weighted average

  1. M

    Weighted Average with different criterias

    Hello, I am trying to find the weighted average of 2 or more cells with different words. I can't seem to find the correct formula. I want to find the weighted average of everything with the word MA in it, in the Work Center column. I can't seem to get the correct formula. Work Center...
  2. 1

    Weighted average reverse

    I am calculating weighted average based on BENEFITS (60%) and EFFORTS (40%) and give a total score. Example table: CRITERIA WEIGHTAGE SCORE BENEFITS 60% 10 EFFORTS 40% 1 TOTAL SCORE 100% 6.4 For EFFORTS I want weighted calculation to be reversed, so, lower number should show...
  3. V

    Weighted Utilization % in Pivot based on Volume, Plant & Product Group

    Hi All, Really hoping for some help here in calculating the correct weighted utilization. The idea is you have multiple plants within each product group and within each plant you have multiple lines with different possible volumes. Based on the volume assigned to the line you have a...
  4. Z

    Weighted Average

    Hi, I have survey data that have 3 questions for each manager, and what I need is to get the weighted average of Favorable Percent for all of these 3 question for each manager. Can you tell me how can I accomplish that? Below is a sample table of the data, knowing that some employees they...
  5. Z

    Weighted Average for Non-Contiguous Data

    Good Morning, I am trying to get a weighted average of data that is not contiguous I am using this formula: =SUMPRODUCT(BL117:BL134,BJ117:BJ134)/SUM(BJ117:BJ134) The data I need to be included in the formula is just the "ut" one, excluding the "m" ones. Columns are BJ, BK, BL and rows from 117...
  6. M

    Weighted salary by salary band

    Hi I'd like to calculated the average salary for employees based on salary bands. The table below shows salary bands and the number of employees in each band. What's the best way of working out the average salary by salary band? I thought about taking the mid-point of the range then...
  7. B

    Weighted Average based on Field identifier

    Hey Guys, How would I create a measure of a weighted average based on 2 different field values? I know how to do this in excel using SUMPRODUCT, but I'm relatively new to DAX and dont know how to do the same calculation that I would normally use in Excel. For the below, in excel, I would use...
  8. E

    Weighted Average / IF statement

    Hi all, Any help would be appreciated. I am trying to create a way to model some data in Excel. This involves taking three sections (lets call them a,b,c) and their sub-sections (lets call them A1, A2, A3, A4, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, C1, C2, C3) and adds individual confidence ratings to these sub...
  9. A

    Automated Autosum

    Hi I would like to seek some advice on how I can do the following. I have a macro(I use a do while loop to check and insert the extra row) that sorts out data in a certain format by inserting a line(row) in between 2 rows effectively separating the data set. After running my macro, I am...
  10. G

    Conditional Weighted Average using same Data Column

    Hello! I try to do a weighted average of data in a single column. Example: <tbody> Module Indicator Type Data M1 Ind 1 A 100 M1 Ind 1 B 80 M1 Ind 2 A 15 M1 Ind 2 B 20 Mn Ind n X </tbody> Simply put, I need to do weighted average per Type for Indicator 2 using Indicator 1. The...
  11. L

    Weighted Averages Updating Through The Day

    I want to calculate the weighted average of a set of data. At the end of each time block a value will be entered. The time blocks are all worth different amounts with Time A being 2.5 hours, Time B is 3.5 hours and Time C is 3 hours. I want the average to include a cell containing 0. I want the...
  12. A

    Create new worksheet every time new user enter the excel, taking averages of cells from all worksheet to a main worksheet

    Hello all I'm very very new to VBA. I checked internet forums to find a similar case and tried to modify the program as per my needs but I'm not satisfied with my work. I need your support to do this. My case: I have a matrix 21 rows * 30 columns with drop-down list on all the cells, user...
  13. D

    Weighted Average with sumif

    Hi I would like get weighted average margin by category. I want to use the sales to weight the margins. Any help? thanking in advance <colgroup><col><col><col span="2"><col></colgroup><tbody> A B C D 1 Invoice Number Product Sales Margin 2 22 Pen 110 15% 3 28 Books 200 11% 4 26...
  14. Y

    Conditional Weighted Averages of Athlete Performances

    Hello everyone, I need to report weighted averages of athletes' performances based on when they played, who they played against, and their positions. Here is an example to clarify: Let's say I'm looking at Team A. I want to know how all of the players in Position X who have played against...
  15. T

    Calculated Field involving the Total

    Hi, I need help to create a measure for Weighted % of Active employees by agency. My logic is : Weighted % of Active Employees = (Active Per Agency/Total Actives All Agency) * (Total Per Agency/Total All Agencies) Following is a sample of my pivot : I choose : I get: All I...
  16. A

    Weighted Average

    I am trying to find out how many shares of stock I can purchase based off the following: A) Total money available to spend on stocks is $100. B) I want to buy two stocks. C) Stock #1 price is $10. D) Stock #2 price is $20. The question is this... How many shares can I buy if I can only...
  17. W

    Weighted excel formula yes,no,na

    I'm working on a contact center quality score card that has yes, no, and na answers. each line item has a different weight with lines e12,and e13 if answered no should result in the entire form auto zero regardless of the other answers, if answered yes will be valued at 15 points each. The na...
  18. Q

    Subtotal with Sumproduct and Criteria

    Looking to calculate a weighted average if there is a rate in column B, and then to be able to filter on other columns and have the subtotal update with the correct weighted average rate. Below is a copy of the formula I have thus far, where column B lists the rates and column A lists the...
  19. C

    Conditional weighted average

    Would anyone know how to work out the weighted average P Year based on the Area field for any given Species in the table below where Land Use can be either High Forest or Windblow and Forecast can only be F? I can do this with sumproduct but am not sure how to have more than one allowable...
  20. C

    Conditional Weighted Average with Multiple Variables

    Hey guys, Spent about 5 hours or more trying to figure this out.. I don't see myself completing the formula without help. I need the weighted average for [(P) Storeys] where the following criteria are met: 1: [(C) Approved] = "Pending" 2: [(O) Approved] = "Pending" 3: [(O) Approved]...

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