1. A

    Userform exit while code is running

    Hello all, I have a userform that will automatically close after a set amount of time. My challenge is, that using application.Wait doesn't allow the user to click on a command button to intervene. In this case the command button just closes the workbook immediately instead of waiting. Is...
  2. C

    VBA to wait until IE webpage finishes loading before running the next step

    Hi, So the below is supposed to OPEN internet explorer, WAIT UNTIL IT LOADS, add username & password and click login, THEN WAIT AGAIN UNTIL THE PAGE LOADS and then many other clicks on hyperlinks, but up to here is enough to show my issue. So far I've been using "Application.Wait Now +...
  3. W

    Code doesn't work unless delay is added

    Hi all, I can't wrap my head around this. I have a userform that will resize frames and listboxes based on the number files in the folder. However the resize doesn't work unless I input either 'DoEvents' or 'Wait' into the code. The code is in the form and not in a separate module. Private...
  4. D

    Formula to determine average wait time for a number to re-appear

    I need assistance in creating a formula to determine the average wait time for numbers greater than or equal to 200000 to appear in a series. I have 100 lines of data (BJ100:BJ200) The wait time will be determine by the row number,eg BJ100=12 BJ101=200000 BJ102=15000 BJ103=200050 BJ104=9...
  5. S

    wait less than one second

    it is my understanding that using application. Wait will only work for durations of 1 second or more I need a way of waiting either 3 milliseconds or more up to about 50 milliseconds for one function I need to perform and up to as much as 500 millisecons (i.e. half a second) for another...
  6. B

    Progressively increase wait time.

    I have a NAMES DRAW from a HAT worksheet. Names as selected from a list using RND. These names tick over in a cell. I had hoped to progressively increase the speed of the draw to the final winner - like a ham wheel. I am using a WAIT macros Application.Wait (Now + 0.000006) This is used in...
  7. A

    Shell not working

    Am I doing it correctly ? x = Shell("D:\A-Sides\doit.bat", vbNormalFocus) 'wait for bat to finish Application.Wait (Now + TimeValue("0:00:10")) The wait is working but Doit.bat doesn't run. Is something else needed?
  8. S

    VBA advance date by one day

    Good morning! I'm trying to create a loop that operates with a specified date range and interacts with host explorer. I need it to advance the start date by one until it goes past the end date and then stop. Here was my first go at it, but stepping through eventually led to a "Run-time error...
  9. S

    Application StatusBar

    Morning All, The status bar looks like it is in two halves ? or am i wrong (i can see a dividing line) I can put a message in the first part by Application.StatusBar = ("Updating Sheet Data Please Wait") i am wanting to put a status of something in the second half is this possible how? Can...
  10. J

    VBA - Copying and Pasting new workbook to existing sheet

    Hello, I am creating some script in workbook "A" that allows me to open workbook "B" from the internet and paste the contents of workbook "B" into workbook "A". The problem I am running into is workbook "B" is staying open, so when the script reruns it pastes from workbook "C" into workbook "B"...
  11. P

    VBA & Internet Explorer Automation: How do I get Vba to WAIT after it clicks a link

    For example, I'm on yelp and search for 'burgers' in 'maine' I have a for loop to scrape each of the 10 results and then click the link to get the next 10, until page 5 (so 50 results in total) I run into a problem at number 11 (where page 2) would start. I think a the source of the...
  12. jase71ds

    VBA: Regarding Sub Auto_Open()

    Hi, I have an Auto_Open macro that cleans up data before allowing the user to begin. This only takes around 8 seconds, but I wanted to put a message asking the user to please wait a moment while we tidy things up. What I found is that when I start my Auto_Open macro with MsgBox("Please wait a...
  13. T

    Wait for powershell script for to finish it's execution

    Hi Friends, I have called a powershell script in my vba code using "Call shell (..........". I want to wait till it finishes it's execution.How can I do that ?
  14. P

    Shape not appearing?

    Hi I have a please wait message that appears if there is no other action in the sub but refuses to show if the sub calls another sub?? What's wrong with my code please Public Sub MultipleProcessCheck_onAction(control As IRibbonControl) ' Button 53 ' Please wait message...
  15. S

    nonmodal? - Message box without halting macro

    I have searched thru many posts but can't get seem to find how to just display a text box/msg that says something simple like pls wait - processing while the macro runs. Any Ideas?
  16. V

    How to wait for text file to open before proceeding?

    Sub something() Dim FilePath As String Dim strFilename As String Dim strTextLine As String Dim iFile As Integer: iFile = FreeFile strFilename = "C:\desktop\file.txt" Open strFilename For Input As #iFile 'read each line in text individually Application.Wait (Now + 0.0000058) 'wait for about...
  17. B

    simple yet cannot work it

    hi the following works other than the red code doesn't wait until reached zero, I want it to wait until timer finished, can you help please Sub Macro6() ' Range("E17:L22").Select Selection.ClearContents Range("c15").Select Application.Wait (Now + TimeValue("0:00:05"))...
  18. S

    Index match with conditional formating

    Hi, Good evening Excel Legends, I am trying to apply conditional formatting to a column in Excel using the "Use a formula to determine which cells to format" feature. In DATA sheet have a list of names in column A with corresponding reference numbers in column B and type in column C. In DATA...
  19. L

    Code to divide whole column by a number doesn't work

    Hi Experts - I have below code as part of the workbook i am creating.. everything is working fine, except that when i am trying to divide the column by 1000000, it always turn zero after the macro is finished running. But when i run the code line by line (pressing F8), it is working properly...
  20. Z

    VBA wait for picture change

    Hi there. I have a picture that I am changing based on the result of a formula. I have a hidden sheet with all of the possible pictures sitting in cells and this part is working fine. But all of the pictures are different sizes so I am trying to run a macro to rescale the picture after the...

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