importing a list of codes from an outside source into my Excel workbook and trying to match them up with identical codes that already reside...
  18. M

    Vlookup value is returning N/A when referencing a cell with sum formula in

    Hi All, I have a simple lookup formula; in cell N7 I have the below =IFNA(VLOOKUP(C7,'1SV'!A1:B731,2,FALSE,"") The user manually enters a value in C7 and N7 returns the correct value I now need to have a formula in C7 =SUM(A7+B7+D7) as an example and it still return the value like before in...
  19. S

    Vlookup result of a formula for Table Name

    I'm trying to use the result of a formula as the array of a Vlookup formula In cell K3 I have the value of from a validation list from another workbook In cell M3 I have the formula =CONCATENATE($K3,"_Info") In cell K19 I have the value from a validation list from another workbook (same...
  20. O

    VLOOKUP Only Returning Some Values otherwise #N/A but Index/Match Works

    Hello, I'm familiar with VLOOKUPS and have used complex examples for many years, but everyone is human so maybe I'm missing something simple:confused: I'm using the VLOOKUP in a table and I'm new to using tables. I've checked the 13 possibilities here, even though some were not related to #NA...

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