Maintaining Voucher Status


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Mar 29, 2014
Hi all - new user from NZ

I want to maintain a database in excel for gift vouchers.
I STORE them (unsold vouchers in a safe), ISSUE then (to the till), SELL them (to customers for cash), REDEEM them (for products in store), and EXPIRE them (after a year).
Each of these STATUS changes happen on a DATE (obviously!)

The master list of VOUCHER numbers is quite simple - a sequential list of pre-printed vouchers manually entered (auto-fill in excel)
Every day the list (sub-set) of vouchers for which there is a STATUS change is different, and not sequential, and a small enough list to note (in a separate sheet?) manually.

Ultimately I want to maintain a master database of all vouchers showing all the dates of all the 5 statuses (4 actually - I can't redeem them and expire them!) as they occur (as opposed to just maintaining the current STATUS). In other words I want a complete history.

What I need help with is either:
1. an input form into which I can manually list VOUCHER numbers, select the STATUS change associated with this list, and then update the masterlist, or
2. a macro/vba script that changes the masterlist STATUS by reading/importing the data from a separate sheet/text file

Any thoughts on this.
Thanks and regards

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