1. pvkvimalan

    Highlighting Weekend for Random/Repeated dates

    Hi, I have a dataset where "Column B" contains dates that are repeating, missing, or random. I want to highlight the weekends for these dates. I have used formulas such as "=OR(WEEKDAY(C5)=7,WEEKDAY(C5)=1)" and "=WEEKDAY(B2,2)>5" but was not able to get the desired results. Need help in finding...
  2. P

    How to remove weekends on conditional formatting

    Good day everyone, In the photo below I have made this. Can you help me to not highlight the weekends with the format for plan and actual. and have its separate format. Hope someone can help me on this.
  3. L

    Auto recognize weekends with month as row/day as column?

    Hello, I have a worksheet set up like this for us to paste in data we get from a daily report, and at the end we will have some percentage calculation, however there will be some columns with no data since they are weekends. Is there a way for excel to recognize those in this format and put a...
  4. R

    Exclude holidays but include weekends

    Hi All, I need to create a formula that removes holidays from the equation, but does not exclude weekends. All of the workday.intl options want to remove at least 1 day a week for the weekend. I need a formula that would tell me what 40 days is before a certain date, but need an extra day in...
  5. D

    Set Due Date/Time using DateAdd exclude weekend and holiday

    Hello, Need help, i use DateAdd function in my Query, DateAdd("d",numberofdays,StartDate), however i need to exclude the weekend and holidays. Can you guide me on how i can do that. Thanks Regards, Den
  6. J

    Need Formula for Timeband Name in Answer Column as per Below Details

    <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Telecast Date Telecast Day Day Start Time End Time Time Zone Answer 1-Aug-19 Thursday Weekday 7:00:00 12:00:00 Morning Prime Time 2-Aug-19 Friday Weekday 17:00:00 21:00:00 Evening 3-Aug-19 Saturday Weekend 13:00:00 16:00:00...
  7. M

    VBA - return value in different columns upon a criteria

    Hi all, I would like to have the excel show the net income for each type of day as attached. <tbody> C D E F G H I J Expense_Weekday Expense_Weekend Expense_Holiday Income Net_Weekday Net_Weekend Net_Holiday Day 492 600 108 Sat 480 750 270 Mon 300 230 -70 Holiday...
  8. N

    VBA to create reference number based on another cell

    Hello All ...... I need to create a "reference" or "sequence" number like seen in the number column below. This number would only be created when "Weekend Pass" is in the type column and would need to loop through all rows in the worksheet. The quantity and type columns are the only columns...
  9. T

    Formula to calculate how many weekend days

    Anyone can guide me how to count total week end days between selected dates?. in the following what formula we have to write to in B5 to get result like that <tbody> 2019/06/05 2019/06/07 2019/06/10 2019/06/13 weekend days 2 </tbody> Kind Regards
  10. R

    VBA code with multiple condition

    There are 5 candidates with 4 favorites sports. WD denotes weekday,while WE represent weekend. If the candidate takes part in a sports, the status will be "Y" and "N" if the participants did not take part in the sports. The tasks here is to write VBA code to extract data with status "Y" on...
  11. T

    workday with exceptions

    Hi all, Thank you for spending your time to read the post. I have some questions regarding the excel. I am in the process of creating an excel workday calculator. The issue is 1. There are some working saturdays 2. There are some non-working holidays (which i grouped under public holidays)...
  12. J

    How to calculate number of due on weekend exclude N/A and blank in that range

    i would like to calculate how many item outstanding will be due on weekend in N/A and blank in the range. <tbody> Item Mail No. Date Received Type Forwarded Date Response Response Date Due Date Day Process Status Days Overdue Remarks 9 SSP-PDP2-WTRAN-856277 01/01/2019 Workflow Transmittal...
  13. J

    Function: If and statement with numbers and dates

    Hey! Unfortunatelly, I am still not good at defining own functions in power query. May someone of you can help me. I have the following table: Date - Value 01.01.2018 0.75 The aim is to get for weekdays a maximum value of 0.75. So if the value ist 0.76 and its...
  14. R

    Calculate a date after number of days without considering weekend holidays

    Hi every one, I am proud to be getting help from Mrexcel team on my every intoxicated situation on handling excel sheets. Thanks team and now i need a help from you. I am doing pan card service for people. i am entering the booking date in excel, i need a formula to show the date, after 10...
  15. L

    Conditional Format Question

    Hi All, I have an excel spreadsheet that I would like to identify (red text, pink background) where values in D3:D50 on sheet 1 equal any value in sheet2 G3:G50 Spreadsheet is more complicated but I can't for the life of me figure out how to make that work. D3:D50 has dates due G3:G50 are...
  16. L

    applying 2 or more data validation on the same column

    Hi I have a Date column. I created DV list so user can select date from the list (the list has all dates of the year). Can I create another DV rule that prevent user from entering/selecting date which is weekend? I was thinking of creating costume formula =AND(weekday(a1)<>6, weekday(a1)<>7)...
  17. E

    Data Sets within Discrete Range - Graphing

    Hello everyone. First post. I searched for an answer to my question, but nothing specific enough for my needs. I am currently running Excel 2010. So example is: I have 3 people hiking a trail. Lets say the trail is 100 mile long. I want to see who finishes first. The question is not, who...
  18. D

    Day of week

    Is there a function you can put in a cell that will calculate whether a date that is entered in another cell is a weekday, weekend or public holiday?
  19. B

    Change date if it is a weekend or bank holiday

    Hi, I have set up a pay date sheet which shows when monthly pay is due up to 2030. I want to bring the date forward to the prior working day if the pay date falls on a weekend or bank holiday. Bank holidays have been set in a range called "Hols".. I can get it to move the pay date to the...
  20. U

    Conditional Formatting

    Need a little help, I have a spreadsheet where on line 2 are the dates of the month L2:AP2, I have the following formula for highlighting the weekend dates "=weekday(L2:AP2,2)>5" this works fine. However, I also want the cells below the weekend dates to be highlighted. I highlighted row 3 and...

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