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    Website Snapshots

    It is possible to take website snapshots quickly and easily with any chromium-based browser (this includes Chrome (obviously), MS Edge, Brave, and Opera) as they all include headless browser functionality - this means that you are able to use VBA give your browser instructions to generate...
  2. J

    Copy column data from worksheet to .htm file (notepad) using VBA

    Hello, its my first time here. I am really new to VBA and only know some basics but Im looking for something a bit more complex. I have built an excel database which creates web pages by using formulas to pull in data that changes page per page. The generated HTML is in a worksheet called 'P1 -...
  3. E

    VBA code to use a web query with the option to insert user name and password

    Hi I want to use the method of web query (Data-From web) and to get a vba code that can insert the user name + password to a url login page. I try but its not work for me. Need your help :) TNX
  4. J

    Scrap the details of website

    Hi, I'm trying to extract some data from www.ebay.in website, wherein, when the category is selected, the name, price and URL of all the products on first page extracts in an excel sheet. I tried doing that, but getting a Debug error on setting HTML Document. Sub ebayprj()Dim ie As...
  5. L

    VBA - Scraping a Web Page Problem

    Hey, I'm trying to obtain the id's of rows in a table on a website (the url is in the code). My problem is that I can't find the table. When I run the code it tells me that only one table exist, and that is not the one I'am looking for. Can someone please explain to me why it only returns the...
  6. P

    Question Import data from web page

    Greeting's, I want to wish everyone a very happy new year. Hope everyone has a good one! I want to import NAV (Net asset value) of Mutual funds to a cell. I want to do this to know current network by multiplying NAV with number of units. I have three webpages to pull the data from: (Following...
  7. U

    Web page in excel

    Is it possible to pull data from an interactive map on a webpage into excel? this is the website: UK Sustainable Drainage Id like an excel sheet to have a form with the websites map on it. Then the user can select their location on the map and it will produce the "m5-60" and ""r" Ratio" Map...
  8. S

    How Can I stop Excel from Crashing When downloading a page from the Internet?

    I am using excel and VBA to download a number of web pages and parse data from those webpages. I have my code set up but on occasion (every several hundred pages) the application crashes because it can't get a response from the internet. My question is can I add code that essentially instructs...
  9. M

    Pop up html page

    Hello everyone, I am working on a website automation and I'm facing a real problem there. The web-site is Consumer Prices (MEI) : Consumer prices - Annual inflation and I am able to navigate the page. There is a drop down which has options of downloading the data from the site in various...
  10. D

    saving excel workbook as web file

    hi everybody, im getting my head around excel and ive managed to create a fully working dashboard for my company, however, i am now requested to put this "dash" on the local intranet. i have saved it as a web file, but when i open the web version, most images and buttons have moved to the right...
  11. C

    Copy PDF from web page to Excel

    I seem to be missing something obvious with this issue and i cant find a suitable answer anywhere so I thought that i would ask the experts. I have a number of macros which i use to open up a web page in IE, copy the data and then paste it into excel. however i have a problem which i cant...
  12. P

    VBA clicking on websearch Result

    I am trying to get property tax values for about 200 properties. The info is publicly available on this site: http://www.hawaiipropertytax.com/Searc/GenericSearch.aspx?mode=PARID I have a list of Parcel IDs (also known as TMK Value) that identify properties in a spreadsheet. Here are just two...
  13. R

    VBA programming help

    I want to click on the "Download Spreadsheet" link in the following web page using Visual Basic. I've already opened Internet Explorer and signed in with an Excel macro. The web page is at: http://finance.yahoo.com/p?k=pf_1 Sign in: mistertester2 Password: M8R-hlylld Please help, even if...
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    Clicking a web page button with an Excel macro

    I can get to the following web page:http://finance.yahoo.com/p?k=pf_1. (Sign on:mistertester2, Password:M8R-hlylld) from an Excel macro, but how do I code the macro to click on the "download spreadsheet" button?

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