1. O

    Webquery - multiple pages from website

    Hi All I am trying to do a web query to obtain data from a table split across multiple web pages and then insert the data onto one sheet in Excel. I have been unable to get this to work. I get the following error on the Refresh.BackgroundQuery=False line - Run-time error '1004'...
  2. R

    Create WebQuery : Login>Create webquery : problem - after login new web page opens

    Hello Excel masters, I wish to design a time sheet macro for employees in excel using VBA using webquery. I have done most of the part (thanks to you guys for posting replies on various forums). The difficult part is after clicking login button, the actual timesheet browser opens in a new...
  3. D

    import Web-query, i.e. ".iqy file" inside a VBA code

    Even though i can write little bit VB code, I am relative beginner, hence i would like if someone could help me with this. I have set up a perfect loop, that changes cell values from named table here is code: Sub LoopThroughForEachCellInARange() Dim OutputAddress As String Dim rng As...
  4. K

    VBA Query for Stock Watch

    Hi, Need web query in Excel for the below mentioned website. http://www.nseindia.com/live_market/dynaContent/live_watch/equities_stock_watch.htm When executed with excel web query ends with no data Need your kind help to resolve this Thanks Sathish
  5. G

    Support with Excel web query with login

    Hello, Eventhough I've used a lot of the answers posted on these forums, I've never posted before. I want to thank you for the times this site provided me with an answer. #TL;DR [intro - begin] I am trying to be innovative at my work however our IT department is not really supportive...
  6. H

    Power Query - Query the Web from a bunch of URLs stored in cells

    Hello Forum-members, I'm having some hard time to achieve my goals for finishing a project where I need to query approx 500 URLs. Well, I could do things manually for each query, but maybe someone knows a way of repating things, as the queries only differ by the URLs...I would be very greatfull...
  7. D

    webquery / requery; (automatic/webquery) link clicking is needed after initial querying | using by webquery found link for requerying

    I have made a dynamic webquery but i can not get the "deeplink" right. When i input Registers van de AFM | AFM i have to hit a link (the first one to the right in the body part of the page and then i see anotherlink: A.....Volmacht B.V. | Register financiële dienstverleners | Registers van de...
  8. M

    How to download the file by passing the url from excel file using macro

    Example: I have the list of the url in a column. https://tools.xxx.com/xxx/publh/doc/DocRet?NO=60-8&Rev=&RCN=&Org_Id=1&OrgID=1 https://tools.xxx.com/xxx/publh/doc/DocRet?NO=60-1&Rev=&RCN=&Org_Id=1&OrgID=1 https://tools.xxx.com/xxx/publh/doc/DocRet?NO=60-2&Rev=&RCN=&Org_Id=1&OrgID=1 1. I have...
  9. E

    webquery, filldown, dynamic ranges - help!

    I am new and have searched endlessly for a couple of days to try and figure this out. Thanks in advance for any help and insight... sheets(1) has two columns; Column A is href links and Column B is FileNo Macro looks up href links on sheets(1) and utilizes a webquery to pull table...
  10. A

    VBA: WebQuery assigned as an Array - Password Protected Site!

    Excel friends, I found this code, it gets the nx3 matrix stored in table done with HTML code in passwords.html, and copy all values to the active sheet starting in A1, and works fine so far: Public Sub GetValues2() Let TheURL = "http://www.samplewebsite.com/PW/passwords.html" With...
  11. J

    Looping Web Query.....almost there but not quite.

    Hi, Im fairly proficient with Excel but rarely do much intense VBA. Anyway, I have been trying to create a looping macro that effectively takes a list of URL's down column A and outputs the data imported from the website into a separate column. Below is a copy of my code. Anyway, the code...
  12. F

    hi i need some help with looping web querys

    take a number from colum A (001-650) paste it into a cell and then run a webquery the trouble i have is it won't loop this is the code Sub Macro2() Dim VAL As String Do ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select Range("E2").PasteSpecial Range("E1").Copy Range("G1").PasteSpecial...
  13. A

    get data from webpage in excel

    hi, everyone; i am having a code to navigate my IE browser to a webpage, and then from there i want the whole webpage to copy it into my excel sheet. can anyone help me with that? webquery is not an answer! because i need to do some log-in and other functions till i get to that specific page...
  14. D

    Looking for alternative to webquery...

    I have an Excel application that used to effectively pull mutual fund data from Morningstar.com (ex. http://quote.morningstar.com/fund/f.aspx?Country=USA&pgid=hetopquote&Symbol=PTTDX) into a workbook using a standard webquery, but it no longer works because of a change in the way the webpage is...
  15. J

    Web query for password protected site

    Hello all, I am trying to create a macro that fetches information from a password protected site. I am getting error 438 but don't know how to fix it. At the moment, I am unable to automate the log in process. I tried checking the page's source code for the property but I'm not sure what...
  16. A

    Dynamic website as a target for QueryTable

    I am trying to create a dynamic QueryTable connection. The site I am using displays a table of data as well as some filters. Everytime you change the filter, the webpage reloads with different data. I need to import these various data tables into Excel. How can I automate this via VBA? I...
  17. C

    Get Data from Web

    I am novice of VBA. I would like to obtain the historical price data from http://q.stock.sohu.com/hk/00992/lshq.shtml. I used to use querytable, but it doesn't work. Thanks.
  18. C

    Querytable, XMLHTTP, WINhTTP?

    I would like to get some data such as historical stock price from the web. 1. What are the criteria to use the 3 function? 2. which method is the best to use? 3. website example: http://www.quamnet.com/quote.action?quoteSectionCode=pastprices&stockCode=2345...

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