warning box

  1. C

    How do I add a "do you wish to continue" warning message and bring blanks to bottom of table when creating a clear button for certain cell values?

    I am making a funnel management tool and I am trying to use .AutoFilter to clear contents in a row on Table 1 if it states "installed", "scheduled", or "cancelled in the "stage" column. I do not want to delete the rows entirely because I want to keep the number of rows in the table as 100. I...
  2. R

    format a cell to warn you if the number don't add up.

    I need a way to make a warning if the cell value don't add up with another number. example. 15 rolls don't add up in a box of 10. Then it should pop-up a warning and let you choose between 10, 20 or to don't do anything. Hope there is an easy way of doing it. Thanks for any reply :)
  3. R

    Data validation for inventory warning

    Hi, Im trying to create an inventory sheet in excel 2007 and i want a warning message to pop up if cell B29 total is less than 26. I have an auto sum set up already in cell B29 so when it did not work the first time i thought maybe because i cant have 2 formuals in one cell but i also typed 26...
  4. M

    Data validation warning meesage

    Hi all. I have a cell with a data validation drop down in with the options of YES or NO and I want a error/warning message to pop up when YES is selected but no message when NO is selected. I have no issues with getting the drop down menu via Data Validation and I know the option for an...
  5. V

    IF Statement that if true, runs warning

    Hello there, I am working on a personal project. Goal: I want to click the button that is linked to this Macro, and have the Macro check to see if a certain cell (F2) on a certain sheet (Generator) is equal to Error. If that cell's value is Error or "ERROR", then I want the Critical Error to...
  6. R

    How to suppress Excel warning "Complex formatting" in VBA?

    Hi everyone, I have a VBA code which creates (and formats) a scatter chart from 7 columns and 3000 lines of data. Every time when the chart is created I get a warning box: "Complex formatting that is applied to the selected chart may take a while to display. Do you want to continue to use the...
  7. D

    Refresh data link without prompting when file opens?

    I have a large metrics Excel 2013 workbook with a lot of hidden tabs with data links pulling data into tables. I have a handful of these set to refresh upon opening the file...which causes a warning upon opening the file to update links or not. Can this warning be turned off so the user...
  8. A

    Help with Input Box dependent on the current date

    Hi all, Apologies if this has been answered. I searched a lot but cannot find anything... I'm filling in lots of data that will be updated monthly. The data is structured with the months of the year in columns across the top. As there are quite a few tabs and lots of automatic calculations and...
  9. B

    Warning Pop-Up

    Hi I was wondering if there was anyway for a warning message to pop-up when a user tries to insert or delete rows from a workbook? Ideally I would like to have a simple message box appear telling them the dangers of adding/removing a row or column incorrectly. I would like it to give the user an...
  10. J

    Macro help: Adding Message Box if Cell = certain value

    Hi, I'm a newbie to macro, and am stuck...help! The worksheet needs to automatically pops up a warning message whenever range of cells K12 to K27 equals to 815500. I got it to partially work with the code: ______________________________________ Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As...
  11. S

    Suggested save as code with ommission warning

    Hi I am trying to alter a sugested save as code which currently looks like this:Sub buttonSave_Click()'Prompt to save fileOn Error GoTo Error_Handler' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+GDim strFilePath As String'Prompt for a WO if none inputstrWO = Sheet1.txtWO.TextIf IsNull(strWO) Or strWO = ""...
  12. T

    Message box warning the approach of certain value

    Hello, guys! I work in a company that provides electrical services. One of the jobs that was given to me was to control how much of cable were already pulled into the cable trays. Since one of the clients we have had purchased a specific meterage of cable to be pulled, I need to know when the...
  13. R

    Avoiding Circular references with iteration--getting rid of error box?

    I have a worksheet with some references that Excel sees as circular. Actually, it is just some conditional if statements that calculate quantities from the front if front information is given, and from the back if back information is given. If I change the options to iterate the calculation, it...

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