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    Excel Help Needed

    I'm trying to figure out excel and I'm having a heck of a time. I am keeping track of travel. What I would like the excel to do is take my list of personnel who have traveled and the dates they travelled and create blanks for their travel vouchers. I have a list of vouchers. I am trying to see...
  2. M

    DAX Measure Optimization for Multiple Tables

    I have a brutally slow measure, and I need to create several more like it with contrasting logic in order to break down our spend in the categories a consultant is telling us to. Before I slow my model to a crawl I was hoping someone could help with optimization? Controlled PO no Pharmacy :=...
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    Multiple rollups by different aggregations in same table

    I am trying to develop a payment schedule rollup for our expenditures. I have a disconnected table with various payment durations and I want to total the checks that were paid in that time period. <tbody> Duration Jan 018 Feb 2018 etc Immediate $100 $200 1-7 days $300 $40...
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    Maintaining Voucher Status

    Hi all - new user from NZ I want to maintain a database in excel for gift vouchers. I STORE them (unsold vouchers in a safe), ISSUE then (to the till), SELL them (to customers for cash), REDEEM them (for products in store), and EXPIRE them (after a year). Each of these STATUS changes happen on...

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