1. VisioExcel

    How to read an Excel cell value as string from a Visio add-in (VB.NET)

    I am trying to read a single cell value from a Vision add-in from an Excel file the user selects with a File Dialog, then selects an Excel cell in Excel. The user can select a range of more than one cell. however I will read only the first cell. The below is VBA code from Visio Guy adapted for...
  2. S

    Sort in excel table?

    Hi, I have a tables which has bunch of data which is bound to a list-object data-source, Data-source is List<My-class>. I am using WorkSheet.Change event to handle edits. Say if a cell in second row was edited, in Change event, I am checking for the row number of target and then access the item...
  3. S

    Excel ListObject doesn't update on adding new item in data source.

    Hi, I am working on vsto addin which uses ListObject to create table. This ListObject is binded to a List<> collection and the data shows up fine. The problem is, when user adds a new row in the table by using Right Click->Insert->Table Row Above/Below, It does not add a new entry in datasource...
  4. J

    Today's standard?

    So in 2012 or so if I wanted to automate Excel using the newest technology, I chose VSTO. As it is now 2017, the up-to-date selection would be...?
  5. S

    How to create Names in excel with custom List

    Hi, I am trying to create/add a new name in excel, but I can't seem to find a way to add a new with custom list other than selecting a range from excel sheets. I just need to give my own list of values in Refers to field while creating a new name.
  6. S

    ListObject datasource doesn't show updated values in change event.

    Hi, I am working with Excel tables in vsto addin. Following is the steps that I am following to create a table using VSTO. Create listObject-> Get data from server -> Bind data retrieved from server to listObject. I can see the table getting created in worksheet. Now the problem is edit. I am...
  7. T

    Calling Application.Run with built in VBA function as Macro Parameter

    Hello, I am hoping that someone will be able to help me with a problem that I am having for my COM addin. My Problem: I would like to be able to call VBA's Format from my C# VSTO application, but this function is part of the VBA language and is not exposed via COM. Note that I am aware that...
  8. T

    Show special characters/symbols for carriage returns and line feeds

    I'd like to know if there is some special way that we can visualize carriage returns, line feeds and other whitespace(like tabs) within cell text similar to what you can see on this screenshot of Notepad++: http://i.stack.imgur.com/ocDNf.jpg I'd like to either achieve this by changing to a font...
  9. P

    How to Create installer for the excel add in and UDF created in c#?

    Hi Everyone,I have created the excel project with Ribbon & UDF in c#. It works perfect when I build the solution or debug from VS 2010. Now I need to create a installer for this project. I have created a installer using setup wizard in VS 2010. When I open Excel, the ribbon loaded successfully...
  10. tuncalik

    How can I call VSTO/vb.net functions in VBA?

    Hi all Can I call the functions created with vb.net in VSTO from within VBA excel? Is there somewhere a simple example showing... 1) How to write a function in VSTO add-in 2) How to call this function from excel/VBA after the add-in is created with VSTO and attached to excel? Regards Tunc
  11. V

    Parametrized request in PowerPivot

    Hi all, As per my knowledge,currently if any user want to fetch some data exposed as Odata feeds, the user will have to download everything related to that entity in power pivot to work on that data.But if the data is huge and user wants only a part of it,it will be overhead. So I wanted to know...
  12. S

    How do I stop Excel showing (hide)

    I am using VSTO 2010 & Excel 2007 to generate a report and save it as a PDF with no user intervention. Problem is that Excel pops up when it executes the Open statement or if minimised shows on task bar. The VSTO code: Dim xlApp As New Excel.Application xlApp.Visible = False...

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