week number

  1. U

    Week number in the calendar

    Dear users, I would like to create a calendar in Excel. Here are the basic rules: 1. The financial year runs from April to March 2. The week runs from Monday to Sunday 3. The week numbers are based on the Sundays in that year. for example, week commencing 30 March 2020, Monday ends on a...
  2. S

    Calculate ISO Week from Date in Power Query

    Does anyone know how to calculate ISO Week from a date in Power Query It seems that the following function = Date.WeekOfYear([Column1],Day.Monday) - Is not calculating the same ISO Week expression as the equivalent WEEKNUM (Date,21) or the ISOWEEKNUM function in excel. See below...
  3. 2

    Selecting all files from folder by week number

    Hello I am trying to edit this piece of code that compiles all workbooks in a folder to only compile workbooks in a certain week, I'm stuck and am unsure how to proceed. I have looked around and seem to be unable to find someone else with this exact problem, if I could get some help or a link to...
  4. A

    Custom Week Number

    If anyone could help on this, it would be greatly appreciated. I thought this was gonna be just a simple WEEKNUM formula but it's giving me quite a hard time. I have a column of dates (column A) and I want to get the week number based on a custom week. The week starts from Thursday to...
  5. M

    Adding 1 new tab each week with a week number

    I need macro or VBA that will add a new tab each week with the current week number and clear certain cells . Any Ideas? Regards, Mark:eeek:
  6. A

    Week Number in a month

    Good day everyone, Hello. I want to be able to show what "Week Number" in a month a particular date falls. Our week starts on a Saturday and ends on a Friday. Our month's cut off is the last Friday of the month. Meaning, if it is the last Friday of the month today, then tomorrow Saturday will...
  7. S

    GetPivotData for the past 5 weeks

    I am currently using a pivot table which shows information regarding how much time an employee has worked, which is separated by week number. I would ideally like a GETPIVOTDATA formula to take this information and place it onto a dashboard screen, however only show the data from the past 5...
  8. T

    WEEKNUM function not working correctly

    I am trying to use the WEEKNUM function but it miss reports the week. example cell function in B7 =WEEKNUM(B6,11) using a date of 29/12/15 reports week 53 (Week 53 is December 28th 2015 to January 3rd 2016) but put a date of 01/01/2016 reports week 1?? It is still part of week 53...
  9. K

    Making a list based on week (offset if)

    Hi I'm putting a summary sheet together for a rollout of work across several regions. The first table was fine, just showing overdue sites based on the 'required by' date...
  10. M

    Company with different calendar year

    Hi everyone, I've been looking for a solution but haven't been able to find one! I hope you can help! My issue is that my company has a different calendar year, it starts in April and ends in March, I want to use the formula to get the Week Number however a simple WEEKNUM() is not useful in...
  11. M

    +1 Text and number incement

    Help please, Problem is in D19 I could have "week 1" up to "week 52" and I would like E19 to plus 1 for example if D19 was "week 1" E19 would be "week 2" or if D19 was "week 40" E19 would be "week 41". Any solutions guys??
  12. T

    Error when adding amounts in week 1 that spans 2 years

    I have an array formula below that adds transactions for each week. This works OK until I come to a week1 which starts on 30 December 2013 and ends 5 January 2014. My work sheets spans more than 1 year, 2013-2015. The answer that I get takes only the transactions in 2014 ie week 1, 1-5...
  13. T

    Week number formula covering more than one year

    I have an array formula that collates costs for eg travel expenses against a week number eg 28/8/14= week 25. Everything works fine until I have the same week number in the following year. The array now adds everything for week 25 for 2014 and 2015 and puts the grand total into week 25 in both...
  14. S

    What formula do i use to automatically change the week to working a week in advance?

    Hi, I am trying to put in a formula to auto update my week number so my spreadsheet is one week in advance, I know to make it this week I use this formula: =CONCATENATE("WEEK:",WEEKNUM(TODAY())) My question is how do I take it from this week showing "WEEK 35" to working in advance so it would...
  15. Unicam

    VBA function to return previous week (and year) number on week 1?

    Hello everyone, Here at work we use complex VBA scripts that import data from files from last week to compare them to this week's results. I have the scripts look up the files by the current year and week number, that's how they are stored. To determine the week number I use this function...
  16. B

    Day Formula problem

    Hello all, It's been a while since I last posted mainly thanks to eveyone on here helping me learn so much :) However, I have a little problem that I'm not sure if there is a solution for. I'm using this formula: =DAY($D$5) which obviously returns as 0, in D5 I have the WEEKNUM formula. what...
  17. R

    How to calculate the week number

    Of the 52 weeks in a year, I want to know the week number that a date falls in, e.g. date - 05/08/2013 falls in Week No. 32. What's the formula to get this answer?
  18. H

    How to display leading zeros using WEEKNUM formula?

    In column A I have the following formula =CONCATENATE((YEAR(B1)), " - ", (WEEKNUM(B1,1))) In column B I have a date. I need column a to display in YYYY-MM format. This works great from about mid-March thru the end of the year when the week number is 10 or greater. As an example when the date...
  19. D

    date to yyyyww format

    Hello All, it's been a while since my last post. that would mean everything is working as it should be ;) But now i face a challenge again. I need to convert a standard date to the (european) yyyyww format. I already have an ISOweek UDF Public Function WeekNumberISO(InDate As Date) As Long...
  20. R

    Calculating Weeks of the Month starting before the 1st

    Hi All, I've been scouring the internet to try to find something and so far have come up short. I found a very good reference in terms of date functions at http://www.cpearson.com/excel/WeekNumbers.aspx and http://www.cpearson.com/excel/DateTimeWS.htm#NthDoW but it's not quite what I'm...

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