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    Macro to pull data from form website

    I have a spreadsheet containing Account number data corresponding to websites similar to: I am trying to create a macro (or other technique) that will use the relevant account number from column A, enter into the website above, automate a...
  2. E

    Excel (VBA) to tries to pull data from a website but the page times out before it logs in

    Hello, I've just obtained this addon but it's not working in the sense that it won't log in to the website it was meant to. In the VBA the data goes like this: Sub logIntoCapsim(control As Object) Dim x As Integer Dim a As New agent a.visible = True a.openpage...
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    VBA/Macro Help - Pulling info from various websites that can be updated

    Hello, I am very new to VBA and macros. Currently I am taking a class on financial modeling at my university and we are required to build tons of models throughout the class. The teacher requires a few large assignments that requires us to basically reach out and take advantage of those who...
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    Populating ComboBox in pop-up window from external website

    First time poster. System / Version information: Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600 Excel 2007 / Visual Basic 6.5. Background / synopsis: I am using Excel to open up an external website to generate reports. When it comes time to launch the report, a pop-up appears with combo boxes to...
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    Excel calculator form on web site

    I am a novice at building web sites but am trying to develop a work order form to be inserted on my website so customers can open a clear form, fill in the appropriate data, receive a price, save the document and email it back to me to place their order. So far I have created 2 workbooks and...
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    Transmit website data into excel I need data of daily settlement of Cotton No.2 from above website to excel sheet i mentioned following page source code kindly help me thanks in advance. CATEGORY NAME is DAILY SETTLEMENTS option value="18" selected="true" MARKET...
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    Javascript / Ajax selection and click

    I'm still stuck trying to pass a website click from VBA. I think I've inlcuded the portion of the code below that is related to selecting the account. Any help on how I pass the proper variables through to ie and then "click"? function SelectAccount(id) { var params =...
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    Extracting stock prices into excel

    Hey guys I've been searching around for plugins and such to allow me to get automatic update on stock prices for my portfolio spreadsheet. The most popular one seems to be the MSN money stock quotes plugin but the link does not seem to be working, I've tried for days.... Is there any other...
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    Extract data from website directory

    Hi, I need to extract data from csv files from a website. The files are created daily and are listed on webpages split by category and then by year (i.e. /website address/category1/category2/filenamedate.csv) There is a login page for the website and I need to download the data from multiple...

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