1. K

    Monthly wages calculation

    I have a curly one. I need to calculate each months wages for an individual staff member (row 8) based on start and/or finish dates or, if blank, start & end of financial year (J8 & K8). Also based on total in columns Z and AA depending on which month is being calculated. Also, to make it even...
  2. L

    How to populate Accounting Field using hourly figure

    Good morning, everyone! I would like some suggestions for changing a personal budget spreadsheet I have been using for a few years. On the Expense sheet, the cell next to Wages (L33) utilizes adrop-down menu which pulls data from a sheet titled Bi-Weekly Wages (='Bi-Weekly Wages'!$B$4:$B$220)...
  3. S

    Calculate Fica tax for multiple employees in a single row

    I have an monthly budget for wages that calculates Fica taxes from rows of employee wages here. Fica is only taxed on the first $128,700 of wages and a nested IF statement properly accrues the expense in the months under the limit and zero after. Question: how can the calculation for all...
  4. D

    Payroll Sheet Night Hours

    Hi! I'm currently making a new payroll sheet for work, and I've got stuck at working out night rate! Employees get paid night rate between 20:00 - 06:00 and I'm trying to get the formula to work out night rate in a single cell. The layout I have to far is: <tbody> Shift Start Time Shift End...
  5. P

    If function question

    Hi Folks, Apologies if this is an idiot question but I’m struggling with a spreadsheet. Some context: I have a staff schedule/rota for a retail store in excel. I have a second spreadsheet that calculates wages. I would like the wages spreadsheet to be populated by the schedule/rota. We’re...
  6. S

    Using multiple IF functions in single formula?

    I've had a search and found lots of threads on this but not one that answers my problem. This isn't how my spreadsheet is but the quickest way I can explain what I need: A1-A4 - Are staff wages C1-C6 - Are separate expenses D1-D6 - Are each the same drop down list of staff names who need the...
  7. S

    Time sheet + wages calculation

    Hello, I have a question on how to further formulate wages calculation. I made a time sheet which calculates number of hours worked and so on. Now I would like it to calculate the wages as well. The problem is that there is a higher payment for nights. - $16 per hour on regular hours - $24 per...
  8. M

    Wages Caluulation

    i have 4 slabs for incentives like.... 1 to 24 days = 0 25 to 26 days = 250 27 to 28 days = 500 29 to 31 days = 1000 every month depending upon the number of days worked by the person, automatically the incentive should add up with his wages.... pls can any one suggest me a formula for the same...
  9. C

    How to turn time into money?

    I'm trying to calculate a wage based on minutes. I have a sheet with a column of time, Column C, which is formatted as h:mm:ss. Most of the entries are minutes and seconds (0:04:13, etc.) If the rate of pay is 80 cents per minute, how do I sum the minutes and seconds and multiply it times 80...

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